4 Mobile Apps for Managing Your Credit

Numerous credit management apps have been released and withdrawn throughout the years. However, these four apps have proven themselves to be reliable options on mobile devices to track and improve your score on credit.

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Credit Karma

Credit Karma Credit Karma app includes several helpful tools to help you manage your credit. Best of all, they're all accessible for absolutely no cost. You can check your credit score and report and receive alerts about your identity and credit monitoring. Additionally, you will receive information about the factors that affect the score of your credit, recommendations to boost your score on credit, and suggestions for credit products that will save you money. 

Instructions for Credit Karma Registration & Evaluation, Source: Youtube, TruFinancials

 It's important to know that the information given is estimated based on data from TransUnion or Equifax report details. Your credit score does not constitute an actual FICO score.

Other features in the app that aren't directly connected to your credit but can be beneficial in general financial management include tax-free filing and the ability to search for unclaimed accounts and even a version for savings. 

Cost: Free

Platform: Android, iOS, Online

Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame is another app that lets you calculate your credit score for free. It gives you a month-long Experian credit score as well as credit monitoring. It provides a summary of your monthly debt payment and displays the total balance of your debts.

Comparatively to Credit Karma's application, the functions and features aren't as extensive. However, it has several tools for homeowners, like a home value estimation calculator and real-time savings tips for mortgages for homes. 

The Credit Building Debit Card - Credit Sesame Credit Builder, Source: Youtube, Naam Wynn 

Remember that what credit score you get via Credit Sesame is not a FICO score.

Cost: Free

Platform: Android, iOS, Online

Debt Planner and Calculator that includes Banking Ledger

Its calculator and debt planner app from KickingLettuce Studios lets you organize and plan your debts, and the most important thing is that it will tell you the time it is required to repay your debt, based on the details of your payment and obligation. The app can now allow you to link your bank accounts and manage your ledgers of banking.

Banking and General Ledger in FrontAccounting - English, Source: Youtube, Spoken-Tutorial IIT Bombay

The base application can handle six debts and calculates the debt repayment upon four strategies. With a one-time purchase of $1.99 allows you to keep track of unlimited debts, connect multiple bank accounts to get access to individual monthly payments, and also turn off advertisements. 

Cost: Free; $1.99 in-app purchase

Platform: Android

Mint Personal Finance & Money

The Intuit Mint mobile application can do much more than just credit management, as it's a more general personal finance application. It collects your bank and credit card transactions and classifies them to quickly and quickly see the places you're spending your money. You'll receive reminders for bills in addition to alerts on balances and spending, as well as notifications about bank charges. 

A Simple Guide to the Mint Budgeting App (How to Budget with Mint.com), Source: Youtube, Shane Hummus

Mint only has access to your account details; the app cannot perform transactions or withdraw money from your account.

Cost: Free

Platform: Android, iOS, Online, Windows

What are the ways that credit monitoring services function?

You can personalize these apps to suit your requirements; however, they regularly perform small checks on your credit score. Based on your settings, you could receive notifications when something interesting happens to your credit report, like an increase or decrease in your credit score or any unusual spending patterns.


Canceling your account using credit monitoring apps is typically as simple as clicking your "cancel" button within the settings of your account. If you cannot locate the form on the internet to use, call customer support and talk to an agent.

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