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For many people, mobile games don't have a well-known image. Because of the constant bombardment of game advertisements and a tendency for the wallets of players to dry up, and a plethora of other reasons, it's no wonder most gamers have a hard time with mobile games. While the initial versions of mobile titles were based on low-cost gimmicks as well as a plethora of money-making schemes, our beloved smartphones now host some of the most enjoyable gaming experiences available. As smartphones become more powerful each year, Some of the most enjoyable games for consoles and PCs have found their way onto the two major mobile platforms and operating systems - Android and iOS. So, without further delay, we've got some of the most popular mobile games that can be played at any time, wherever.

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1. Fantasian (iOS via Apple Arcade)

Since the debut of Apple's gaming subscription services in 2019, many bizarre and fantastic games have been released through the platform. But there's a single Apple Arcade title that truly made heads turn at hardcore gamers, and that title is Fantasian.

FANTASIA‪N‬ - iOS (Apple Arcade) Walkthrough Gameplay, SOurce: Youtube, rrvirus 

Designed exclusively for mobile, This stunning JRPG looks fantastic and is an entirely original concept from the man who created Final Fantasy himself, Hironobu Sakaguchi. It is set in a beautiful world with intriguing characters and an epic tale. It is the first mobile-exclusive JRPG classic.

2. Inside (iOS)

The sequel to skin-crawling, side-scrolling game Limbo, Inside is among the most immersive games you'll ever play. In the form of an adventure game under the shape of a puzzle platformer, The game's unsettling story will see players navigating from a dark forest to the mysterious factory.

Playdead's INSIDE: iOS iPad Pro Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (by Playdead), Source: Youtube, App Unwrapper

This isn't a game for those who aren't confident. However, Inside's terrifying adventure engages from beginning to end. If you're seeking a game that will bring you chills when stuck in your commute, Inside is the best option.

3. Divinity: The Original Sin 2 - The Definitive Version (iPad)

In the realm of RPGs, there's not much more entertaining as Divinity Original Sin II. What was even more surprising? How well it works with the iPad. This is where the fantastic combat, voice acting in total, and numerous difficult choices have come through to iOS flawlessly.

Divinity - Original Sin 2: iOS iPad Pro Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (by Larian Studios), Source: Youtube, App Unwrapper

Although it has II in the title, the game could be a stand-alone adventure telling a compelling story of its own. Due to Divinity's enormously complex graphic capabilities and scope, The only caveat is that it only runs on an iPad and not on mobile. Those fortunate enough to own an iPad can play it, but this is the ultimate in role-playing.

4. The World is Over By You Single Remix (Android and IOS)

It was first released in the Nintendo DS way back in 2007. "The World Comes to an End" is iconic.

In the shoes of a moody teenager, Neku and you're walking around Tokyo's stunningly beautiful Shibuya district. You're suddenly unable to connect with your fellow citizens and with strange creatures in the streets. It's your job to unravel the mystery of Shinjuku and fight your way back to normal.

The World Ends With You: Solo Remix for iPad Gameplay Review -, Source: Youtube, Pocket Gamer

The game's director is the renowned Final Fantasy designer Tetsuya Nomura; this charming Japanese RPG boasts an incredible story, toe-tapping beats, and a fast-paced combat system that is real-time.

5. Monument Valley (Android and iOS)

Returning to a happier time, The usTwo developed Monument Valley. In terms of the art of mobile-based games, it isn't easy to find anything more impressive than this.


In this gorgeously charming game, you're charged with completing a myriad of delightful levels. You are turning its beautifully constructed structures until you can find the perfect viewpoint to align the proper paths for your protagonist, Ida.

Monument Valley's puzzles are incredibly brilliant, resulting in a game that you can grab or play around within a couple of minutes or take hours of. If you like puzzles, architecture, or cutesy styles of art are your style, do not miss this game.

6. Pokemon Go (Android and IOS)

There's no way to talk about games on mobile without mentioning Pokemon Go, could you? The game was launched in 2016, and this game that was augmented with reality instantly became a huge success. Based on real-world data about geography, the app was able to transform your park into an enchanted place full of awesome Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Hack 2022 - NEW Pokemon Go Spoofing with JoyStick GPS & Teleport iOS & Android, Source: Youtube, hsmarlon

It was a game that enticed people to travel and explore both new and old (to make Pokemon eggs naturally) and forged many real-world relationships as players would frequently meet in real-world places to conquer Pokemon gyms. Pokemon GO is an absolute dream in terms of gameplay and has transformed millions of people into real-world Pokemon trainers they've always dreamed of.

Pokemon GO has become an extremely fun and feature-rich giant with the constant expansion of games. You may even shed a few pounds when you play it.


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