Push notifications - The best methods to implement mobile apps for 2022

In this article, you'll get the top tips to follow to improve your game or mobile application's push notifications and keep more players. Making these notifications more personal and utilizing the message type is crucial to push notifications. 

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Push notifications: What are they?

Let's begin with the basics. Then we'll explore the nature of push notifications. They are short and entertaining messages sent to those who have signed up to receive these types of statements even if they're inactive on the application to get them to interact with it and increase engagement and retention.

Push Notifications: What are they and how do I send them? Source: Youtube, ParivedaInterns

Most push notifications are delivered to mobile phones and tablets, but they may be sent to desktops or smartwatches.

Effective practices for creating push notifications

For your push notifications to become as efficient as possible, here are the top practices we suggest you adhere to when creating the strategy to communicate for your mobile application or game.

Small users and generic messages samples

If you're only starting with your engagement plan, it is recommended to start with simple messages to gauge the impact of your notes on your users and the first reaction. We would also advise you not to go to mass messages to the entire database. Instead, you should try different segments, groups, and types of users to be in a position to understand and compare the various reactions and actions generated by the act.

Users segments

Another suggestion is to begin by making a basic and easy segmentation. We'll take your gender and age and other vital behaviors that our customers exhibit as the basis. All segmentation criteria have to be focused on the goals we wish to accomplish or the choices we would like our users to take in the application.

User Segmentation in UX Design | What is User Segmentation in User Experience Design, Source: Youtube, ImaginXP

Modify the message to suit the segments of the users. If possible, the notification must be tailored to the individual receiving it, not just in content, but with the voice and message conveyed. It's not just about the range it is, but also what you say.

Hour and time zone

It is crucial to test various times and days of the week to discover and establish the most suitable time and day for you to send messages via push to customers. We suggest that you start by determining when your app is the most used under Google Analytics statistics.

You'll also need to determine the number of communications you'll be sent by the behavior and reaction of users who receive your messages. If you send too many messages, it could result in users uninstalling the app or deciding not to receive notifications on their phones' settings.

How to calculate duration across time zones, Source: Youtube, ClickView

Additionally, the information you provide must grab the attention of the user. We suggest that push notifications consist of a minimum of 10 words to ensure they can be read thoroughly. They should not contain information not of any value to the recipient. If the push cannot provide something of value to the recipient, the user is very likely to be opened. We suggest using photos, GIFs, and sounds to draw attention and distinguish from other apps.

Push notifications customization

Remember to keep in mind that the greater you can customize the messages you send out in the push notifications, the more significant your impact on the users. We suggest that you include the number of users in the news or other information to make the message more unique since it could increase the up to 1,3-fold open rate.


It is interesting to make the user go to the app section that we would like and what he will expect to be able to access it by clicking on the notification. It is likely to increase the rate of conversion to the desired goal.

What is Deep Linking?, Source: Youtube, Ask A Dev

It is crucial to assess the impact of the push and the interactions made by users to gather information. This will help you analyze, alter, and modify your strategy for engagement and communication to your customers' needs.

User behavior

Related to segmentation, it is essential to be aware of the responses to the ads you've sent. If a user clicks on an email that entices him to do something not what he does, you don't want to make the same push.

Deep dive on User Behavior Techniques in Google Analytics 4 Properties, Source: Youtube,  Google Analytics

If you spot an active user using the app, you must alter the message and interact with the person differently. However, suppose certain users don't respond to advertisements. In that case, you have to analyze their behavior within this app (analysis of incidents) and attempt to determine (testing various communication) the kind of stimuli that generates positive results and you.

Push Notifications Strategy

It is essential to understand the data in your database to move to segmentation of names, ages, gender, activity sessions, operating systems, events response to campaigns, and more. By knowing this data, you'll be able to develop your communication and engagement strategy by adjusting the tone and message of your messages to the distinct user segments that you have identified.

Mobile World Congress 2017 | Push Notification Strategy, Source: Youtube, MoCo Moments

We suggest that you start with a lower frequency of sending, for instance, each week once. You can also begin with the general push announcement, such as simple items to purchase within the app, to create the most efficient possible.

Then, after analyzing the actions and effectiveness of the message, you can identify the most frequent users, those who most readily respond to your messages, and those who require stimulation slightly or otherwise.

Four methods to set up push notifications

Time-based scheduling

In this way, push notifications are delivered regularly, but at a single point or infrequently (once each Friday, for instance). This means that you can inform your users about new developments or inform them about an event scheduled to occur regularly.

Action-based scheduling

Send push notifications in line with the actions taken by users, for instance, an order confirmation or the payment made in the financial app. In this way, you can send appropriate messages that can be tailored to every user's specific needs.

Quick Start Guide to Push Notifications Ads, Source: Youtube, Tomek B W


Sent-time optimized scheduling

Notify users who are most likely to interact with you, for example, 7 am. for those who are up early, ensure that they receive the push notification and increase the likelihood of interacting with it.

API-triggered scheduling

Connecting to an API from outside or push notifications that aren't dependent on user actions in the app, however, but on information from outside like localizations are possible to send.


In essence, you must examine all your information on your users' behavior within the application. From there, you'll be required to create your retention strategy and collect feedback via push notifications to prevent the app from being uninstalled and users not installing the app.

To accomplish this, you must consider the tips that we provided in this article, like segmentation and the date and time for sending push notifications, the appeal of your message, the depth of hyperlinks... And most importantly, try various push notifications until you discover what gives out the most significant advantages. So your push notifications need to be tested, and you'll have to review every message you send to your app.

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