7 Strategies to fix your Windows Miracast Tool when it does not work

Below are some possible reasons Windows Miracast Tool could be causing problems for you

  • Suppose your device isn't Miracast support. To use Miracast, you have first to verify that both devices can use this program. We'll look deeper into this at a later date.
  • The graphic driver might be disabled or broken: Miracast is dependent on graphics adapters. If the drivers aren't functioning correctly or don't function properly, you're likely to have issues when using Miracast.
  • The Wi-Fi network you are using is experiencing issues. You require an internet connection to connect to Miracast. 
  • It's because of corrupted system files on your device. An infected Windows file could be the cause of this problem.

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1. Check if your device supports Windows Miracast Tool

Before investigating any fixes for troubleshooting, ensure that your devices are MiraCast capable.

Here's how to tell the compatibility of your Windows hardware is compatible MiraCast:

Utilize your keys Windows and P to launch the display wirelessly. Win and P will allow you to enable your wireless settings. Displays. Let's check your device support by reading how to buy google play installs.

How to check if PC supports Miracast Wi-Fi Direct Display, Source: Youtube, Brainers Technology

Check for the message inside the window that opens. The device that you're using isn't MiraCast compatible if the statement says, " Your device isn't able to support the wireless use of your display." However, your computer is MiraCast compatible if the news is " Connect to a wireless display. "

For other gadgets, it's possible to find out if your devices can be MiraCast compatible through research.

2. Make Wi-Fi available on both Devices

To utilize MiraCast, You need to connect your devices to the Internet. T

Once you're done, ensure that the device you're using is also connected to the Internet.

3. Upgrade or Reinstall Network Drivers 

Corrupted or incompatible network drivers might be the cause of issues using MiraCast. To solve the problem, upgrade or install the device's network driver.

Here's how you can make changes to the driver to work with your new network:

Use the Win and the key X to open the Quick Access Menu.

Select the device manager from the options.

Select to open the choice Network adapters option, click right-click on the computer's router, and select to update the driver.

How to fix miracast not supported on this device issue in windows 10, Source: Youtube, CAPS TV

Click to automatically search for the most current driver programs on the following screen. Follow the instructions on-screen to finish the process.

If you're having problems, if you're experiencing issues, you can try reinstalling Your network adapters by following these steps:

Begin by opening the Quick Access Menu and Device Manager following the steps before.

In the network adapters option, select the right-click on your PC's connection to the network and choose to uninstall the device...

Then, click next to the next step, click the tab, and select Scan for any modifications to the computer's hardware. After this, restart your computer to make the modification.

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4. Upgrade or Reinstall Display Drivers

Alongside broken network adapters, The issue could be caused by a faulty driver for display. You can resolve the issue by updating or reinstalling the driver for your production on the device.

Windows Miracast ToolWindows Miracast Tool, Source: Proreviewsapp

Here's how to improve to HTML0: Upgrade your display driver:

  • Utilize Win + X and then choose the device Manager in the drop-down menus.
  • Double-click on the screen adapters, right-click on your computer's display adapter and select upgrade your driver.
  • Then click Automatically search for up-to-date driver software, then follow the steps on the screen.

If the problem persists If the issue continues to stay, then you should try reinstalling the adapters for screens by following the following steps:

  • Begin using the device manager, then expand the Network adapters option under the steps that preceded it.
  • Right-click on the computer's network adapter and remove the device.
  • Click on The tab, and then choose Scan for hardware changes. Restart your computer to apply the modifications.

5. Run Windows' Troubleshooters to install Windows Miracast Tool

If this problem is due to a problem with the Internet, the Internet Connections troubleshooter may aid. However, when the problem is a hardware issue, then the Hardware, as well as the device's troubleshooter, could assist.

We'll discuss the ways you can use this Troubleshooter to troubleshoot your Internet Connections:

Type "Settings" into the Windows search bar and choose the most appropriate matching.

Click for additional tools to troubleshoot at the end of this page.

Easy Fix - Miracast Not Working Windows 10, Source: Youtube, MDTechVideos 

Next, select the option, then the Internet Connections Troubleshooter, and click to run the Troubleshooter.

If this doesn't resolve the issue, try this Troubleshooter for hardware and devices using these instructions:

Start the Troubleshoot settings window by following the steps previously described.

Go to the Hardware and Troubleshooter for Devices and then select to run the troubleshooter icon. 

6. Utilize the SFC and DISM tools.

If you're struggling to solve the issue, you might have a corrupted system file. If this is the case, you should solve the problem by fixing the corrupted or missing files with the DISM and SFC instruments.

Let's first explore how to run this tool: Dist tool:

  • Use the keys Win+R to open with the Run command dialogue window.
  • Enter the Command Prompt and hit CTRL + Enter + Shift to show a raised Command Prompt.
  • Input the Command below, and then press the enter key to reveal:
  • ScanHealth / DISM Online/Cleanup-Image/ScanHealth
  • Allow the scanning to finish. After that, you can type the following Command and press the enter key:
  • DISM / Online /Cleanup-Image/restorehealth
  • After the Scan is complete After the Scan has been completed, you must restart your device to save any changes.
  • Then you can use your SFC scan using these instructions:
  • Enter the following Command, and then Enter
  • SFC scan now

Be sure to hold off until the process is complete, after which you can close Your Command Prompt. Then restart your device to save the changes. For detailed instructions, you can buy Google reviews to have more info.

7. Update Windows to install Windows Miracast Tool

The software update for the Windows device is among the best ways to resolve problems with your system. This will allow you to utilize the latest technologies to ensure your device functions smoothly. If you are experiencing issues, the upgrade of your device could resolve issues related to the MiraCast problem.

Below are some steps needed to update the operating system of the Windows phone:

Input the word"Settings" in the Windows search bar and choose the most relevant search result...

Select the Update and Security tabs, then select Windows Update. Windows Update choice.

How to Update Your Windows 10 PC to the Latest Version of Windows 10, Source: Youtube, MyComputerMan IT Support Services

After that, you can click on the Updates button to verify the option and follow the screen instructions to complete the procedure.

Miracast can be regarded as a secure wireless connectivity tool

Miracast makes it easier to process users to connect the Windows PC and other devices. If you're seeking to cut out the cables used for cables and video, This program is what you need. If you encounter issues with Miracast, you can test one of the alternatives we've listed.


Miracast is an incredible tool. However, it's only applicable if it's working correctly. If it's not functioning, here are a few ways to get it back as standard.

Miracast is a great device that lets you securely connect your Windows PC to other devices. However, it can be frustrating when you attempt to use the application and get an error message saying, "Your smartphone or PC doesn't work with Miracast"

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