The 3 Most Easiest Methods to remove Stalkerware from Your Smartphone

Have you found spyware, i.e., the stalker was, or stalker was, in the device you use, Android or iOS device? Stalkerware is a real problem for smartphone owners, and it's straightforward for criminals to download it onto your smartphone to track your movements and private information. If you're faced with a stalker were on your smartphone, How do you remove it?

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How can you identify if there's Stalkerware on Your Phone

These include an overly drained battery or overheating changes in your settings for location and strange notifications. If you can determine you've got a stalker were installed within your smartphone, it's vital to remove it immediately so that no one else can get access to your details regarding you.

How to Spot and Remove Stalkerware, Source: Youtube, Nerds On Call Computer Repair

If you're an iPhone user, likely, you're not experiencing stalker were when your phone is acting strangely. Although it's not difficult to download stalker were onto iOS devices, it's considerably more complicated than it appears on Android. Jailbroken iPhones are more straightforward to install stalker was. Therefore, you should verify if your phone is jailbroken if you suspect that there's a stalker were on it.

1. Perform a Factory Reset on Your Device

Suppose you're reluctant to perform an unintentional factory reset for your smartphone. If you decide to achieve this, you need to back up the entire vital data stored on your phone: contacts, photographs, contacts, videos, and more. This can be done using the default cloud service on your phone or something similar to Google Drive to back up your data.

The main issue is that it could back up the stalker were, too. If you're able to make an effort to eliminate your stalker were (in the instance of spy software, for example) and backup only the essential data, i.e., contacts and photos.

A factory reset can eliminate all non-default applications and will remove any spyware. It is possible to perform the factory reset on your phone by going to the settings. This is a straightforward procedure. 

How to factory reset your Android phone, Source: Youtube, PhoneBuff 

A factory reset can erase everything from your smartphone; therefore, ensure that you've backed your important data before doing it. A factory reset may also be able to override jailbreaks, so you don't have to worry about the presence of any additional spyware if you do a factory reset with an iPhone.Upgrade Your Operating System

Specific stalker programs are only made for older versions of operating systems, which means that upgrading your OS might remove the stalker installed in your system. But it's not a sure removal process, and the software could continue to function regardless of an OS upgrade.

It's not always in need of an OS update. However, you can figure out if the update is available in your device's settings. If you can find an update, it can assist in removing any stalker were from your phone.

2. Utilize a Spyware Detection App

Since stalker was is a kind of spyware, it is possible to use spyware removal and detection applications to eliminate it from your smartphone. Anti-spyware programs detect malware like ransomware, the stalker was, or ransomware on your device, as in seeing all other potential security risks. They also block the installation of the stalker on your device when anyone attempts to install it when there is an anti-spyware application running.

How to Detect Spyware and Spy apps in Smartphones, Source: Youtube, Varun

Many of these anti-spyware programs will also remove any stalker were on your smartphone, which means you don't need to search for and eliminate it by yourself.

There are plenty of excellent anti-spyware applications available today, such as Norton, McAfee, Bitdefender, and Avira. However, most of these programs come with a cost, and it's essential to find the one that offers the best value for your buck before deciding to sign for.

3. Get rid of Stalkerware As Quickly as You Can

A stalker could identify even the most basic functions as an easy virus scan.

How to Find and Remove Stalkerware on Your Phone and PC, Source: Youtube, PCMag

Therefore, it is essential to get rid of it when you realize the presence of it present on your device.


If you follow the steps above using the above methods, you are likely to successfully eliminate any spyware that is a stalker from your phone and restore your privacy.

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