The ways to make money for iOS apps

App developers make their apps to make money. While some apps require money before downloading, some are free, meaning that they can be downloaded for free. From statistics, free apps dominate iOS apps, but the bigger question is, how do these apps generate money, be it free or purchased. If you plan to develop an iOS app and don't know how to monetize it, the article will help you. Through it, you will learn about iOS app monetization strategies.

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Conditions for monetization for iOS apps

Just like youtube and other websites, there are conditions that iOS app need to meet before developers start monetizing the apps. Therefore, if you are an iOS app developer that wants to monetize your app, you should ensure that your app is ready for monetization by ensuring that it meets the conditions.

Conditions for monetization for iOS appsConditions for monetization for iOS apps, Source:

Besides that, you should understand how the app works, user behavior, and market trends.

UX and UI

This is the user experience or user interface. How friendly is your app to its users? You have to consider that because if your app has a poor user experience, few people will use it, and some delete it almost immediately after downloading. Even if the app has a great idea or is helpful, it would not do well in monetization if it is hard to navigate through it. So, before monetizing the app, ensure that its design, user interface, and experience are excellent, intuitive, and easy to use on mobile. If you are designing it on a computer, you should have a mobile device in mind because not every user will have a computer.

Onboarding process

Consider the difficulties a user might experience after downloading the app. This also involves setting up or creating an account, but it also requires taking the first interface into account. Here you should keep in mind that people will look for an alternative if they find your app not intuitive.

Bugs and glitches

For successful monetization of your app, ensure that it is working hundred percent correctly. Although minor flaws and glitches are inevitable, bigger issues can make the app unusable. In addition, a buggy app can drive away even loyal customers, so ensure that the app works as required before starting monetizing it.

How to make money for iOS app

After ensuring that your iOS app is monetization and market-ready, look for different app monetization strategies. Here are the most common ones

Although there are paid apps, free apps are the most popular and even more profitable than the latter. So if your app is free, here are the ways you can make money out of it.

Free app; In-app purchases

This allows users to make purchases from within the app. Furthermore, with the monetization feature, you can sell different types of items.

Free app in-app PurchaseFree app in-app Purchase, OkCupid app, Source:

For instance, for gaming-designed apps, there are two major types of purchases to make. 

Free app

Completely free apps are trial or feature-limited versions of the app developers

Free appThe free app, app iMovie, Source:

The free versions reach users quickly and easily, branding the application faster.


In this, users will only download your app if they have paid for it. In this strategy, users will have only to pay once to download the app, and all other updates and features come free.

iOS Paid appPaid app, VS-Visual Synthesizer, Source:

However, you will have to design a compelling app worth being paid for downloading as tons of other apps can perform the same function.

Difference between the paid app and free app

A free app is an app in which sales Force security review won't cost the developer any money, and users can install it for free. A paid app, on the other hand, a developer can control the license, and so the user will have to purchase it through a payment portal before downloading it.

How to make money

 How to make money for iOS app

How to make money for iOS app, Source:

Consumable items

These are items that a user can use within the app, like digital currencies and health points.

Non-consumable items

These are items that can permanently be used, like maps or new games.

In the app, purchases can boost user engagement rates and have them glued on the screen for long hours. This monetization strategy involves blending native app store payment because the app store also charges some percentage on every purchase.

Ads in the app

Adds in the app are the number one source of revenue for most apps, especially free apps. Under this strategy, there are three significant types of ad revenue for developers to consider: Cost per a thousand compression, cost per click, and cost per action. Free app developers prefer CPM because it is not restrictive on users clicking developer to earn.

Monetize in-app purchases

You can monetize in-app purchases for your free app. You can do so by allowing users to buy products and services within the app. This can be the procurement of implicit items available on the app. For instance, in a gaming app, the developer can design an app so that the user will need to make an in-app purchase to unlock more levels.

Buy and sell real money and virtual products.

You can monetize your free app by selling merchandise through it. Sell merchandise related to the app's niche. For example, you can buy and sell real money and other virtual products.

Sales, service, and transactions

The other way to monetize your app is by offering services and making sales. Moreover, if your app belongs to the marketplace section, where users transact money, you can charge transaction fees. This does not include e-commerce apps only but also meal ordering apps, hotel and flight booking apps, etc.

Freemium and Subscription


The Freemium model allows users to use a free app with basic features with no restrictions.

lingua leo premiumLingualeo Premium, Source:

However, users will have to pay some fees monthly or annually to access advanced features or rich app versions. 


App developers can make money on free apps by using paid subscriptions. However, for best results, the app should have higher engagement like an education app, video streaming app, or productivity.

Platforms to run ads

IOS apps can take great chances to make money through ads. App developers only need to design the apps to enable displays for other commercial information such as affiliate marketing and advertising. Advertising products for others can be one way to generate income for iOS platforms, as once ads are displayed on their apps, they get paid. Ads pay through what is referred to as pay-per-click, meaning once the app users click on ads when displayed, the app developer earns money. Still, when the iOS user installs such ads like the advertised apps, app developers get revenue.

Platforms to run adsPlatforms to run ads, Source:

Again, iOS app developers can run their apps as ads to other online platforms. Once the users in those platforms click iOS products displayed on their devices, there is income generation to the app owners. Such iOS ads product-like apps can be installed, which increases the chances for such iOS apps to make money. If you are an iOS app developer and need to advertise your app product, here are the best platforms to run ads.

However, payment through ads can be easy but also challenging if you have not monetized your app for ads.

Minimum cost to start monetizing each iOS apps

The cost for Monetizing iOS apps can differ from one app to the other due to several factors. For example, you may be required to purchase some tools or hire experts to do work, of which their charges differ. Therefore, there is no exact cost that can be figured to be minimum or maximum to start monetizing an iOS app.

Please start with small costs first, after you see the effectiveness, invest yourself in professional tools to promote your application. Step by Step. Persevere and you will succeed!!!

Designing apps for business

 Designing apps for business is a great idea that helps iOS apps generate money. Here, App developers choose to develop apps that serve business activities and get paid. For example, Zoom for iOS devices generates money by offering meetings for different individuals.


It is not simple to make money with an iOS app, but you can be better if you have a solid strategy. For higher returns, build a solid plan based on your understanding of your target audience and the type of app you've created. The above ways will grant you an excellent way to monetize your iOS app while keeping your users engaged and loyal.

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