Are Code Blocks safe?

After discovering a vulnerability in software found in the code block in April of 2020, developers are now asking whether Code::Blocks is secure. The presence of a program with security vulnerabilities on your computer could lead to catastrophe if used to gain access. Despite the release of the vulnerability, Code Blocks is considered safe. However, you must download it from trusted sources. Like all software, you need to use official sources to obtain the program, or else you'll be vulnerable to attack. Let's examine the features Code Blocks does and discuss whether the software is secure for engineers working in software to use.

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Which is the Code for Blocks?

Code::Blocks is a no-cost IDE that was designed to work by C, C++, and Fortran; however, it can be used using another language. By design, it's highly customizable and expandable since it is built on an underlying framework for plugins. The application's core functionality, such as debugging and compiling, is only one way it relies on plugins.

Code Blocks has a whole of essential functions that are supplied by plugins. These include:

Block Codes basics and parameters, Information Theory & Error Coding in Digital Communication, Source: Youtube, Engineering Funda 

  • Compilers They are extensible. Code Blocks mean you can build compilers for almost any language. At the same time, it is the most well-known category for Fortran, C++, D, and C.
  • Code Editor Code Editor - The IDE includes syntax highlight, code folding, code completion, a hex editor, and many other tools from the start. Files are organized by tabs and allow font size and colors customization.
  • Debugger – Code::Blocks offers users access to many things that simplify debugging. It lets you access custom-designed watches disassembly, custom memory dumps call stacks, CPU registers thread switching as well as the GNU Debugger Interface. Also, it has complete breakpoint support.
  • GUI designer - Code Blocks include those who want to create GUIs.
  • Developers who use Deb-C++ Microsoft Visual C++ and Dev C++ Devpak Code Blocks are equipped with features that aid in the migration process.
  • Code::Blocks - Project files stores data in XML-based files, with the possibility of using makefiles from outside.

Are Code::Blocks safe?

There are more than 1.3 billion viruses in circulation; ensuring the software you install is secure is essential.

The problem was first identified in CVE-2020-10814 however the ticket currently is in the status as invalid in Code::Blocks in the open tickets section of the SourceForge platform. The flaw's exact nature remains unknown, but Code::Blocks has been used continuously after the fix was first discovered, and there are no reports from users about the defect causing problems. The spot was found in version 17.12; however, the latest stable Code::Blocks is 20.03. It could be argued that the issue is an unintentional red herring or was not of sufficient importance to provide the fix.

As with all bugs, it would be great to have a resolution posted on the official NVD page, but no key has been released at this time. At the moment, it's better to use the software using the same standards you'd apply in other software.

Official source

If you're planning downloading Code::Blocks, make sure you download it from a trusted source. As with any other major program, it is essential to download it from the start who distribute it, instead of a random site.

FortranCon2020 [SP]: Code::Blocks: open source, cross platform IDE for Fortran, Source: Youtube, FortranCon

Be sure to visit Code::Blocks' official downloads and get the latest nightly version, the binary release as well as the original code.

False positives

If you download an edition or version of Code::Blocks that has to be built, your antivirus software might flag it as having malware-related files. These warnings are often false positives that occur with pre-compiled programs. If you've downloaded the application via the links above, it is guaranteed that there's no malicious code inside the version you downloaded.

Are Code::Blocks's features outdated?

Code::Blocks is old, and the community surrounding it has been slashed in the last few years. Many of the forum discussions posted on its official forum are decades older and lack answers. Even the security issue we mentioned above has no complete solution.

Code::Blocks Features, Source: Youtube, CGButterfly

Code::Blocks was initially designed to serve as an IDE for Fortran. The old language has experienced an upswing in popularity in recent times. It has moved to 13th from 42nd in the TIOBE Index, which indicates the popularity of programming languages. But the code Code Blocks was built for is now mostly confined to the pages of history.

In addition, several excellent IDEs support C or C++ creation. Most popular is Microsoft's commercial version, Visual Studio. It is much less set-up than Code::Blocks and does an overall better job. Its compatibility across platforms is also superior.


Code::Blocks first came into existence when developers wanted unlimited customizations for their IDEs, which is why there was flexibility in it. But, the majority of the existing solutions are excellent and make Code Blocks appear old-fashioned.

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Hope this article is useful to you, thanks for reading.