6 Google Chrome Tips That Will Increase Your Productivity

Google Chrome is the world's most used web browser. Are you making use of these tricks to make your browsing more efficient? Have you ever thought that you could make use of Google as a text editor, timer as well as a currency converter? Also, can you include quotation marks or other symbols for more precise results? You could also opt to search for specific websites using your browser directly. Google Chrome is quite a remarkable tool in its own right. However, you can boost your productivity to a new height with the suggestions listed below. In particular, you could create tab groups and make sure you are checking your grammar as you compose. Want to know more? Here are seven Google Chrome tips to skyrocket your productivity.

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1. Turn Google Chrome Into a Text Editor

There are a few exceptions; however, most note-taking applications will require the user to launch a separate window within the taskbar. This isn't always the case, mainly if you're working in a hurry.

How to use Google Chrome as a Text Editor? | chrome as text editor | MdCreator, Source: Youtube, Md-Creater

One option is to utilize Google Chrome as a text editor. Open a new browser tab and copy and paste data: text/HTML, in the address into the address.

After that, you can cut and paste it into the Microsoft Word document or whatever text editor you usually use. You can also try these accessible note-taking programs, which work offline.

2. You can search for a specific site.

A more straightforward method to search for specific sites is to enter the website: website.com + keyword into the search bar. The first results will likely contain journal articles, articles, or blog entries published on the website in question.

Let's say that you have to create a white paper about entrepreneurship. If you search for website: forbes.com business ideas into the search box, you'll see a plethora and dozens of outcomes from Forbes. It's that easy!

3. Get reliable sources for school or Work Projects

When you're writing your white paper or report, it's not a good idea to use Men's Health as a source. Yes, the data is excellent; however, your instructor or supervisor expects you to find more trustworthy sources.

In general, it is recommended to use public databases, peer-reviewed publications, and educational libraries to conduct research. It is also possible to get information from professional associations or government agencies. These sources might not show up on the first page of Google results.

Then next, substitute "keyword" with a more relevant search word.

Writing Videos for Kids: How to Evaluate Sources for Reliability, Source: Youtube, Teaching Without Frills

If, for instance, you're writing a research paper about the effects of remote work, you can search site:*. Edu "remote work" or site:*. Edu "telecommuting" into the search bar. The first results contain data from research and academic institutions. Centers.

If you enter site:*, gov "remote job" into the search bar, you'll find details from federal agencies. Also, you can look up site:*.org "remote work" to find private and public organizations which you can use as an information source.

4. Convert directly in your Search Bar in Your Browser

Although there are a lot of websites that offer unit conversions, the reality is that you don't require these. Open a new tab within Google Chrome and type in the information you'd like to convert to units of measurement to currencies.

For instance, if you enter "5 meters" into your browser's search bar, Google will automatically make the conversion into centimeters, millimeters, inches, or other measurement units. Additionally, you can type an alternative number or select various measurements, for example, speed or pressure, by selecting a dropdown menu.

Similar to this, you can use Google to convert currencies or perform calculations. Just enter "10 euro," "5 degrees Celsius," or "50 miles" to convert directly in the search bar.

5. Utilize Google Chrome as a Timer or Stopwatch

Have you considered your hand at the Pomodoro method? This method of managing time breaks down your work into 25-minute segments. You'll take a 5-minute break between each session and then a more extended break after your work session has been completed five times.

This approach is intended to keep you from distractions and concentrate on the task in front of you. Consider it as an opportunity to organize and ensure that every minute counts.

How To Use A Free Countdown Timer and Stopwatch in Google Chrome, Source: Youtube, 8482 Media

If you choose to use the Pomodoro-based timer, then you need to either download the app or open a new page in your browser. Another more convenient option is to use Google as a stopwatch or timer. Stopwatch.

Type " stopwatch" or " timer" into your search bar, choose the number of hours or minutes, and then click to start.

6. Save open tabs

Have you shut down your tabs? Perhaps you chose to close your browser to go back to work after work. If you do, you'd be spending time.

One solution to the issue is to download Session Buddy, a Chrome extension that lets you save and restore open tabs. With this extension, you can keep many tabs and open them when needed.

For instance, if you're researching to complete a project for work, it's possible to stop and switch off your computer without losing your tabs. Additionally, you can save the tab groups you want to save as you'd like and then return to them at a later time.

How to save all open Tabs in Chrome, Source: Youtube, AsoftClick

Another alternative could be to save all opened pages and then restore them as required. Follow these steps:

Select the Google menu button on the right side at the top of your page.

Choose the Bookmarks beneath the History along with downloads.

Click the Bookmark button on all tabs. The Chrome program will then create a new folder for each page.

Select a name to your folder, and then click "Save."

In the future, you'll access your bookmarks and then access the files that you have saved within your file folder.

Utilize Google Chrome to Its Full Potential

The following Google Chrome tips can free your time and help you to keep track of your time. Chrome can also be used to make reservations for flights, search for specific words, search archives of news, and keep track of packages.

Look into Google Chrome extensions or sign to Google Workspace to discover more features. The latter can facilitate remote working and collaboration. Utilize it to share ideas for projects, hold video-based meetings, edit documents for the team, and more.


And what do you think? We hope these tips will help you, thank you!

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