The most popular calendar apps available for Android 2022

After lots of investigation and testing, I've developed the best Android calendar applications that work with different types of professional schedules. Some are intended to function as an alternative to the less-than-stellar services preinstalled on specific smartphones. In contrast, others are add-ons that could enhance the functionality of any Android calendar configuration.

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Google Calendar

For those who don't possess any particular demands or requirements, mainly when you're already using Google Calendar on the desktop, Google's local Calendar application is an excellent method of managing your schedule on Android.

If you think that it's not apparent enough to merit inclusion on this list, keep in mind that the Google Calendar app doesn't come pre-installed on all Android phones, including the vast majority of phones made by Samsung. Suppose you're using the Galaxy phone and you want to switch to Google Calendar. In that case, the app will represent an enormous leap forward in terms of overall user experience and security of your data ( ahem).

How To Use Google Calendar, Source: Youtube, Tech Insider

The Calendar app is beautifully designed and simple to use, offering a simple, clean agenda view that can be scrolled along with options for daily, monthly, weekly and three-day view options. It's a good match for the Calendar experience you can find on the internet and offers an easy and secure synchronization of the Google Calendar agenda. It's probably worth this, but it is worth noting that the Google Calendar app is free for users and part of G Suite, the business-level G Suite package.

Microsoft Outlook

If you rely on Microsoft to manage your schedule -- or use a combination between Microsoft and Google due to the availability of personal and professional accounts on your phone, The best method of keeping track of your schedule on Android is through Microsoft's official Outlook application.

This simple configuration is in stark contrast to the many obstacles you need to go through to make Outlook events appear in the Google app.

A Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Outlook, Source: Youtube, Technology for Teachers and Students

Microsoft's Outlook application for Android comes with a calendar integration function that seamlessly connects different data sources.

As for cross-account compatibility, Microsoft's calendar section in its Android Outlook app is also simple to use and enjoyable to use. It's an excellent tool to keep track of events on the go, regardless of which account or group of funds you're working with.

Business Calendar 2

Professional users looking for an Android calendar experience that has more oomph Business Calendar 2 represents a notable improvement over the standard. The app is thoughtfully designed and offers the basic features you'd expect and more practical options, like the always-present favorites bar, which lets you remove or display different calendars by tapping, and a week slider that lets you quickly zoom in on any time frame you require and a customized template system to speed up the creation of events.

Business Calendar 2 - Your Daily Schedule Planner, Source: Youtube, Business Calendar

The Business Calendar 2 adds genuinely beneficial functions to the basic Android calendar configuration.

Business Calendar 2 automatically syncs with the system-level Calendar on your phone, which means it will connect to Google Calendar and, consequently, integrate seamlessly with Calendar on the internet. It's free and comes with a $7 Pro upgrade that eliminates advertisements and unlocks a variety of advanced features, such as the previously mentioned template system and forecast integration, as well as a range of customizable options.

Calendar Widget for Home Agenda

A majority of Android calendar apps have widgets. However, few are as impressive and straightforward to work with as the oddly named Calendar Widget of Home Agenda. Calendar Widget, which we'll refer to it from now on, is a single thing and does it with aplomb. It offers you an app-like interface to access and manage your Calendar from your desktop.

Yes, you read that right. The whole app is nothing more than an application widget and an option to configure it to make it function the way you'd like it to. This means it's less of a substitute for the standard Android calendar application and more of an addition for the application you're currently using.


Calendar Widget by Home Agenda for Android, Source: Youtube, TWiT Tech Podcast Network

Calendar Widget can save you time by displaying your plan directly on your home screen in an easy and easily customizable way.

Calendar Widget is about as flexible as it can get. It can display as many or as little information as you like -- using a visual layout as well as font size and color scheme that's appropriate to suit your reading style and general preferences.

This widget allows you to choose the calendars and kinds of events it shows, too. It lets you specify the days it displays and the total number of events it will exhibit at any given moment -which is a surprisingly sensible alternative that's not available on most Android calendars.

The application costs $2.

Calendar Notify

Widgets for your home screen are helpful, but you might frequently check your Calendar that you'd like to have access to it easily from any location on your device. Get Calendar Notify, an innovative Android calendar app that provides an ongoing calendar view in your phone's default notification screen.

This means that regardless of the other tasks you're engaged in, all you need to do is swipe downwards once on the screen's top for an overview of your forthcoming events without needing to quit the current application or change processes.

Calendar Notify for Android, Source: Youtube, TWiT Tech Podcast Network

With Calendar Notify, your schedule is always one swipe away.

Calendar Notify is entirely interactive, as well, which means you can select any specific event within its notification to access additional information about the appointment or even open another application to modify it if the need arises.

Calendar Notify is available for free, with an additional $3.50 upgrade for more advanced features and options for customization.


We'll begin with the easiest and then move to more sophisticated and feature-rich options. We hope that this information will be helpful to you.

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