5 Methods to Fix Screen Resolutions that aren't Accessible Setting on Windows

Sometimes Windows stops users from accessing display resolution options, but do not worry for a moment. Try these tips to resolve the issue. It can be quite a hassle to notice that your resolution settings suddenly go grayed out. How do you resolve this problem and restore settings for screen resolution? In this post, we'll guide you through seven simple ways to fix difficult-to-access screen resolution settings.

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1. Upgrade or Reinstall Display Drivers

Unaccessible screen resolution settings for your screen usually result from damaged or incompatible display drivers. This means that you'll need to either update or install the display drivers to address this problem.

Here are the steps to update your display driver:

Use the combination of Win + the X key to start The Quick Access Menu.

Choose the Device Manager from the available options.

Double-click on the Display adapters option to extend it.

Right-click on your Windows display adapter and then select update driver.

How To Update Your Display Driver In Windows 10 - [2021 Tutorial], Source: Youtube, TechFixIT

Then, choose to search automatically for the most current driver programs. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to complete the procedure.

If you're still having trouble solving the issue, you can try installing your monitor adapters. Here's how:

Start the Quick Access Menu and Device Manager following the steps before.

To expand the display adapters, click on the right-click of the PC's display adapter and choose to uninstall the device.

Choose to open the "Action" tab in the upper-left corner, and then select Scan for changes to the hardware. Start your computer to make the changes.

2. Make use of Windows Troubleshooters

One of the best methods to deal with Windows issues is to utilize integrated troubleshooters. If this error occurs caused by system maintenance issues, it is possible to run the Troubleshooter for System Maintenance. However, if you're facing hardware-related matters, you can use the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter could assist.

Let's take a look at ways to use the System Troubleshooter for Maintenance to resolve this problem:

Use the Win + R Win+R keys to start the Run command dialog box.

Type msdt.exe -id MaintenanceDiagnostic and then press Enter to run the System Maintenance troubleshooter.

Next, select Next, select the Advanced option and check the Repairs automatically apply box.

PC Troubleshooting: Basic Troubleshooting Techniques, Source: Youtube, Britec09 

Next, click Next and finish the procedure by following the screen instructions.

If System Maintenance does not resolve the issue, consider using this hardware and Devices troubleshooter. Here's how:

Enter the word Settings into the Windows search bar and select the most appropriate match.

Click Update and Security and then click Troubleshoot on the left-hand side pane.

3. Repair or install or repair the Microsoft Visual C++ Programs

If these libraries are not functioning or damaged and your device is not functioning correctly, it may encounter various problems. In this instance, the issue could be due to these programs.

In this case, fixing or reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++ programs can resolve the inaccessible screen resolution issue.

These are steps to fixing Microsoft Visual C++: Microsoft Visual C++ software:

Use the keys Win + R Win and R to start the Run command dialog box.

Right-click on every Microsoft Visual C++ program and choose "Change."

How to Fix Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 - 2019 Redistributable Setup Failed Error 0x80240017, Source: Youtube, MDTechVideos International

Choose Repair on the pop-up window. Then, follow the on-screen instructions and reboot your device to save these modifications.

If this isn't enough to resolve the issue, you can try reinstalling your Microsoft Visual C++ applications using these steps:

Start the Run command dialog box and the windows Programs and Features window, as per the steps before.

Right-click each Microsoft Visual C++ program and then click to uninstall it...

After that, you can install The Microsoft Visual C++ applications on Microsoft's Website. Microsoft Website.

Follow the instructions on the screen and then turn off your device after you have completed it.

4. Uninstall Recently Installed Updates

In this case, it is necessary to deinstall the updates to resolve the issue. Make sure to backup to your devices before proceeding with these steps.

If not, here's how you can deinstall Windows updates:

Enter "Settings" into the Windows search bar and select the most appropriate match.

Choose the Update and security option.

Uninstall Windows Update - Undo the last Windows Update, Source: Youtube, mmk

Choose from the Windows Update selection on the left side pane on the following window. Then, click View history of updates from the side panel on your right.

Hit the uninstall update button on the top.

Your device will show the list of all available Windows updates. Choose the one you wish to get rid of and click uninstall. Follow the instructions on-screen to finish the procedure.

5. Update Windows

Recently installed Windows updates can be the cause of the problem. However, it's not always the scenario. In other cases, you could run into this error because your system requires to be upgraded.

If you upgrade your device, it brings up the most current capabilities that help to combat security issues or system issues. In this scenario, the Update could aid in removing the unaccessible screen resolution settings error.

Here are the steps to update the operating system on your Windows device:

How to Update Your Windows 10 Laptop - Update Drivers - Update Process - HP Display, Source: Youtube, PC Monkey 

Enter the word Settings into the Windows search bar and select the most appropriate match.

Choose the Update and Security option, and after that, click Windows Update on the left-hand side pane.

Next, click on the "Check for Updates" button in the right-hand side pane. Finalize the procedure by following the instructions on the screen.


Unaccessible screen resolution settings could be quite a hassle. If neither of these approaches resolves the issue, you could try one of the other methods we've discussed.

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