Top delicious suggestions to Android Nougat

The tips in this article are specifically written to apply to Google's leading Android 7.0 or 7.1 software. Numerous device manufacturers alter the operating system to spin their company on interface and features, which may result in specific components having a different appearance or being completely absent on some devices.

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Nougat 101

Nougat simplifies it more than ever before to switch between applications: Double-tap, the Overview button on your device (the usually rectangular icon next to Home), to toggle between the two most frequently used apps. Think of it as Alt-Tab to use Android.

Android 7.0 Nougat Overview: All Features, No Flaws, Source: Youtube, Android Authority

When we talk about the Overview key, it gets an entirely new feature in Nougat. It is natively compatible with Android and allows you to divide your screen in half and show two apps simultaneously. If you're using an app that's currently open, you can press to hold down the Overview key. Or instead, press it one time to display your most recent apps. Then, press the app, hold it and drag it towards the top to activate an alternate view. If you're ready to switch back to a regular single-app view press, hold down the Overview key to quit the.

Unknown: You can utilize Nougat's split-screen mode to display two Chrome tabs simultaneously. Start a new account in Chrome by pressing and holding the Overview key, then tap the 3-dot icon menu (in the lower-right-hand corner). You will see the option labeled "Move to another window."

A final overview-related tip you probably already know how to remove any application that was recently installed off the listing by sliding it to the right or left. In Nougat, Android also has an inbuilt command to clear all apps in one go (something numerous third-party developers have included in their versions of Android for a while now). Scroll up toward the uppermost part on the Overview list to locate it.6. This will cause compatible apps to show shortcuts to standard features, such as calling a contact you've liked in the Phone app or opening an entirely new browser in Chrome. (If you're running Android 7.1 and not having issues, install and use Google Now Launcher. Google Now Launcher.)

Android Nougat 101Android Nougat 101, Source: Proreviewsapp

Are you looking to navigate between different sections of your system's settings? Nougat comes with a new quick navigation menu specifically for this. Move your finger to the right of the screen or search at the 3-line "hamburger" icon located in the upper left corner to find it.

If you happen to be at your Apps area of the system's settings, be aware that as of Nougat, you can swiftly browse across the entire list of installed applications by dragging your finger downwards to the leftmost part of your screen. This will cause a fast scroll-based letter-driven interface to pop up.

Quick Settings

Its Quick Settings panel on Nougat is a subtle but powerful new feature. First, when you swipe one time downwards at the very top of your screen, you'll see a set of icons with quick access to things like Wi-Fi Bluetooth as well as airplane mode. Clicking any of the icons within that section will turn the relevant function off or on.

When you swipe twice at the very top swipe down with two fingers, you'll see a broader array of more oversized tiles. Clicking an icon within this area will bring more in-depth options for the feature (if the controls are in place).

In any of the sections within the Quick Settings panel, you can press any icon for a long time to take you directly to the area that is associated with your system's full settings.

Quick Settings Tiles (Android Development Patterns S3 Ep 13), Source: Youtube, Android Developers 

Nougat's Quick Settings tiles are fully customizable. Tap the bottom of your screen two times and then press the edit option that could be for the word "Edit" located in the lower right corner or an icon for a pencil in the upper-right corner. Rearrange the icons and add or remove options from the menu.

If you are editing Your Quick Settings, pay particular at which icons you put in the top six positions. The icons in those positions will be shown as quick-access toggles when you view less of a (single-swipe-down) perspective.14. If a company administers your smartphone, look for a section within your Quick Settings that says "Work Mode." It can be toggled between a profile for work that includes work-related apps and settings and a private profile with your apps but not the company apps.

You can also add additional tiles to your Quick Settings through third-party applications. The Weather Quick Settings Tile, for instance, will add the most up-to-date local weather conditions in your phone's settings. Ringer Modes provides the option of just one touch to change your phone's sound profile. (Want even more options? I've compiled a comprehensive list of Android's top Quick Settings extensions.)


The app integrates notifications within Nougat, and, for instance, when you receive, for example, three new email notifications from Gmail, each one will appear within a single notification card in the notification panel. Tap any card to spread it into mini-cards that contain more information. You can also hit any mini-cards to expand it and get access to action-oriented buttons (like commands to archive or reply immediately).

Android - Disable Heads-Up Notifications And Keep The Icons / Sounds on Nougat, Source: Youtube, Geoten

Are you concerned that an app might be not pinging you too often? Hold and press any notifications (or shift the information towards either side, then press the gear icon that appears). This will give you the option of stopping all future messages in the app or stopping them completely.20. Do Not Disturb mode in Android has a new and valuable feature in Nougat. It's the ability to make your phone silent at night, then change your sound to normal once your alarm starts in the morning. To activate it, you must go to the section for sound in your system's settings and then tap "Do not disturb" followed by "Automatic rules." Use the on-screen commands to create an additional rule, and then choose "Time rules" and give it a name that you'd like to. Create the days and times any time you'd like your mobile to remain silent. Once you've done that, ensure that you have to make sure to set the "Do not disturb" setting to either "Alarms only" or "Priority only" and then enable"Alarms can be overridden by end times. "Alarm can override ending time" option.

Advanced options

Stop looking at your eyes! For the wise out there, Nougat introduces a long-overdue opportunity to expand your view of all the content that appears on your screen. Find"Display size" in the "Display size" option on the Display section of your system's settings.

Would you like to increase the size of the fonts on your screen without impacting any other aspect? The Display section in your device's settings offers an additional option named "Font Size."23. If data usage on mobile devices is a problem for you, take a look at Nougat's latest Data Saver mode, which limits the number of data apps can transmit and get (both when they're in the background and when they're active in use). Visit your "Data utilization" part of your system's settings and tap "Data Saver" to get going.

ADVANCED SETTINGS/FEATURES OF 10.or G/10.or E/ NOUGAT, Source: Youtube, Money monster

Parlez-vous plusieurs langues? Android 7.0 as well as 7.1 permits you to select multiple languages as the default system language so that you can switch between languages seamlessly. Look in your Languages & Input section of your system's settings. Choose "Languages" and follow the prompts that appear on the screen for adding new languages to your list of languages.

If you're ever in a situation of emergency, you should ensure that first responders have all the information they need by filling out Nougat's emergency information section. This section places all of your information, from blood types, emergencies, and allergies, on the lock screen of your phone. Go to the Users section in your settings for the form.

Hidden extras

You may not be aware of it by the outside screen; however, Nougat lets you alter the order in which apps are displayed in the Share menu on Android's system level. When you next share something on your smartphone, click and hold on to any application from the list and choose"Pin" from the "Pin" option that appears. This app will always be at the top of your list of Shares. (You can pin other apps as well, and they'll be listed in the alphabetical alphabet at the beginning of the page.)

10 Cool Android Nougat Tricks and Hidden Features, Source: Youtube, Beebom

If you're ever in need of exploring the storage on your phone or manually copying and moving files, you can use Nougat's latest version of its default file manager. Go to the Storage section of your system's settings, and then scroll down to the bottom and tap the unassuming button called "Explore" to start it.

Are you feeling adventurous? Find Android's secret System UI Tuner holding and pressing the gear icon on the upper-right corner on the screen of Quick Settings for about minutes. Once you release the lever and release the button, you'll be able to scroll down to the bottom of your settings to see a new section called System UI Tuner. You'll find options for power-users to tweak aspects like the look of the status bar, along with a complicated five-point system to control the way different kinds of notifications work.


Here are tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Android phone. Hope you can find the information useful

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