How to submit iOS apps to the App Store

You've worked on your app for days and months and is now ready, it is time now to set it free and distribute it to the world. However, are you aware that posting an app to the app store is not a walk to the park? But you should not worry as it is not complicated as most people might think. App submission is often a reconsideration but ensuring that you post it on the App Store in the right way is important as it ensures publication and attracts users to download it. Whether you are going to post your first app or have taken time before posting, the article will give you every detail of what you need for a successful submission

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Conditions for iOS apps to be uploaded to the App Store

 Submitting an app to the App Store can be a gratifying experience but it is easier said than done. While submitting an app can bring more rewards, the process has a lot of challenges. Most app rejections done on the Apple stores are due to a lack of compliance with the guidelines for posting an app. 

Conditions for iOS apps to be uploaded to the App Store

Conditions for iOS apps to be uploaded to the App Store, Source:

To avoid your app being rejected, you need to adhere to the apple conditions for iOS apps, for your app to be accepted on the app store.

The steps to submit iOS apps to the App Store

After ensuring that you have complied with the Apple guidelines for app development, you can now start the process of submitting your app to the app store.

The steps to submit iOS apps to the App Store

The steps to submit iOS apps to the App Store, Source:

 Here are the detailed Steps to submit iOS apps to App Store:

Step 1: Signup for the Apple Developer program

For you to be granted permission to the App Store, you will have to enroll in the Apple developer program. This is the first and important step and you can’t continue with the process without complying with it. Signing up means getting a membership and it only costs ninety-nine dollars. The step will give you a lot of benefits like

Permission to post apps on the App Store on all Apple programs

Gain access to beta Apple software versions

Get testing tools like TestFlight

If you wish to develop apps for AppStore, it is worth it to sign up and also remember that, you will need to renew your membership annually to avoid having your apps removed from the App store.

Step 2: Prepare your app for submission

Preparing your app for submission involves ensuring that it complies with App Store guidelines. You need to take it through app certification before it becomes live on the Apple App Store. Certification means giving it to a person who tests it and ensures it adheres to the guidelines before it is accepted for uploading. Besides following the guidelines, test the app and fix any bugs or crashes available.

Step 3: Create App store booking through App Store connect

To do this, you need to log in to Appstore connect, go to My Apps, and select the “+” selection to develop a new app. If you are renewing an already existing app, follow the same steps but instead of creating a new app, select an existing app. You will be required to fill in your app’s information, its name, description, category audience minimum age, support URL, and privacy policy.

Step 4: Create your apple store screenshots

You need to make the App Store screenshots as required by the App Store. There are different ways you can use to accomplish this, you can use raw screenshots, use a mockup template, or use an app store screenshot generator. Upload the screenshots that you have generated by simply going back to the app store listing.

Step 5: Publish your app on Appstore connect via Xcode

Before you publish, ensure your app should run properly and be error-free. You should also have your team and signing information set up in Xcode. With the Xcode, you will not submit profiles or certificates because it will create them by itself. Now create a full app archive by selecting Generic iOS Device from the list.

Go to protect, then click on the archive and let it bundle your app. Once done, the archive window will open and you can now control all archives. After that, select the archive and pick on Distribute app. Select the method of distribution as iOS App Store and wait as it goes over several validations and checks. If nothing is found wrong with the archive, the upload process will commence. When complete, a final window is written “congratulations” will pop up.

Step 6: Submit for review

Finally submit your app for review but remember you will answer a couple of questions on what your app is about. If the app is rejected, you will be required to make necessary amendments before you try to submit it again. If it is approved, bravo, then your app is on the App Store, you can view your sales, reviews, rating and downloads directly from App store connect.

How to Manage iOS Apps in App Store Connect

In the App Store, the App Store Connect is found in My Apps, where modification of information can be done right there, for example, the Promotional Text. In addition, some other information can be managed by updating, like the app's new versions and their prices.

You can also manage the In-App purchases and all promotions through the App Store, check promo codes, and do encryption for apps.

Using TestFlight to manage the testing of the beta version can create good results. You can initiate several members of up to twenty-five to test the app version and about 10,000 users from outside your team to test the app version.

Instructions to update the version for the iOS application

Updating an iOS app on the Apple App Store is just a simple way. You can do the following;

Using iTunes Connect, log in to your iTunes Connect active account.

update the version for the iOS applicationUpdate the version for the ios application steps 2,3,4,5, Source:

Tap on the "Apply your changes."

On the "What's New in this Version text box", input the description. See an example here

update the version for the ios application step 8

Update the version for the ios application steps 8, Source:

Tap on " Edit" for your app update rating, then tap "Done." as shown here 

update the version for the ios application step 9Update the version for the ios application steps 9, Source:

Through Mac PC, submit the app's binary file. See an example here 

update the version for the ios application step 10Update the version for the ios application steps 9a, Source:

After the binary file has uploaded successfully, tap on "+" and ''Build" and upload updated "build."

Choose the relevant or right build the click " Done." See the example here

update the version for the ios application step 11Update the version for the ios application steps 10, Source:

Tap "Submit for Review"

After "Submit for Review", choose the following:

For Export Compliance, select "No."

For Content Rights, select "No."

Advertising Identifier, select "Yes."

Choose "Attribute this app installation to the previously served advertisement."

For license agreement, select "Accept."

 update the version for the ios application step 11Update the version for the ios application steps 12-13, Source:

Click "Submit". See the example here


App publishing process to the Apple App Store might seem intricate at the start but with the article, everything is now under control. The solution to making your uploading process to be faster is to prepare the required resources like app screenshots, test accounts, privacy URLs, and promotional texts and graphics earlier.

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