How to Earn Money from apps: Top Mobile Templates

Are you eager to start your own app development company for mobile? You're likely to want to employ the best techniques for developing your first app and create it as swiftly as you can. You'll likely want to consider monetizing your app too! This post will demonstrate how to start your next app with ads. In addition, we'll discuss the definition of app monetization and the various ways of making money from your app and then take a review of in-app ads as a method of monetizing your app.

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Where to Purchase the Mobile App Templates in 2022?

Here I'll show you the mobile app templates that you can purchase and download to begin building the development of your app. These mobile templates for mobile apps are highly customizable and flexible.

Where Do You Find Good App Templates?, Source: Youtube, Bluecloud Solutions - Build a Successful Mobile App Business

Each app comes with Google's AdMob application monetization platform integrated, allowing you to develop a revenue stream to your app right from the beginning.

Android Templates

Best-Seller: Universal Multi-Purpose Android AppUniversal is an adaptable and flexible development template customizable to accommodate a wide range of styles. In addition to the built-in AdMob support, it can also integrate with more than ten diverse content platforms, such as WordPress, YouTube, and Facebook. It's an official Android application and includes extensive instructions to help you start.

1. Android News App

The Android News Application allows you to run your news service. The app template comprises an Android client and a PHP that runs on a MySQL server.

The Best News Apps for Android and iOS, Source: Youtube, Apps Analysis

The pre-designed template gives you complete control over AdMob, enabling or disabling features following your particular needs. This RTL (right to left) mode comes in handy when you need to include languages that aren't English and broaden your reach.

2. Cookbook: Recipe App for Android

The Cookbook is an Android template for apps that allows sharing recipes for cooking. With simple and flexible programming, users can build their applications with no effort and in a short amount of time. The app's custom template includes a responsive Material Design interface and an in-built SQLite database, in addition to its AdMob revenue support. It's now time to begin "cooking" the app using Cookbook.

Android WebView App Templates

1. Best-Seller: Universal Android WebView App

Universal Google WebView Application has one goal in mind: to bundle an excellent Android WebView component that can be used with AdMob advertisements.

Universal Android WebView App with admob, Source: Youtube, DastgeerTech Studio

The template for the app is ready-made and comes with many unique features, including Material Design design geolocation, pull-to-refresh, and pull gesture support. It allows app development using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, and other Web technologies, and it also provides a responsive design and pure native code.

2. SuperView WebView App for Android

SuperView WebView app for Android SuperView WebView app on Android is perfect for those who have a website but want to create an easy mobile app that can pull the contents from the website.

If you want to purchase the mobile templates for your app, search for one that resembles this. The app is equipped with AdMob Social logins and in-app bill payment. Other features offered by the application are Firebase push notifications and geolocation, the splash screen, and an indicator for loading.

Android Media App Templates

1. Your Videos Channel

Your Videos Channel is an excellent template for app developers to create an online platform for streaming videos. It doesn't matter if you decide to stream videos via YouTube or the server you own. The whole template for your app can be used to handle both of these choices.

YouTube Profile Promo | After Effects Template, Source: Youtube,

It comes with a stunning Material Design interface, a responsive admin panel, and support for the OneSignal notification push. It's a fantastic way to keep users involved in your video content, as well as create an additional revenue source.

2. The entire program of it in One State Saver

This excellent video downloader application allows users to save status updates and videos from the most popular social networks. It can be used to hold images, stories, and videos from Instagram. It also allows you to download videos saved from Twitter and Facebook.

The template for application development includes two different user interface options. Both come with integrated AdMob and Facebook Ads.

iOS Templates 

1. WebViewGold is available for iOS.

If you have a site that you wish to transform into an iOS application, Then WebViewGold is the ideal solution for you.

WebViewGold is a Swift Xcode package that wraps your URL (or local HTML) into a native iOS application! There's no more programming and no plugins required. The app is optimized to work with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It can support AdMob banners and full-screen interstitial advertisements.

2. RealEstate Finder App

As the title suggests, this is a real estate application available for iOS. It features a user-friendly interface and some stunning animation effects to enhance user interaction. Users can make their profiles on the application. You can also edit, remove or alter any property listings.

There is a social integration feature to the two platforms, Facebook and Twitter. Users can also connect via texts, emails, or even calls. As the app's owner, you'll be able to display ads through the application's inbuilt AdMob integration.

Mobile Cross-Platform Templates

1. The best eCommerce solution with Delivery App

The iOS and Android app templates offer an eCommerce solution that is complete for medical, grocery electronics, fashion, and every kind of retail store.

Ecommerce Solution with Delivery App For Grocery, Food, Pharmacy, Any Store / Laravel + Android Apps, Source: Youtube, Android Studio Sourse Code

The mobile template has four elements: a Laravel site, Ionic five customer applications available for Android or iOS, an Ionic 5 delivery boy application, and a robust administrator panel that manages everything. Other options include:

  • 20+ card designs for product cards
  • Ten homepage designs
  • Multiple category screens
  • multiple payment methods

2. Ionic5 Food Delivery Full

Templates for apps that are complete like this one are essential for 2021. The mobile template pack contains three apps and an admin panel that has PWA support. Check out everything included in this set of iOS and Android templates for apps:

Ionic 5 Food Delivery App UI Design - Part 1 Listing Page, Source: Youtube, Mpemba Inc.

  • Three leading apps (user app three leading apps (restaurant app, user app, as well as a delivery application)
  • Support for multiple restaurants
  • multiple languages
  • numerous payment gateways (cash on delivery, PayPal, Stripe)
  • Unique and appealing UI
  • address obtained from geolocation
  • Live to track of the location
  • Push notifications and customized alerts
  • Restaurant and food reviews

What is the App Template?

Do not be discouraged if you've got the idea of creating an application, but you aren't a programmer. You can find developers that create templates for mobile apps, which you can purchase and then customize to complete your application.

If you're a programmer and want to start from scratch, an application template can be your initial point of departure.

App templates are pre-built apps with several essential functions already built-in for you. The next step is to modify it to build the app you'd like to see.

Learn more about utilizing templates for apps here via the website of Envato Tuts+!

In-App Advertising

The digital advertising industry is currently the most popular method of marketing online. The drawback to free apps is the ads. Many developers provide their apps for free and make use of advertisements in-app as a source of income.

The most popular formats for ads employed in apps are:

  • banner advertisements: They are displayed either at either the top or bottom of the screen, with graphics and text
  • Native advertisements: They don't appear like ads. Instead, they are seamlessly integrated into the app and seem as they're part of the application's content.
  • video advertisements
  • notifications ads: send ads to the notification area on the mobile device used by the user
  • Interactive ads

What Is In-app Advertising: Ad Networks, Ad Units & Monetization Tips Included, Source: Youtube, MonetizeMore

If you are considering monetizing your app with ads, here are a few points to think about:

  • Are the ads helping or detracting from the experience of your app's users?
  • If you decide to display ads on your application, how do you ensure your users' relevant expertise?
  • What types of brands would you like to connect your company or app?
  • Are your ads a reflection of your image? Are they linked to the goals of your company does?
  • A lot of advertisements on your mobile app could turn off users.
  • A lot of ads can affect the functioning of your application.

Since these variables can adversely impact your app's revenue, It's essential to determine the ideal balance.


App templates are a fantastic method to kick-start your next app development project or learn from the work of others. Select one of these awesome templates to speed up the creation of your app. Your time is valuable, and you have a responsibility to yourself to do all you can to begin your next venture.

There are many other mobile templates to download from CodeCanyon. Use one of them to make use of right now!

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