IoT Projects To Create

IoT is a network that connects physical objects connected through the Internet. Physical objects include embedded electronics, software sensors, sensors, and others. In simple phrases, IoT collects and exchanges data between the connected devices to help make better decisions. Technology is evolving and increasing day by day. According to forecasters, over the next three years, the number of IoT-connected devices will rise by 13.7 percent, i.e., If 5.8 billion gadgets are employed, it is anticipated to reach a comfortable 41.6 million IoT connected devices.

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IoT Projects

Regarding the home comfort systems such as traffic control systems or systems for the environment, IoT is gaining momentum in streamlining our daily lives. A fan is a primary device, but once it connects with a smartphone for turning off and on, it transforms into an intelligent machine, described as an IoT device. To simplify our lives, there are a variety of IoT devices; however, for those who are new to the field, have an interest in this area, and are looking to contribute to it, we've compiled the following list of IoT projects. This particular field of technology could be elevated by implementing these projects.

Weather Reporting System using IoT

One of the most successful applications of IoT technology is The Weather Report system which gives forecasts for weather conditions in the surrounding region. The project is less dependent on forecasting agencies for the weather.

IOT Weather Reporting System, Source: Youtube, Nevon Projects 

The system gathers data from the humidity, temperature, and rain sensors and publishes statistics online using the Internet. The red, yellow, and green alerts detect extreme disasters like tsunamis, volcanoes, heavy rain, and many others.

Flood Detection System using IoT

Natural catastrophes such as floods cause significant damage across many countries almost every year. Flood detection systems that anticipate surges ahead of time are a fantastic idea that could prevent massive losses of property life and other vital assets.

IoT Early Flood Detection and Avoidance System, Source: Youtube, Nevon Projects 

The system can monitor and detect various environmental variables like humidity, temperature, and the level of water to predict and alert to reduce the damage.

Smart Gas Leakage Detector Bot using IoT

Gas pipelines are the lifeline for all families and businesses. The leaks could cause a fire, create a catastrophe in the factory, or cause toxic air.

Automatic GAS Booking System and Leakage Detection using IOT, Source: Youtube, svsembedded

Chemical students can use their chemical knowledge and place a bot inside the pipe to check for leakage. If the bot detects any leak, the leak's area is reported to the GPS sensor connected to the IoT network.

Home automation system that uses IoT

A human-to-human-touch-based automated system is the most awaited IoT project. The system can automate all appliances within the home, including lights, fan television, geyser, and many others connected via the IoT network.

IoT Based Home Automation System Over The Cloud (Final Year Project) Source: Youtube, Electronics Coding

This project provides you with the capability to manage and control every appliance in the home with just a tap on your phone from anywhere around the globe. An AVR microcontroller family with inbuilt touch-sensitive input pins and a WiFi connection are the components of the home automation system.

Liquid Level Monitoring System using IoT

The Liquid Level Monitoring System monitors several liquid levels and stops the flooding of these liquids. Fluids are utilized extensively in the industrial sector are a good candidate for this system.

IOT Liquid Level Monitoring System, Source: Youtube, Nevon Projects 

Extremely helpful in managing these fluids. Not just in monitoring but also in detecting leaks in pipelines is achieved with the help of this system. Some of the sensors employed in the monitoring system include Ultrasonic, Conductive, and float sensors.

Innovative Garage Door using IoT

If you're in a rush and have to wait for 4 minutes opening the garage door, manually take your car out and then shut the door.

Weekend Project: Smartphone Garage Door Opener, Source: Youtube, Make:

What a hassle it will be. Bright garage doors that utilize IoT will control your garage door by using the power of smartphones by connecting to IoT networks. IoT network. 

Facial Recognition Bot

The Facial Recognition Bot project is the most exciting project involving developing an AI bot equipped to recognize faces. The system can identify the various faces of people around it and recognize voices to distinguish distinctive voices.

Make IoT Face Recognition AI Robot{English}, Source: Youtube, TechDrive

Additionally, the system's other functions could include individual identification, face detection, and recognition of emotion. Cameras, sophisticated security systems, and reliable WiFi connectivity are the key components in the overall system.

Smart Parking System using IoT

Due to the high traffic volume on the roads, it's nearly impossible to find a parking space with no problem. The intelligent parking system based on IoT answers every parking issue. It is designed to eliminate parking space searching for good parking.

IOT Car Parking System Project, Source: Youtube, Nevon Projects 

The system provides a complete image of the location and shows a picture of the vacant parking spaces to enable drivers to ride in their cars and find the perfect parking space.

Smart Traffic Management System made up of IoT

As the number of people living in the area grows and the amount of traffic volume, IoT-connected intelligent traffic management systems are the best solution for the present demands.

Smart Traffic Management System Using Internet of Things, Source: Youtube, Nandini Parekh

It can control all traffic on roads and provide specific routes in emergencies, such as fire brigades or ambulances. It also offers immense assistance to detect and track traffic violators both night and day. If traffic flow must be managed dynamically, the system is on the scene to assist emergency vehicles.

Mining worker safety helmet

The most dangerous area to work in is mining sites since working there is extremely hazardous because of hazardous conditions. A microcontroller-based circuit is fitted in the mining worker safety helmet, which tracks the environment of the mining site and evaluates the safety parameters.

How To Make IOT Mine Tracking and Worker Safety Helmet DIY Using Esp8266, Source: Youtube, Nevon Projects 

Additionally, the tracking system based on RF within the helmet assists in the transfer of data over IoT networks. IoT network. The worker's location is tracked in real-time as they work on the mining site. In an emergency, the helmet is equipped with a panic button that will trigger an alarm to the manager, and rescue operations are immediately initiated through the IoT's website interface.

Intelligent Baggage Tracker that uses IoT

Traveling is now an essential element, as carrying bags is an absolute necessity. Whether you have school laptop bags or even regular luggage bags, the bags are an integral component. Bag loss incidents are commonplace these days.

IoT project on Baggage tracker, Source: Youtube, Sistla Meenakshi 

To help solve this issue, clever luggage trackers can quickly identify the location of bags in case of theft and transmit the coordinates instantly to the user's phone. This has radically improved in the field of tourism, and also the burdens of bag loss have been eliminated to a significant extent.


IoT projects are endless possibilities, and you can pick any IoT projects to brush on your abilities in the IoT industry by creating devices that can communicate with one with each other to increase effectiveness and enhance security to a large extent.

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