The most secure security and privacy apps for Android 2022

Do not use malware scanners or other over-the-top security software. The following applications can enhance your safety and safeguard you from privacy concerns on Android. Why? Since, like many people devoted to studying Android and its security features, I don't suggest using these types of applications at all. Android malware isn't the vast real-world threat that it's often claimed to be and Google Play Protect and other native Android options are sufficient to keep the majority of devices safe. However, there are certain areas where third-party apps can help to enhance the Android security image. They're less about combating the bogeymen you've heard of but more focused on proactively safeguarding your accounts and data. These are the steps that will increase security and privacy on your Android phone, as well as the apps I'd recommend installing for each one of the following:

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Manage your passwords

LastPass Password Manager

The passwords you choose to use are guardians to your online life and shortly at the very least, and it's on you to ensure they're protected. The trick? Make a password manager act in the role of your muscle. An effective password manager allows you to establish and maintain secure unique passwords for all the applications, websites, and services you utilize.

After LastPass discovers (or creates) your different sign-ins and sign-ins, it'll show an autofill form when you're asked to sign in to a website or app that you sign up for, whether via an app or websites within your preferred Android browser. 

LastPass FULL TUTORIAL Password Manager, Source: Youtube, Tech Talk America

LastPass can be used on the desktop and effortlessly connects your information across many gadgets and operating systems (using its cloud storage that is secure and encrypted at the device level). The core features of the application are free. At the same time, a $36 annual premium subscription comes with more storage for documents and notes and the capability to use advanced two-factor authentication techniques, as well as the ability to set up the emergency access program to allow someone else to access your account following a long time of no activity.

Secure your connection


Your best bet for working is to utilize your company's VPN service, provided that an application for it is in place. If it's not, NordVPN is one of the most highly-recommended third-party choices, earning high reviews from privacy guru (and regular Computerworld writer) Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols. It also ranks among the top Android VPN recommendations from Android Central, PCMag, TechRadar, Tom's Guide, and many other well-known sources.

The service connects to nearly 5500 servers spread across five dozen countries. It promises "military-grade" security for mobile data. It'll cost you 12 dollars a month and $7 per month if you buy an entire year in advance, or $4 per month when you're willing to pay an amount of $96 in advance to get two years' worth of services.

What is a VPN and how it works | NordVPN, Source: Youtube, NordVPN

NordVPN lets you establish secure connections with a range of servers across the globe.

Many other notable organizations will inspire you to go into a cave and live a life completely free from any networked technology. As long as we don't have a uniform system to effectively audit VPNs and their various layers, privacy experts advise using an extremely well-reviewed and extensively evaluated service backed by a trusted service. NordVPN is a perfect fit for a T more than any other competitor in the present time and is the reason for its inclusion in this selection.

Be sure that your calls and messages are secure

Signal Private Messenger

The Signal can be used for testing in the same way that ProtonMail can do for email. The open-source service lets you text securely with your contacts with end-to-end encryption and without any of your information ever being stored on the server remotely. Signal now enables users to make secure video and voice chats with others Signal users.

In the beginning, Signal looks and feels exactly like another app for texting: It can connect you with people in your usual contacts database or type in an address to begin conversations. If the other party also utilizes Signal, then the discussion will be secured, and you'll have the option to start an encrypted video or voice chat, too. If your recipient doesn't have Signal, however, you'll be allowed to send regular text messages and will see the obvious "Unsecured SMS" warning in the message field.

How to use Signal Private Messenger app, Source: Youtube, App Of The Day

The Signal appears like any other app for texting, but when you interact via Signal with another Signal user, all your messages are encrypted automatically.

The Signal is entirely free, and there's no account required. You need to launch the app, enter the phone number, confirm your numbers; then you're good to go. Make sure your Browser's privacy settings are turned up the dial 

Brave Browser

Brave Browser is the best option if you want to browse privately in a standard web browser. Brave Browser is a free application designed by one of the co-founders at Mozilla, which developed Firefox. It looks and behaves a lot similar to the Google Chrome Android browser. (Perhaps not surprising that the app utilizes Google's free source Chromium software as the basis.)

Brave Browser Honest Review 2022 - Brave vs Other Browsers, Source: Youtube, The Inventar

Brave's layout and interface are similar to Chrome's; it even comes with Chrome-like History Downloads, Downloads and Bookmarks sections, as well as features for filling in information automatically and saving passwords (though the data stored in those sections won't be synced the account with the details of your Google accounts or accessible on different devices, like it does be in Chrome).

Brave is, in essence, like Chrome -- but with many extra privacy-focused features added in.


Applications typically require permissions from sensitive systems for their entire range of tasks; however, even if you only use one of those functions a few times, you might not want to keep the permissions that go with it indefinitely.

The appropriately called Bouncer application is a simple method to make your decision-making more nimble. With Bouncer installed on your smartphone, whenever you grant an app a new authorization, whether it's to access your location, accessing the internet, accessing the phone's storage -- you'll notice an alert appear on top of your phone. You can tap on that notification to inform Bouncer to disable the permission when you quit the application (by switching to another application or returning to the default display) and after a predetermined period.

Bouncer for Android, Source: Youtube,TWiT Tech Podcast Network 

For instance, you're asked to tweet during a conference for work. You'd like the location of your phone to be linked with tweets you make during the meeting, But you do not wish for Twitter to keep track of your phone's location forever. 

It can provide an additional layer of security if you need the need for it.

Solid Explorer File Manager

A majority of the modern Android phones have encryption right in the initial setup (you can test this by searching to"Encryption" in the "Encryption" option in the security section in your phone's system settings); However, If you're looking for an extra layer of security for specific folders or files, Solid Explorer will get the job accomplished.

It's an Android file manager; Solid Explorer lets you browse and edit files stored on your device's local storage as well as several cloud storage services offered by third-party companies, which include Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive -- if you decide to connect to them. If you've got a document or folder, you'd like to safeguard, select it and highlight it in the app, and then click "Encrypt" on the main menu.

Solid Explorer - File Manager For Android || Unlocked, Source: Youtube, KayakoIto

Once you've done that, all you have to do is input your password and then enable fingerprint authentication. The file will be accessible only after the credentials are entered. Even services that are part of the system, such as the Android Downloads app, won't be in a position to open the file unless you unlock it using Solid Explorer.

Solid Explorer allows you to provide an additional layer of security to specific folders and files.

Solid Explorer costs $3 after the two-week trial for free. The article was first published in April of 2021 and was updated in 2022


Hope this article provides some interesting apps for you and can help you choose a suitable app.

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