Upgrade Options for Xbox Series X Gaming PCs

Xbox Series X vs. Gaming Computer: How Do They Compare

Are you considering buying a gaming PC or an Xbox Series X? Let's compare them and help you make a decision. The debate between Xbox and PC continues to rage with every new Xbox generation. It is a topic worth considering again, with Xbox Series X being the leading Xbox gaming console. This is especially important when it may be challenging to find one. You may not have any problems if you read this post later. We will compare Xbox X with a gaming computer based on critical factors that will help you make an informed decision.

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Consider these Things When Comparing Xbox and PC

This article will provide some key points, but you should also keep these things in mind.

  • Xbox Series X components and consoles can vary depending on the year.
  • Another critical factor is the availability of a console or graphics card for a gaming computer.

Let's now compare the Xbox SeriesX with a gaming computer.

Xbox Series X vs. Gaming Computer: Which is Better?

Both the Xbox and Gaming PC offer a lot, but which one is better when comparing the two? Let's look at some key considerations when deciding whether you want to purchase an Xbox or gaming PC.

The Xbox and PC Game Ecosystem

It would help if you considered the hardware and the availability and pricing of games.

The Xbox Game Pass is an excellent value for console and PC, but the base subscription for PC includes an additional EA Play subscription. You will need to purchase the ultimate game pass to access EA games on your Xbox console.

Xbox Continues Building A Powerful Ecosystem For All Players, Source: Youtube, Destin

Xbox Game Pass on both platforms provides a wide range of games and offers discounts on purchases. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can rely on them, but they are slightly advantageous over PC subscribers.

You can also access other gaming stores such as Epic Games and Steam or get google play reviews to have more details about this feature.

Xbox and PC Hardware Capabilities

The Xbox Series X console is capable and features an 8-core Zen 2-based AMD processor with AMD RDNA 2 architecture-powered graphics, providing 52 compute units.

The Xbox Series X specifications are nearly equivalent to a Ryzen 7 desktop processor with Radeon RX6800 or Nvidia RTX3070. The Xbox Series X graphics are powerful enough to support 4K gaming and 120 frames per second on paper.

Why You CAN'T Compare PC Hardware to Console Hardware, Source: Youtube, Byte Size Tech

The performance of each game will vary. You shouldn't expect a 4K gaming experience that includes 120 frames per game.

While a gaming PC with this specification might not be sufficient for full-fledged 4K gaming, you have the option to use NVIDIA's DLS or utilize AMD's Fidelity FX SUPER Resolution to increase the performance. You may still enjoy better performance with the console's optimization.

You can still enjoy it more if you get a gaming computer with high-end features.

Xbox and PC Prices

It is expensive to build a high-end gaming computer. The possibilities are endless if you want each component to be a high-quality selection. A $700 cabinet can be purchased just for its beauty.

You must be mindful of the cost and ensure that the components aren't too expensive.

How Much Would It Cost To Build A PC As Powerful As The Xbox Series S?, Source: Youtube, GamingBolt

It takes considerable research to put together a good gaming rig. You can purchase a pre-built gaming rig from NZXT or others for convenience. However, it is only available in the US/Canada.

On the other hand, the Xbox Series X is much more affordable for its gaming capabilities and one-unit purchase.

Upgrade Options for Xbox Series X Gaming PCs

It is crucial to decide if you are looking to upgrade your system or purchase a new one.

You can upgrade your PC if you are considering buying one. You can upgrade any component, which is excellent for long-term durability. If your gaming computer performance drops after a while, you can upgrade the graphics card and keep the rest of the components.

Upgrade Options for Xbox Series X Gaming PCsUpgrade Options for Xbox Series X Gaming PCs, Source: Proreviewsapp

Xbox Series X offers limited upgrade options. The storage space can be upgraded only, not the graphics card or chip. A PC upgrade can save you money over time.

You can also upgrade your PC's performance with a few upgrades, such as a new graphics card, to enhance your gaming experience. After you choose a suitable PC, you can buy downloads for android game to have an interesting game.

Xbox Series X Gaming PC Portability

A gaming PC might not be as portable as an Xbox Series X for portability.

Technically, a mini-ITX gaming machine can be built that is similar in size. It is not easy to do it right.

You must ensure that your components' cooling system and form factor are correctly maintained when you build a gaming desktop. If you don't know what you're doing, it could be a disaster.

How Portable Can the Xbox Series S Be?, Source: Youtube, Marc The Geek

A high-end laptop may be more portable than the Xbox Series X, but it will not offer the same performance. A computer is also limited in terms of upgrade options.

A PC has many portability options, but a console is portable from the beginning. Let's get app reviews if you need info about the comparison.


So, which one do you prefer? Xbox Series X, Gaming PC? If you want to play 4K games on a console, the Xbox Series X is a great choice. If you're looking for an upgrade, more fun, and a multi-purpose computer, a PC is your best option.

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