2 Strategies to Enhance Game Performance On Your Laptop

The best gaming laptops won't match the performance of a similar-priced gaming desktop. This doesn't mean you shouldn't play the latest games. It's more that it puts additional pressure on you to make sure that your computer is designed to play games. On desktop computers, you can upgrade your hardware. Laptop users have fewer options for upgrading. So, what do you do to boost the performance of your laptop? What can you do to improve the performance of your computer to play games? Here are 2 tips to maximize your gaming laptop setup for Windows.

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1. Make sure that your laptop is free of dust and clean to improve gaming performance

Are you interested in knowing what you can do to improve the game experience of your computer but don't have the necessary technical knowledge? Make sure you clean it.

Dirt and dust are the adversaries to performance. These particles can impede airflow, resulting in the computer becoming excessively hot.

This won't result in an efficient gaming machine.

How to CLEAR All Cache in Windows 10 to Improve Performance & Speed Up ANY PC!, Source: Youtube, Panjno 

The laptop you have is likely sealed. If it's not, then opening it could invalidate the warranty. The best solution is to employ certain cleaning methods that are very specific.

However, it's not only the laptop's vents that you have to be sure to keep clean. If you're using your keyboard frequently (an essential part of PC gameplay), it's crucial to make sure there's not any dust, food, or any other thing that could create sticky keys.

To have the best gaming experience, you shouldn't have an unclean screen either.

2. How to upgrade your laptop to boost gaming performance

New hardware installation is the best solution to speed up your computer to play. But what are you able to upgrade?

Laptops are infamously unupgradable. Three components are upgradeable.

Control automatic updates for games as well as the operating system.

How to Upgrade and Optimize Your Gaming Laptop, Source: Youtube, Hardware Canucks 

Update and set up Steam

Change the texture and shader settings.

On desktop computers, upgrading your hardware may significantly impact gaming. As laptop users, you're only limited. There is no way to boost your video card and processor on most laptop computers. This is why these ten suggestions are crucial to improving gaming performance.


If you're not satisfied, then check out the specific Windows game performance page for additional information. If that's not enough, consider streaming games via the cloud of a game server.

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