The shock of NFT games, using Blockchain technology 2021

Cryptocurrency investing is becoming a great market, and various developments are being established, painting a picture of the next volatile and rising market. In the midpoint of change, development and trade are the swift development of the digital ledger biosphere and the expertise pushing the Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) growth. NTFS is now becoming a recognizable, versatile investment tool in the digital gold world of trade. The changes in the digital ledger in the gaming industry, which NFTs have completely revolutionized, are taking off great games like the Gods Unchained. The recent survey results are amazing in how the fame of NFTs is mounting. The year 2021 alone is reached a whopping two billion dollars.

You should know about NFT units that no unit is like another, and you cannot exchange an NFT for something else like another NFT; that is why they are said to be non-fungible. An NFT can be used in different cases, either in a digital advantage in a game, a collectible piece of crypto art, or even an actual item like real estate. Because an NFT is non-fungible, each token is unique and should be treated without interchanging with another token. It differs from decentralized coins in that as much as you can trade 1 Bitcoin for another 1 coin because they are equal in size and value, you cannot treat NFT in the same way.

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Concept of NFT game

NFTs are like the main currency in this kind of trade as they are unique digital collectibles on the blockchain which are very suitable for use in digital gaming. They represent characters and other tradable items on the digital ledger. Before you begin your gaming, you have to transfer your NFTs to a compatible wallet because NFT games are not the same as holding crypto-collectibles in your wallet.

NFT gameNFT game, Source: Proreviewsapp

An NFT game uses set guidelines, instruments set for user dealings. The developer has to develop how to swap, create, and implement NFTs within a game to create smart agreements and instructions for the NFTs used. The smart agreements are unified in codes stored in a ledger that the user should execute.

The explosion of Blockchain technology to gaming

In the recent past, the digital ledger has revolutionized everything about gaming in all aspects of it. The technology involved in the electronic ledger is changing the way games are created, the way they are played, and even managed. When using the digital ledger in games, a lot can happen because it consists of data blocks on the computer network. These data can be accessed by all users simultaneously, and it cannot be altered in any way. As a result, it is possible to have data about everything that has taken place in the network, which is a great achievement.

Blockchain technology in gamingBlockchain technology in gaming, Source: Proreviewsapp

Because the structure is devolved, there is no control of information or control as there is no dominant power owning or directing the game. However, the users have ownership of some parts, like digital assets and some items in the game. So what happens in the blockchain for gaming is that, instead of users owing coins like in crypt currency, they will own digital assets referred to as NFTs.

How to earn money for Player

There are more than one way people money with NFTs, and some of those ways are listed in this article.

Digital Artwork

Individual non-fungible artworks are becoming popular and valuable among the token created so far and have also become very profitable. There has been a dramatic change in blockchain after the artwork sold for close to $ 70 million. That was the first time a fully digital artwork was auctioned. The best thing with the NTFS is that it is an authority to the artist who, after creating art, can show proof of ownership and gain profit for what you have done. For instance, if you create a meme, you will be the sole benefit when it circulates. That is the reason why NFT is becoming very popular among artists.

How to earn money for Player from NFT games, Source: Zueljin Gaming, Youtube

A young girl who became an internet sensation when a picture of her looking unimpressed went viral - is selling the original image for thousands of dollars at auction.

Beeple sold an NFT for $69 million

Fashion NFTs

Like the artwork, NFT can solve the authenticity problem when it comes to fashion, thus eliminating the possibility of counterfeit items. For that reason, the clothing and fashion brands can generate revenue from NFTs in a secure and form environment.

Video games

These days video games are no longer for winning but earning, and they can capture a larger audience and help them earn through rewards. In addition, you can trade with your collectibles through the games, making it one of the most advanced earning methods through NFTs

The value of companies that successfully develop NFT games is increasing rapidly, attract large users.

As the use for the NFTs increases, so is the company's value that develops NFT games. Gaming is a very popular game, and for that reason, it is giving the companies associated with NFTs a head start after incorporating the non- fungibles with gaming. The NFT trading surged in the 3rd quarter of 2021 realizing a 704% increase to hit $10.67 billion in the quarter. That is because people now believe in tech and social capital. The joining of renowned celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki, and others have created more strength in the units’ outlook.

The hottest NFT games in 2021

After gamers realize that they can make money with NFTs and the ranging popularity of these non-fungibles, they are now rushing after what makes an impact. There are several games at the top, including Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, Lost Relics, and Splinter lands.

Top 10 NFT Games, source: whatoplay, Youtube

There are several games at the top, including Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, Lost Relics, and Splinter lands.
To breed Axies, you spend those tokens in hope of getting a better Axie.

A new direction for game developers

With the increasing popularity of games, developers have no choice but to hype their games to meet the increasing game demands. As a result, the budget for games also goes up. That is because the teams are also growing and with a longer time scale. But, also, with that drastic growth comes also the risks.

The new wave in gaming is decentralizing gaming which is a completely new direction in the industry with technology creating an irresistible allure in the hands of game developers. Decentralization has become one of the greatest selling points in the gaming industry.


The new trend in blockchain and non-fungible tokens does not look like anything passing but something about to blow. With the numerous unique applications and the increasing technology, it looks like the business is just beginning. It is not possible to estimate the full potential of the trade as only a few images are popular at the moment. Still, anyone focusing on the future can see what is about to happen to the blockchain.

With the increasing popularity of NFTs, it seems like more and more complex tokens are still to come and will explode the NFT market. However, the NFT developers are not sleeping, and they are coming up with innovations to cover other sectors every time.

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