Top Strategies to Make Windows 10 Faster and Improve Performance

It's not that difficult to improve the speed of Windows 10 faster. Here are some ways to boost the performance and speed that Windows 10 offers. 

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Windows 10 Operating System Speed Tweaks

1. Modify Game and Turn It On Mod

The most recent version of Windows 10, the Creators Update, includes a brand new feature dubbed Game Mode. It's not possible to continuously be Game Mode, however. Game Mode, unfortunately, however, you can enable the feature by hitting Windows Key + G. You must, however, activate Game Mode.

To turn on Game Mode (it's only available on Windows 10 Creators Update), go to Settings > Gaming and select Game Mode. Click the toggle switch beneath Game Mode.


How To Turn On Game Mode In Windows 10, Source: Youtube, MDTechVideos

It's intended to be used in games, but you can use it anytime you want to gain a bit of speed. It's beneficial when running several background applications that are slowing down your resource-intensive application.

However, Game Mode only improves gaming performance by a couple of percents.

However, some will see a higher performance increase over other users. Fewer background apps can improve your performance when there are no other methods to help. In the theoretical sense, Game Mode can function within any application using GPU acceleration. If you're interested in trying it within Adobe Premiere, give it a chance.

2. Remove Visual Effects

Windows provides a simple method to turn off any visual enhancements.

Go through System> Advanced system settings. Advanced settings for your System.

Select the Advanced option from the menus above.

In the section called Performance Select Performance Options.

Left-click on the radio icon to the Best Performance. Adjust to turn off any visual effects.

Disabling visual effects on specific systems differ significantly, particularly for older machines. On the other hand, things will not look as beautiful. We recommend not to disable the smooth edges of your screen fonts enabled to aid in reading text.

3. Increase the speed of your processor

Windows comes with three default settings to control how your processor will increase its speed. The three default settings include balancedHigh Performance, along with the Power Saver. Sometimes, manufacturers will also offer customized plans in these categories.

How to Boost Processor or CPU Speed in Windows 10 For Free [3 Tips], Source: Youtube, Tricknology 

It is almost always best with a laptop that uses the Power saver or Balanced plans; however, High Performance could make Windows quicker by trading battery endurance in exchange for energy. Since it uses the most significant amount of power, it's better suited for desktops.

You can change your settings by going to the Power Options within Control Panel. Control Panel.

4. Shut Off Auto-Starting Programs

If you install a program and it tries to run quietly in the background. This is fine for some applications, but the effect on performance can be significant. When enough auto-starting applications are running, the whole system is slowed down.

Eliminating unnecessary startup programs is vital to improving Performance. Luckily, Windows makes it easy to eliminate the majority of auto-starters.

5. Verify Your Internet Connection

One of the main reasons for poor internet speed isn't your service provider. It's your Wi-Fi network. Because of common issues such as the overlapping of Wi-Fi signals, it may be challenging to maintain a stable signal when you live inside an apartment.

Many routers offer two options to improve the speed of your connection and its stability. You can make use of a wired connection or switch your router's channel.

Configuring an Ethernet connection is easy. Buy the Ethernet cable and connect it. Modifying the channel on a router is simple requires a detailed explanation.

Fix WiFi Not Showing in Settings On Windows 10 | Fix Missing WiFi, Source: Youtube, Sandeep Singh 

First, you must use Microsoft's Wi-Fi analyzer tool to determine which channels are most suitable for your device. Then enter the router's settings to switch the channel.

Take a look at an excellent video tutorial on how to go about it:

6. Accelerate Windows Performance With Data Analyzers, Disk Cleaning, and Storage Tools

Each of the Solid State Drives (SSDs) and Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) can slow down when loaded with the amount of data. Both drive technologies prefer 50% capacity to ensure optimal performance, but anything less than 25% capacity free is sufficient.

One of the top applications to clean up the overloaded disk is WinDirStat. WinDirStat is free, open-source, and available in portable and installed versions.

7. RAM Drive

Of all the programs available that claim to increase Performance, none program can do it better than the RAM drive.  A RAM drive program makes virtual drives made of physical, speedy RAM. The program then allows users to move the software components they require to the RAM disk, resulting in massive speed increases.

However, we recommend RAM drives for people who wish to enhance software performance. The most notable examples of software benefiting from RAM disks include Photoshop, browsers, and video editor software.

There is a lot of RAM drive software available. The most well-known isn't cost-free: SoftPerfect RAM Disk.

Installing Windows 10 on RAM, Source: Youtube, Enderman 

After that, select then click OK and then restart your browser. From now on, Chrome will read and write cache files onto the RAM disk.

Although some think RAM drives aren't a possibility, critics have good arguments. One of the main flaws can be that they could cause your computer to become slower. Because they operate as background processes, old computers may not handle the extra load quite as well.

8. Malware Scanner

We've written endlessly about the topic of malware scanners, and for well-founded reasons: the majority of performance issues stem from malware-related programs that run within the background. Some of the top malware scanners that are free are Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware, and ClamWin.

We've written previously on the most effective free anti-malware programs that are an excellent stop-gap for anyone with an unresponsive computer.


The most cost-effective and least expensive speed optimization technique for most users is to use the repair in place. If you're not worried about losing the programs you've installed, A factory reset is also a good alternative. The primary reason for any slowdown is poorly written programs. Eliminating or optimizing the software typically resolves the majority of problems with Performance.

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Hope this article is helpful to you, thanks for reading.