It is the Must-Know Basics of Mobile Game Design

What is it that makes a game so popular? What factors allow it to become among the most popular downloaded games on the mobile app stores? Here are a few aspects that contribute to a good game design and include the tips that have made it possible for today's most loved games to reach where they are today.

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Reactive Design, which adjusts to the Screen Size of any size

If you compare your tablet or smartphone to those sitting in front of them at work or on the train, You will notice that they're of different dimensions.

Although they share the same screen size, the display may be slightly different regarding the operating system or capabilities. There are many variations between smartphones in terms of technology.

Understanding these differences is the key to succeeding in mobile application design. Your customers who have an Apple smartphone or any other device have a great experience with Android devices.

You want someone with an enormous tablet to have the same enjoyment as someone using the app on their smaller smartphone or smartwatch. This can be a challenge!

Responsive Layout Design and fonts. React Native Size Matters, Source :Youtube, Cryce Truly

Customizing your designs to meet the diverse requirements isn't as hard as it might sound. It's possible that you need to create distinct interfaces for each device.

It is, however, more crucial to create an easy, single interface that is compatible with all platforms that display things differently on different displays.

The platforms they use are "responsive," which means they alter how graphics and other data are displayed based on the size and type of screen.

Responsive Design is being used across the web today to provide consistently excellent results for apps and websites to all users, regardless of device.

The Balancing is Unique and Remarkable Appearance

Another crucial aspect of designing mobile games is a distinctive look from the rest. 

The balance between the two is essential for maintaining performance in a highly competitive market. For instance, games reminiscent of casinos are still recognizable as slot machines, card games, and other casinos' favorites.

Without this recognition, the Design may not be much of a draw for gamers. They'll never download a game that doesn't belong to their preferred category!

Basic Principles of Game Design, Source: Youtube, Brackeys

The databases and review websites for games played online in India illustrate this. People often mark their preferred casino games as the most easily recognized ones. Although beautiful graphics are an advantage, players will generally avoid games that aren't easy to distinguish as gambling-related.

There are many different alternatives for games on the internet in India, and other unique yet recognized countries are essential. Achieving that delicate balance is critical to a compelling game design.

Highly Usable and Simple Interface

The world of today is all about inclusiveness. Every product being developed today considers accessibility and user-friendliness during the process.

This is the case even within the gaming industry, especially in the case of gaming on mobile devices.

Designing the Mobile Interface - UX, Usability, and UI, Source: Youtube, Lucas Layman

Smartphones are an integral feature of modern life, and even people with various sorts of particular disabilities are using these devices. To make a game a hit, it is essential to make it available to everyone in the market, including consumers.

A simple, user-friendly interface is a part of that. It is making an easy game accessible to everyone and easy to play, leading to greater satisfaction for users and more downloads.

Viral and Addictive

In daily life, the words "addictive" and "viral" can conjure negative thoughts. However, in the realm of entertainment today, these are the two qualities you'd like your gaming to be!

A small, indie-based company introduced a multiplayer game named "Among Us" in 2018. The game received very little excitement in the gaming community on mobile. Many loved it, but generally, it was far in the lower tiers of fun for more than two years.

Stanford Seminar - How to Design Addictive Games, Source: Youtube, stanfordonline

In 2020 the sport became popular after famous YouTube gamers began playing. The game soon became ubiquitous, and the licensed toy and merchandise were also included to profit from the trend.

The game's rapid rise proved that having fun and an addicting game wasn't enough. You must include both aspects. When it went viral, it was the most played game globally.

The preparation for this kind of popularity is vital since you don't know when you might get a sudden buzz and explode in the charts!

Interactive or shared on Social Media Platforms

Multiplayer-based games are highly likely to be popular because players can invite their friends to join in. This makes it easy to share ideas and games endlessly soon enough, and they're popular with totally new audiences.

If your game is not multiplayer, sharing may be more challenging. Nevertheless, it is possible to make every game share scores and other achievements on social media. Allowing players to update or share an update on their status stating that they are playing the game is helping to spread the word - and makes your game more famous without any additional effort from your side!


It's difficult to determine precisely when or if a particular game will be one of the top downloads. If you follow this method of common winning strategies, game designers can develop novel, innovative concepts that have a chance of being successful!

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