Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: Should You Consider Buying a $1799 Foldable Smartphone?

There's plenty to love regarding Samsung's Galaxy Fold 3, but it's a bit expensive. Is it time to purchase an unfoldable phone? In 20219, Samsung unveiled its first foldable product, which was called Galaxy Fold. A bold experiment for the time. Suppose you're still alive and the device was the subject of headlines. Not for the quality of the device was but rather because numerous Galaxy Fold devices broke soon after the release. However, despite its shortcomings, delays, a delay, and ridiculous cost, the effort was still awe-inspiring. Two years later, the Fold series has grown to become a usable device suitable for all. In the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung sells the phone to unlock the new era of smartphones. This is a bold claim. Let's check if that's the case and whether you should purchase this gadget.

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Galaxy Z Fold 3 is packed with specs.

Before we look at the specifications, in terms of performance, this Galaxy Z Fold 3 comes equipped with the latest 5nm Snapdragon 888 processor coupled with the One UI 3.5 skin on top of Android 11. One UI 3.5 is a custom-built skin. One UI 3.5 is custom designed to enhance it possible to make the Z Fold 3 more functional through the use of the larger size.

The screen that covers Z Fold 3's cover screen. Its proportion of 24.5:9 and is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass Victus protection. The camera for selfies on the cover screen features an unaltered 10MP f/2.2 lens capable of recording 4K video at 30fps.

The main screen of Galaxy Z Fold 3 is significant. Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a small 7.6-inch 120Hz Foldable Dynamic 2X display that extends to the 22.5:18 proportion. It features the QHD+ resolution and expands to 2208x1768 pixels and HDR10and support.

SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 - Full Specs & Pricing!, Source: Youtube, TT Technology 

It has an 88.8 percentage screen-to-body ratio. It is has a maximum brightness of 1200nits. The selfie camera on its main display is a four-megapixel under-display camera. We'll return to it in a few minutes.

The device sports three cameras with the exact configuration as its predecessor on the rear. It features the primary camera's 12MP resolution equipped with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and the 12MP telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom, paired with OIS and an ultra-wide lens 12-megapixel lens with the ability to capture a 123-degree view.

Its 4-400mAh powerhouse is just a little below the battery of its predecessor due to its smaller size. The charging rate remains similar at 25, W with wired charging, and 10, W wireless as well as a 4.5W reverse wireless charge that can power your watch and TWS earbuds.

The Things You Should know before you purchase the Galaxy Z Fold 3

If you're looking for a smartphone that can be used for work, then the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is worth keeping in mind for various reasons. The frame and hinge are constructed of Armor Aluminum, which Samsung claims is the most robust material used in a smartphone so far.

In addition, there is an impressive IPX8 certification that assures water resistance of 1.5 meters. Foldable phones are generally susceptible to foreign substances getting into the body through moving parts. Fortunately, Z Fold 3 is not vulnerable to foreign substances. Z Fold 3 can survive the water.

The screen protector on the top of the glass that folds is 30% stronger, making Z Fold 3 Z Fold 3 the first phone to fold with S Pen compatible. It is now possible to take notes, sketch or sketch your creative thoughts on the Z Fold 3, the same as using the Galaxy Note phone but with a larger canvas.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 - 5 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE BUYING, Source: Youtube, sakitech 

In addition, the main screen feels more immersive because of the camera that is under the display. Watching movies, gaming video calls, or browsing the web on the 7.6-inch screen feels distinct from any other phone.

You can also save your most loved applications to the sides that are the primary display for the illusion of a desktop.

The rear cameras of the Z Fold 3 are top-notch and provide a high-quality video and image output and video output; however, they are not up to like S21 Ultra. S21 Ultra. The rear cameras create cameras for selfies, too, when you need a premium output.

To take a picture, fold the device in half, flip it over, and use the primary camera setting to capture the image using the screen that covers it as the viewfinder. The camera for selfies on the cover screen also functions well if you'd prefer to use the Z Fold 3 like a regular smartphone.

As opposed to the regular phone, multitasking with the device is easy. For example, if you require a meeting, you can fold the device halfway and then stand up by itself. The device's one side will display the event while the other one is used to take notes, surf the internet, share and send documents, etc.

The Reasons to Not Purchase the Galaxy Z Fold 3

Although the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is well-deserved, its shortcomings are too significant to ignore. Let's begin with the IPX8 rating. Although it's fantastic, the top phones typically include an IP68 rating.

The first digit, "6," symbolizes protection against solid particles (sand dust, etc.). The second number '8," represents resistance to liquids. The 'X' in Z Fold 3's IPX8 rating indicates that the device has not been adequately tested for dust resistance.

This suggests that dust that gets into the body could cause damage to the display and the screen. It is visible through the middle of the delicate screen's interior, identical to its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 - 5 main reasons why you shouldn't buy it !!, Source: Youtube, Forbes Tech Reviews

While we're on our main display, that 4MP hidden under-display camera is undoubtedly excellent, but not invisibly. It's easy to overlook when you're using it for everyday tasks; However, if you check at it carefully, you'll be evident, particularly when you turn the brightness up.

In addition, since under-display cameras aren't yet a breakthrough technology, they produce only mediocre results, as is the case in this instance. When shooting images or video recording, it isn't the same clarity, accuracy in color, and consistency as a standard camera.

Naturally, Samsung recognizes this and has tried to develop a solution.

When you take a picture using the hidden camera, the image processing algorithm will add artificial clarity and contrast to the final output. It's essentially a "fake it until you create it" method. Despite the processing results, they are not impressive.

Why I'm RETURNING the Z Fold 3 after only 1 Week, Source: Youtube, Max Tech 

The S Pen situation on the Z Fold 3 is full of stipulations in terms of fakery. Despite the S Pen compatibility, however, you cannot use the identical S Pen that came with the Galaxy Note. Instead, you must purchase an S Pen Fold Edition for $50, specifically designed to work with the Z Fold 3. Then, you can buy the S Pen Pro for $100 and works with every Galaxy phone that can have support for S Pen.

Because Z Fold 3 Z Fold 3 has a soft screen, Samsung says that the S Pen needs to be flexible and retractable so that it doesn't cause damage to the screen. This is logical. However, it's not logical to buy an S Pen separately since there is no built-in silo available in the Z Fold 3 to store it in.

If you wish to use S Pen with your Z Fold 3, You will need to purchase a flip cover case that includes an S Pen for $80. This all is an unnecessary inconvenience. Add to this the poor battery life, and you've got your device that is inadequate and unreliable in many ways.


Whatever group you're in it will attract lots of attention and interest.

On the plus side, you'll have an unbroken main screen and a smoother covering screen that is water-resistant. The body is more substantial, as well as S Pen compatibility. On the negative side, there's a faulty battery with visible creases, a fragile interior screen with no dust protection, no built-in silo that can be used with your S Pen, and that expensive cost.

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