Money Management on the Chrome Web Store Extensions

Google removed applications that were not available in its Chrome Web Store in 2017. However, users are still able to use numerous extensions that are available in the store. In contrast to standalone apps, extensions add functions to web browsers or act as links to other sites and online tools.

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Top Chrome Extensions

These extensions can add additional functionality in your Chrome browser and make it easier for you to track the things that matter to you or add features to websites that you may utilize, like Google Finance.

Finance Toolbar - Real-Time Stock Tracker: The extension adds an inventory tracker on the browser's toolbar. You can personalize it to show whatever you like, which allows you to keep track of markets and stocks of your own in real-time. It is possible to click on a price on the tracker for stores to launch a new tab that provides additional information on the market or the stock.

Finance Plus: The extension allows you to include functionality to Google Finance with this extension. Google Finance is a web page that you can customize to keep track of stock prices relevant to you and include financial updates on the companies or topics most important to you. Finance Plus adds charting tools that can assist in studies into patterns and other information.

Top 10 Best Chrome Extensions to Use in 2022!, Source: Youtube, TechGumbo 

Google Currency Converter: The extension can convert the prices on websites to the currency you prefer. For instance, if you are on and wish to view the prices listed in Euros instead of USD, this extension can convert the fees to euros. It is compatible with more than 160 currencies. This Web Store also offers multiple currency converters, simply calculators that convert any money into another. You can search for a "currency converter" to locate a range of alternatives.

Online Banking: A few significant banks like PNC provide extensions that allow easy access to logging into and track accounts using your browser.

Ask your bank to find out whether they have an officially-licensed Chrome extension and what features are offered.

Google Play Store

Smartphones are becoming more powerful and famous in everyday tasks, such as monitoring financial transactions. Google has responded by shifting the selection of applications onto its Play Store and supporting the latest Chromebooks. Google maintains a list of the Chromebooks works to the Play Store. If you own a Chromebook made from 2017 onwards, it likely has compatibility with. The older models are slowly getting access to Play Store, so continue looking through the list if you have a device that doesn't currently install Play Store apps.

A few of the most influential and well-known applications for managing your money are:

Intuit's Mint: This app combines all your personal financial information into one place. Bank information, mortgages, credit cards, retirement accounts, and much more are available on this app, providing you with an overview of your net worth. It also gives you the most current report on your credit scores every month, free, but it does not provide the entire credit report.

NerdWallet: Like Mint, the app allows you to combine all of your financial data in one location. The significant difference between these two apps is the focus of NerdWallet upon credit score. It comes with a credit simulation that can help you understand how different actions are likely to impact your score. If, for instance, you're planning to purchase an automobile, the simulator can help you know the way credit checks and loans could affect your score before taking any of these actions.

Money Management: Best Apps to Manage Your Money on Android, iOS, Source: Youtube, Gadgets 360 

Credit Karma: This application helps you keep track of your credit scores, and it's free. While complete credit reports aren't included, having your scores all in one place is helpful. Credit Karma can also alert you to any suspicious financial activities linked to your name and provides services like tax filing.

PayPal: PayPal's features are also available in its mobile application. It is possible to transfer cash to anybody, regardless of whether you have an existing PayPal account or not. In addition, you can transfer money into or out of the bank account you have. An additional PayPal Business app allows you to keep track of your business activities and receive or make payments and even issue invoices all from the application using either your Android smartphone.

Google Pay: Google Pay also allows you to store loyalty card details to a wide range of retailers, which means you can benefit from the benefits of your loyalty card promptly through Google Pay.

6 Best Budget Apps for Money Management [Android/iOS], Source: Youtube, Naveen J

Online banking: Most credit and banks provide the option of online banking. One of the reasons is the accessibility of mobile applications that can be used on Android mobile phones or Chromebooks. Each bank has its unique features; however, most of them can monitor your account balance, pay bills, and transfer funds through the application. Ask your credit union or bank or browse the Play Store to locate the app for your institution.

Yahoo FinanceYahoo Finance has an application that is available on the Play Store and allows you to track the market and prices of stocks, as well as relevant headlines, just as Google Finance. Similar apps can also be found on Bloomberg and other popular sites.


Although Google has shifted its focus to apps and the Play Store, which is accessible for Android phones and newer models of Chromebooks, there are ways to help you keep up with your financials using Chrome extensions.

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