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A software developer specializing in creating programs that run on the Android operating system is referred to by an Android Developer. Android is the most popular operating system available on the market. The demand for an Android developer is high because it is a growing field, and the creation of Android applications is increasing. The order of software programmers, including Android developers, is expected to rise by 17% by 2024 as per the Bureau of Labour Statistics. A successful Android developer must possess an array of technical and non-technical capabilities which will allow them to make a successful career in the area that involves Android development.

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Android Developer Resume

Let's examine each of the sections that should be included in the resume, one at a time.

Candidate Information

Contact information for your contact and your social media activity on platforms such as Linkedin, Stackoverflow, Medium, and more should be listed. In this case, you cannot afford to commit mistakes. Many resumes have inaccurate email addresses or phone numbers, making it difficult for the interviewer to relay the results to the applicants. Therefore, before sending your resumes, make sure you double-check the information on your resume. This is why the most critical information section must be placed at the top of your resume. These are the essential elements that you should add to this part:

Candidate Information Webinar, Source: Youtube, NSWelections 

  • Candidate's Name: Do not use nicknames. Use your full, legal name.
  • The profile or job title of the position you're applying for is listed in your headline statement. In this instance, an "android developer" will handle the job.
  • The contact information like your email address as well as telephone numbers.
  • Do you have a great LinkedIn profile? What are your official accounts on social networks? Include your profile's URL to let people know more details about who you are!
  • Add additional information, like the country of origin and year of birth, and current city.

Include a link to your profile on Github for your Android projects or contribute to an open-source initiative. You'll be able to showcase your talents through this method, making your application an impression and increasing your chances of being chosen for future rounds.

The Candidate's Overview

This part of your resume is the one at the top. It's a concise overview of your resume. At this point, recruiters and hiring managers make their decision on whether or not they want to explore the possibility further. In a way that is easy to read, you should summarize your work expertise, experience, and educational background. The information should not be longer than 4-5 lines. The first step is to state the number of years of experience as an Android developer and the role you held in the past at organizations (if relevant). Then, you should state your most important technical skills and, thirdly, list any relevant certifications that are pertinent to your role as a data scientist. The format may be altered.

Employers use the information provided on this page to decide whether or not you're an appropriate match for their business. The objective is to impress the hiring committee so that they feel compelled to examine the most impressive part of your resume and find out more about your skills. Since recruiters are overwhelmed by hundreds of resumes each day, they do not have the time to review every resume submitted by applicants. They spend only an hour or so on every CV, so make sure to take the time to read this section as it's the deciding factor in the likelihood of you getting the job.

Platform Overview For Candidates, Source: Youtube, Ovi Jobs

Are you able to pinpoint what went wrong? If yes, then you're on the right track. Don't fret if you don't know something; we'll get it figured out. These are the guidelines to write an excellent summary:

Instead of giving your abilities an unspecific name, ensure that you identify them appropriately. Becoming clear about your capabilities helps the recruiter determine whether or not you're an ideal candidate for the position.

Incorporate numerical data whenever you can, as it will add weighting.

Please don't make a long list of your capabilities, as they may be left until you get to the following section.

Write down your skills

If you want to become an Android designer, the technical capabilities are crucial. You'll require various programming languages, in addition to APIs. Think about including a section in your resume that is titled "Skills" (or "Technical Skills" that lists the relevant skills you have. This makes it easier for employers to see that you're qualified at a glance. Check out the job advertisement, and ensure that your skills section contains all the information listed in the ad. Naturally, you do not wish to highlight any talents you don't have. Writing your CV in a lie is not a good idea and could lead to problems later.

Writing Your Resume Skills Section: Do and Don't, Source: Youtube,

Java, Kotlin, SQL, Git, Android Studio, and many other technologies are all used in the Android development space. However, what is your expertise? Your answer is located under the section on skills. Many employers use the automatic system for application tracker (ATS) methods to look through resumes for candidates. Hence, incorporating keywords from your resume onto your Android developer resume can be an additional benefit. What are your positions in the results of a search? Of course, you must state your skills! Here's how you can be successful:

  • Stay clear of a long messy list of standard capabilities.
  • Separate your abilities into different specific areas. You might be able to converse in French and work through issues, but do not write in between your technical skills. To better understand the difference between your skills into hard and soft abilities in this case. Trouble-solving skills, managing time, and other personal traits can be considered examples of soft skills, while technical proficiency is an example of complex skills.
  • Always include the frameworks, tools, and languages you employ to master a particular ability. It is possible to discuss the database expertise as a talent. In this case, mention the management system for databases you have used, like Google Firebase or MongoDB.
  • Inappropriate talents are not to be considered. If you don't have a job that requires them, you shouldn't be required to list these skills in your area of expertise. For instance, the mention of "painting" in the context of talent should be avoided if you're applying for a technical job.


Your education should be listed in reverse order on this section of your resume. This section may be different for professionals with experience and newcomers. If you're new to the field, then you could include the following information:

How to List Education on a Resume, Source: Youtube, Don Georgevich

  • Diplomas from colleges (Degree name college name GPA score)
  • Intermediate School (name of the school (name of school, GPA percentage) (Optional)
  • School of high school (name of the school and percent/GPA) (Optional)

If you're a veteran professional, you may write about your master's and Bachelor's degrees. The part about your experiences in the workplace is the most important.

Work Experience

The work experience portion is focused on the actual work you've performed when working for a company. It could include paid and unpaid internships and part-time, full-time, and freelance work. Here are some suggestions to create your android developer resume's section on work experience:

  • It doesn't matter whether you employed an Apple MacBook or HP laptop to sign in to the system on an early Sunday morning. They only care about the particulars of your work obligations and responsibilities.
  • Always start with the job or internship name, the duration of employment, the name of the company, the location, and the mode of work (virtual/work at home).
  • Your employment opportunities are listed in reverse chronological order placing your most recent or current post at the top.
  • Always provide proof of achievement to justify your claims, and be sure to write about the effect on each.
RESUME EXPERIENCE SECTION: How to Describe Work Experience on a Resume & QUANTIFY your experience, Source: Youtube, Badass Careers

While you aren't required to write down every single detail about your experience, you must ensure that all your activities appear to be effortless. The absence of gaps in your knowledge section of more than six months can be a significant red flag for hiring managers and recruiters. If you've got holes such as that on your resume, then you must be sure to explain the reason. Be sure that your job description highlights your accomplishments, not just the assignments. Employers are curious to see what you accomplished and not only what you said you would do.


Suppose you've won the coding contest at an inter-college symposium or have won a hackathon event held across the country. How do you notify your prospective employer? Sure, in the section on achievements! This section will help you distinguish yourself from other candidates. Make a comprehensive listing of all the awards you've won. For instance, if, for example, you won third in an inter-college web development contest, note the distinction along with the reason and the number of competitors and, perhaps most important, how you performed during the competition. Bring out your gold medal or the university rank you earned while earning your Bachelor's program!

How to Write Accomplishment Statements for Your Resume | Resume Tips, Source: Youtube, KISSS Career Coaching

Let's take a look at an instance to understand them better.

In the previous example clearing your singing does not have any significance to the job you're applying for. Try to avoid mentioning the same types of achievements within this area.


Include in your CV all your credentials for application and certificates. Include the course's name, the certification media, and the duration of the system. It's also beneficial to include a verifiable hyperlink to the certificate's accomplishment.

10 Best Resume Maker Apps for Android, Source: Youtube, App Buzz

Let's take examine an example to get a better understanding of this.


The process of creating a powerful Android developer Resume isn't easy. However, it's not impossible. It is easy to make your Android developer CV using the right ideas and strategies.

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