4 Features set to disappear from future Smartphones

Are the next-generation phones feature physical buttons or even a charging port? From battery packs that can be removed to charging ports for headphones to headphone sockets, companies have removed the functions of their smartphones. It's either to replace them with better options or implement their innovative business strategies. In addition to the features we've lost thus that point, there are more which we could lose shortly also. This article will go over four of these features and the impact their absence has on consumers. We'll also look at when these features could disappear and how their replacements will be compensated.

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1. Front Camera Cutout

Like replacing the home button with touchscreen controls, an under-display version will also substitute for the front camera.

Hide The Galaxy S10's Front Camera Cutout (Virtual Bezel), Source: Youtube, Jimmy is Promo

The great news is that we've seen this technology in the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The downside is that it's simply not yet good enough. In the end, if cameras are placed below the display and cannot let the same amount of light and thus reduces image quality. If you take many selfies, don't look at cameras with under-display displays. At the moment, at most. The technology will need two or three generations before it can be like regular front cameras.

2. Wired Charging Port

The charging port that is wired is in the process of being removed as well, and we believe Apple will release it could be the initial to eliminate it to promote the company's MagSafe chargers. With wireless charging technology becoming more efficient each year, it's now easier to advocate it.

As of the moment, it is still in the snare compared to the wired charge because of its inefficiency and price. If these two issues are addressed, wired charging will always be the preferred choice. Certain phones support excellent wireless charging speed, such as the OnePlus 10 Pro, which is fantastic news; however, the technology isn't fully developed yet.


Additionally, we've seen companies demonstrate wireless charging, also known as Air Charging, as Xiaomi calls it. While its idea is revolutionary, this technology is more expensive than standard wireless charging in terms of effectiveness.

This is why we're not too confident about the charging port that is wired being taken away soon; however, three years is an appropriate time frame for alternatives to move forward. If Apple decides to remove the port earlier, it is a good bet that all other players do the same shortly following.

3. Physical Buttons

There's a reason we're still not yet out of the use of physically-based volume buttons as well as the power button: They're excellent. Their function is straightforward but crucial; however, replacing them with touchscreen controls is a risk.

If, for example, your on-screen volume buttons malfunction or are accidentally activated within your pocket, they could result in fluctuation in volume. You shouldn't be wearing headphones during that time because this small occurrence could be shocking and could cause temporary loss of hearing in extreme cases.

Physical Buttons Are Still Important, Source: Youtube, Smarter Home Life

 If this happens with the power button that appears on the screen, your phone may switch on and off without warning and disrupt your workflow gaming, media consumption, or whatever else you're engaged in using your phone.

However, this issue isn't too difficult to resolve; you could program the software to avoid accidental touchpoints and use sensors that sense pressure. We've seen various designs that use this technology which suggests that there's a decent possibility that this technology will be able to compete with regular phones in four years.

4. Free Back Cover and Additional Extras

This one's a little silly but worth mentioning. After the chargers and earphones, It seems that the TPU back cover, which is free and used on many Android phones, is being removed out of the box as well. It's a shame because removing another valuable item can aggravate the unboxing experience overall.

I've Never Liked An iPhone Case More..., Source: Youtube, DailyTekk

You're right to be worried about the day that you get to look inside the box and find nothing inside, except for that phone. No charger, earphones, back cover, SIM ejector tool, cable, and nothing. It's just a primary user's manual that nobody ever reads. The purchase of a new smartphone is a much less enjoyable experience due to the reductions.


Many times smartphones can innovate in surprising ways. Although some compromises may be required to enhance your experience, other sacrifices are simply tactics that companies develop to increase the amount of money they earn. As a knowledgeable customer, it's up to you to judge whether these top features are worth the price.

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