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Everyone could use some additional cash, and looking at your expenditures and reducing your monthly bills can help. Bill negotiation services can help consumers cut their monthly utility costs, phone, cable, internet costs, subscriptions, and other monthly bills. Bill negotiation services differ in how they assist you in reducing your expenses, the costs they could decline, and the fees and pricing. We analyzed more than twelve bill negotiation options, including apps that allow you to find lower rates on your own and businesses that have expert staff members bargain with service providers to cut the cost of your servicesWe evaluated these companies according to their credibility, experience in business, the depth and breadth of their services, their pricing and costs, as well as consumer reviews on the internet. When we identified the firms that we believe to be most reliable, we narrowed the list to the absolute top. Here are our top choices.

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One of the bill negotiation companies with extensive background, BillCutterz, was launched in 2009 by a former mortgage banker Mindy Niles.

BillCutterz specializes in negotiations and reducing monthly costs for utility alarms and security systems, satellite radio, electricity. The process typically takes between 48 hours. However, it's only accessible if your is current with your payments. The company is available to individuals as well as businesses and non-profit organizations.

The company can also aggregate quotes for auto loans and insurance (including renters insurance, homeowners insurance, and insurance for automobiles), which means you could also lower your other expenses.

Regarding pricing, the BillCutterz company is pretty upfront and fair. It charges you 50 percent of any savings that it generates for you. In other words, if you'll save $50 per month on your phone plan, but you'll be paying the company $25 per month (you are entitled to an additional 10% discount if you pay in full for an entire year). If the service doesn't help you save money on your bill, you're not charged any fees whatsoever.

Paying Too Much on Your Monthly Bills? Watch This Now! | BillCutterz Interview, Source: Youtube, Joe America

You'll have to set up an account before you can begin. This includes sharing the four digits of the Social Security number for account verification with your service providers. 

The firm's upfront pricing and reputation for long-term reliability earned them the top spot as the best general bill-negotiating service. Customers have mainly reported significant savings on the telephone, internet, and cable bills. BillCutterz's BillCutterz staff responded promptly to criticisms and reviews swiftly and provided a clear explanation, which earned us trust and confidence in this company.

RUNNER up, the best overall: BillFixers

Using BillFixers, you can negotiate your monthly bills for cable/phone/internet, cell phone service, satellite TV and radio, security and alarm services, and monthly subscriptions, like newspapers. The company cannot negotiate past due charges, but it can assist in disputes or over-charges for invoices that have been paid in the past. The company can also not bargain over mortgages, medical bills, and car loans, nor the debt incurred by credit cards. The company's primary focus is on providing savings in the future.

How does Bill Fixers work? Source: Youtube, I AM TMG

It is necessary to set up an account to begin, and then you can transfer all your invoices electronically. BillFixers accepts many payment options, such as PayPal credit, debit, and electronic checks.

The range of payment options and ease of its website rank BillFixers as a close second choice for the most effective bill negotiation services.


Truebill was introduced in 2015 as an application-based service that helps customers find old subscriptions they no longer have and forgot to cancel.

It has grown to assist customers in saving money on expenses such as internet, phone, cable satellite TV, radio, home alarms system, security, and cell phone service.

Truebill App Reviews | Best personal finance/budget app in 2021?, Source: Youtube, Ryan Scribner 

The Truebill website cannot provide any details about the kind of bills they're not able to negotiate. However, the service allows you to choose which portion of your savings you keep -- ranging from 30 percent and 60 percent. If you select 30 percent, and Truebill will save you $100, that means you'll save $70, and you'll pay Truebill $30. It may take as long as two billing cycles for the savings you've made to appear in your account.

The availability of these features on an app that is easy to use on Android or iOS makes Truebill high on our checklist of the top app-based services.


Billshark is another business that is regularly ranked among the best bill negotiation companies globally. We could have awarded Billshark the top or second spot for this evaluation. However, as Billshark also provides other services that we wanted to highlight, we focused on it as the top bill negotiation service, with added options.

Billshark Website demo, Source: Youtube, Billshark

What are the other services? In the beginning, Billshark offers subscription tracking and cancellation capabilities. It also provides complimentary auto or home insurance estimates through the site and saves even more from your monthly bills. The site also has an internet speed test for free to check whether you're getting all the bandwidth you're paying your internet service provider for. There's also a page that allows you to record interruptions with significant cable, phone, and internet providers and request a credit to your statement. These services are free and provide Billshark absolutely at first place on our checklist of bill negotiation, with the top additional features.

Established in 2016, Billshark is supported by Shark Tank star Mark Cuban. If you're searching for additional features, Billshark is the place to look. 

Billshark will take 40 percent of your savings as payments, and if they don't make you save cash on the bills, they won't charge you anything. The company charges $9 per canceled subscription that, in essence, can be only one month's worth of savings for something like streaming services.

Best for big-spending: BillAdvisor

BillAdvisor could be the ideal service for those who want to risk their savings. It offers an option to join a membership program, which costs $12.99 monthly, regardless of any savings BillAdvisor locates for you. If you decide not to join, you will pay 50 percent of the reductions BillAdvisor negotiates.

This, along with the expense of the Platinum Membership, is why we chose BillAdvisor as the best choice for significant spending.

BillAdvisor: Save on Your Monthly Bills, Source: Youtube, BillAdvisor

BillAdvisor claims it can cut your phone, cell internet, cable, and phone charges; home, auto, or life insurance security for your home; also energy and security services. It also lets you manage to track and cancel subscription-based services, such as streaming accounts, meals club memberships, boxes for subscriptions, gym memberships, apps, and much more. If you're someone who orders snacks late at night and later realizes that you've committed to the monthly delivery of keto-friendly chips, this option may be a good fit for you.

If you're in search of an all-in-one solution for bill negotiation, and you have a high amount of costs per month, it may be worth a look at BillAdvisor to assist.


In contrast to tax relief companies and debt settlement companies, bill negotiation is not an over-crowded market. We looked over 12 of the most popularly reviewed and well-known companies and evaluated them based on their trustworthiness, price, and services quality. We picked the top bill negotiation solutions based on these aspects, consumer satisfaction, and third-party reviews.

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