How do you use Find My Mobile for locating a Samsung Galaxy device

Samsung's Find My Mobile makes it simple to retrieve a lost Galaxy smartphone. This is how you can set up and use the service. Smartphones are a necessity nowadays, so losing one is not an option. Samsung users have an easy way of finding their lost phones. Samsung devices have a remote-recovery feature called Find My Mobile. This makes it possible to remotely locate and lock your phone or even erase its contents. Let's have a closer look at the process.

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What is Samsung's Find My Mobile Service?

Samsung's Find My Mobile is a free service that allows you to locate, back up, or erase data from any registered Samsung Galaxy smartphone. It can be accessed via the internet with a Samsung account.

Samsung's Find My Mobile - As A Samsung Owner, This Is Super Important, Source: Youtube, Samsung In A Minute

The service offers a range of security features that will allow you to unlock the full potential of your device. Remote management of your device will allow you to find it and retrieve it quickly. However, to make the feature work, you must have an Internet connection.

How do I activate Find My Mobile?

First, you will need to activate Find My Mobile to locate and track your Galaxy. After starting the Find My Mobile service, you will be able to use it at any time. You can lock and erase your device as well. This is how it works.

Other settings can be toggled, including Remote unlock and Offline searchingSend last place is also available. Android version 10 and above devices can use the Offline finding feature. It works with Galaxy smartwatches, earbuds, and other Android devices.

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Once you have registered your device, it can be accessed online from the Samsung Locate My Mobile webpage.

Tracking Your Samsung Galaxy Device

Find My Mobile allows you to track your phone's movements. After creating an account, you will be able to locate your phone on a map. You can also use Track Location and Ring features to protect against theft.

Location Tracking

The Find My Mobile app allows you to locate your phone and updates it every 15 minutes. This is how to activate the location tracking feature. Whether it's on a phone or a laptop, any web browser will work. Visit the Samsung Discover My Mobile website. Enter your credentials for your Samsung Account (which is the account you used on your lost Galaxy phone) and then tap Sign In. To confirm your agreement to the terms and grant location permissions, tap Accept.

How to track your Samsung Phone using Find My Mobile, Source: Youtube, TechCity

Once you log in, the website will open as a homepage. A map that shows the exact location of your device can be accessed via an interactive map. Tap on the Pinto to view additional information.

To track the exact location of your device, you can use the Track location function in the Menu. Every 15 minutes, the site is updated automatically. You can switch between satellite and street view maps.

Call Your Phone

Remotely setting your phone to ring when you're not able to find it can be a great option. Follow these steps to activate this feature:

Visit the Find My Mobile website from any web browser and log in using your Samsung account credentials.

In the remote-management Menu, tap Ring.

A confirmation screen will appear. Tap Start.

Your device will then ring for one minute at maximum volume, even if set on vibrating or silent modes.

How to Secure your Galaxy Device Remotely

Find My Mobile, which can track your device, is one of the most effective ways for Samsung devices to be secured. Let's look at some of these settings.

Lock Your Device

If your phone is lost or stolen, locking it is a great way to protect your device from unauthorized access. You can close your phone remotely, disable biometrics and block sensitive apps like Samsung Pay. A custom emergency number is also displayed on the lock screen to allow people to contact you if the phone is lost or stolen.

How to track, lock and reset a lost phone | infotainment, Source: Youtube, LOSER

Go to the Find My Mobile website, select Menu> LockAfter the confirmation screen appears, click Next, and you can continue. Tap Lock to create a temporary 4-digit pin. You can also input emergency contact details or a customized message. Once the service is complete, a message will be displayed containing emergency contact information and news on the screen of your lost device.

Delete Your Data

You may not want anyone to see your information if you have lost your phone. It is highly recommended to erase all data and remove sensitive data from your phone. You can remotely restore your phone's factory settings using the Erase data feature. This is how you enable it:

Go to the Find My Mobile website. Select Menu > Delete dataTo proceed with the deletion, a security code verification will be prompt. To proceed, enter the correct security code and tap Verify.

How to Delete Your Personal Data Permanently Before Selling an Android Phone | Encrypt Phone Data, Source: Youtube, Solution Center

After you agree to erase all data, a confirmation screen will be displayed. Select Erase.

This function will permanently erase all user data once it is completed. Learn how to Backup your data.

Also, look at these tips to factory-reset an Android device, not from Samsung.

Allow Guardian Access

You can use Find My Mobile to give access to a person to manage your device remotely. Your guardian has access to information like your device's location, battery level, and other important information in an emergency. Here are the steps to activate Guardian mode.

Check the terms on the confirmation page and then tap AcceptTap + Create a new guardian and then enter their Samsung account ID. To confirm account information, tap VerifyYou can choose to set the guardian access frequency as Always or Personal. You must enter the start and end dates if you have selected a custom period.


It is straightforward, making it ideal for those who have difficulty using more complex technology. The Samsung Find My Mobile tool is simple but has a lot of functionality.

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