Top new features are available for Android 12 (Go Edition) in 2022

Find out about the significant new features you will discover with Android 12 (Go edition) in 2022. Google recently announced the launch of Android 12 (Go edition) two months after it released its stable version of the OS for their Pixel devices. The Go version of Android is designed for devices with a limited amount of storage and RAM. The OS is optimized to operate well on lower-end hardware without sacrificing user experience. With Android 12 (Go edition), Google brings improvements to privacy and usability with exciting new features and enhancements. Below is a short review of the most recent Android 12 (Go edition) improvements and new features.

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1. Faster App Its Launch

Despite the limited hardware and memory, Google has optimized its new version Android Go, to improve app opening times by as much as 30 percent and smoother animations.

Android 12 launch event in 4 minutes, Source: Youtube, Waqar Khan

Like Android 12, The Go version of Android apps could display an initial splash screen launched. This Files Go app is also being upgraded and allows you to recover the files within 30 days after the deletion.

2. Increased Battery Life

Alongside faster launch speeds, Android 12 (Go edition) is also expected to increase your device's battery life by suspending apps that haven't been used for a long time. This will help to free up availability on your phone.

Samsung Android 12 - Boost Your Battery Life! Source: Youtube, System Hacks

You will receive an automatic notification when unnecessary apps are paused.

3. Translate Content Simply

The most recent screen for apps in Android 12.3 (Go edition) offers the option to translate any content into the language you prefer instantly.

Google Translate Oxygen OS 12 Android 12 Minimal Redesign Update Review, Source: Youtube, RokTok

Additionally, you have the opportunity to listen to any audio you'd like to listen to.

4. Enhanced Guest Mode

The guest mode of Android 12 (Go edition) is being upgraded with profiles made accessible via your lock screen. This makes it easier to share your phone with family members or friends without worrying about your privacy or data.

Enabling Unreleased Android 12 Features with Root! Source: Youtube, HowToMen

Tap the icon for the profile switcher on the screen of the lock and choose the Guest Mode to switch it on.

5. Share Apps With ease

While you can install apps through the Play Store, downloading them via mobile data may be difficult in areas with limited connectivity to the network or high-cost mobile data. On Android 12 (Go edition), it is easy to connect apps to other users close to you via Nearby Share without using mobile data.

Get Android 12 on any Android, Source: Youtube, Browndroid

Press the app for a long time, choose an app, and select the Sharing app option. Could you share it with acquaintances nearby?

6. Improved Privacy Controls

Google is bringing the privacy dashboard introduced in Android 12 and getting it to the Go version of its operating system. The dashboard will provide how applications on your device use the different permissions that they're granted along with the data you've stored.

#Android12: Powerful privacy features that give you control, Source: Youtube, Android

You'll also notice the green or yellow indicator within the notification bar every time an app uses the phone's camera or microphone. In addition, you can give your approximate location to apps rather than the exact location to reduce the amount they can monitor you.


Android 12 (Go edition) will launch with new devices set to launch in the coming year. Google's announcement isn't clear if the upgrade will roll out to the existing Android Go devices or not. The OS is designed for lower-end Android devices with up to 2GB of RAM and a small quantity of storage. These devices are typically launched in emerging nations like Africa. It's excellent to observe Google improving Android for low-end devices and ensuring that they have a good quality of performance and features, despite their hardware limitations.

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