Quick and Fast Mobile Games to Kill Time for Android and iPhone

Are you bored and looking for Something to do for five minutes? These are the top quick and fast mobile games you can play. You don't have the time to play long games when waiting in line or a waiting area. These fun and quick mobile games are a great alternative. These games have everything you need, from challenging arcade challenges to puzzle-solving puzzles. All the games are free to download on iOS and Android, but some may require in-app purchases.

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Quick and Fast Mobile Games: Arcade games

Arcade games have advanced a lot and are now available in many formats. These fun challenges require no quarters.

1. iSlash Heroes

Get ready for iSlash Heroes! Sharpen your blade. The goal is to cut the board until the red ribbon appears.

iSlash Heroes Gameplay IOS / Android, Source: Youtube, Android/iOS/Nintendo Switch Gameplay - PROAPK 

You need to be aware of the bouncing stars. If you hit one, it will force you to start over. The stars will move less if there are more pieces to remove.

2. Fishing Trip

Fishing Break is a fun, casual, and colorful challenge. You will travel in your boat to catch fish and create a collection. Swipe to cast and then tap and hold the reel to reel in your catch. Be careful not to drag them in too fast, as they could break the line. You'll get coins for each fish sold and more fishing spots.

3. Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is a popular smartphone game that has been around for years. However, it's still very addictive.

Doodle Jump: New Record 113k, Source: Youtube, grivrus347

You control a tiny jumping creature by tilting your smartphone to avoid enemies, collecting power-ups such as jetpacks, and then seeing how high you can jump. There are many levels to choose from and missions, and global leaderboards.

4. Polyforge

There are many relaxing game apps for iPhones. Polyforge is another excellent option. You can tap on each color to hit the crystal as it rotates. Be careful, as if you hit the same side twice, you will need to start over. Every tap produces a beautiful musical tone. However, a wrong tap can give you an off-key sound.

Quick and Fast Mobile Games : Puzzle Games

Puzzles are more than crosswords and jigsaws. You can have a quick brainteaser with birds, balls, and dots. If you want to earn more money from these app, you need to invest by reading how to get ios app installs to push your app to top app.

5. Two dots

Two Dots is a game that allows you to collect colored dots and win. It has over 1000 levels. To reach the level goal, connect dots of the same color to get them.

TwoDots: Level 1-15 (No Power-ups) Complete Walkthrough (Two Dots), Source: Youtube, edepot 

You can only move and live a certain amount of times, have power-ups and boosts, and receive gifts for checking in daily or inviting friends.

6. Angry Birds Blast

Angry Birds Blast is fun for everyone. To set the birds free, you must pop adjacent balloons of the same color. Every level has a goal. You can also use power-ups and boosts to help you out if you are stuck. To create significant matches and blast off balloons:

Quick and fast mobile gamesQuick and fast mobile games, Source: Proreviewsapp

  1. Use laser guns or bombs.
  2. Because you only have a few moves, be strategic.
  3. For generous rewards, make sure you play daily challenges.
  4. Roll the Ball

Roll a Ball is an excellent option for those who enjoy puzzles and slides. Slide the tiles to make a path for the Ball to reach the goal. Try your best to arrange tiles to allow you to collect three stars at each level. You can play through tons of stories with no time or move limitations. You can also play it offline.

7. Trivia Crack Kingdoms

Combining the original Trivia Crack game and royalty, Trivia Crack Kingdoms can be created. To see who is the best at trivia, play against your friends.

Trivia crack kingdoms, Source: Youtube, REVO SHEEP

To win the crown, choose a topic from TV or sports, answer correctly, and you will be the winner.

8. Word Chums

Word Chums is a great alternative to Words With Friends. You can play with your Facebook friends to find the best wordsmith. This is a game in the same vein as Scrabble. This multiplayer word game is unique because of its cute characters (Chums), bright interface, and upbeat atmosphere. Word Chums offers power-ups to help you blast away your letters and get high-scoring hints.

Quick and Fast Mobile Games : Sports and Racing Games

You can either take a spin around or knock down pins in tropical areas. These games are fast and fun. This means that more mobile games will be launched in the next few years which will in turn make it more important to get android app reviews for your app.

9. Bowling Crew

Bowling at your local bowling alley is excellent. But with Bowling Crew, you can also play in a rock club, on a boat, or in the snowy mountains. The game is fast-paced and frantic, with a steep learning curve that will allow you to master it. 

Bowling Crew - Gameplay Android, iOS, Source: Youtube, TapTap Mobile

Bowling Crew will enable you to play against other bowlers so that you can put your skills to the ultimate test. iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

10. Horizon Chase - World Tour

Horizon Chase: World Tour is just one of many fantastic racing games. You can race around the track using simple controls and a great soundtrack. Turbo boosts are also available. You can challenge your friends to see who is the fastest and take first place. The free version includes two cars and five tracks. You can purchase the full game for $2.99.

Quick and Fast Mobile Games: Music Games

These music games are a great way to combine your passion for music and challenge yourself. If you want to increase reviews for these games on App Store, you need to buy ios keyword app installs from real users.

11. Beat Blade: Dash Dance

Beat Blade: Dash Dance will take you to a neon paradise. You will soon see blocks approaching you when you load up one of the songs. Drag your character towards the blocks and then slash them to score points.

Beat Blade : Dash Dance-Gameplay Walkthrough, Source: Youtube, Rycalz Gaming 

You have a lot of great songs available, and it is very addictive to try and beat your highest score.

12. Infinite tiles

Tap the tiles to increase your score as they slide towards you. Although it sounds simple, it becomes more difficult as the tiles start to move faster. You will need to touch multiple tiles simultaneously. To improve your reflexes, you can earn coins and unlock new tracks.


These quick and entertaining games are great for those with little time to spare. You can find more fun games at Xbox Games Pass for AndroidThese are the best mobile games that you can play without paying for anything.

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