Best Coupon Apps in 2022

If you're looking to cut costs when shopping, coupons can help you effectively and efficiently reduce costs on a wide variety of purchases. No matter if you're looking to save money on groceries, clothing, experiences, or dining out, there are most likely to be coupons of some kind available to help keep your hard-earned cash in your pocket. Remember that the coupons shouldn't dictate what you buy and how much you spend when you coupon. Instead, it would be best to incorporate coupons into your budgeting process to cut down on purchases that you'd have to make usually. If you don't make a purchase but choose to do so due to coupons, you're not saving money but simply spending less. Do not just save money by using these coupon apps to save the money you are already spending regularly.

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If you go to the supermarket, You shouldn't buy something, not on your shopping list. Before you leave your home, you should open the Ibotta app and search for coupons that meet your requirements and are items you'd likely purchase in the future. Note them in your Ibotta app, then buy them as you would without coupons. Please keep the receipt in your wallet after you leave the shop as you'll require it in the future.

How to Use the IBOTTA App! *make money*, Source: Youtube, FREE TO FAMILY

When you return home, log in to Ibotta once more and select an option for redeeming the coupons. You'll have been able to read the barcode of the item as well as your receipt. You will receive credit for your purchase within a few days; however, it could take as little as a matter of minutes. After you've reached the $20 mark and you've reached that amount, you can cash it out through PayPal as well as Venmo and get your cashback.


The first daily deal app Groupon isn't making headlines as it did in the past, but it remains a significant player in the world of coupons. Most Groupon coupons are offered with deals that allow you to pay a reduced price for a particular item or service. For instance, a current offer lets you purchase a $20 meal for $10 at your local establishment.

What is Groupon? How Does It Work? Explained in 2 minutes, Source: Youtube, MQ Khilji

Another aspect to remember is that Groupon promo codes expire if you do not use them within the specified period. However, when they expire, you can redeem them to get the cash value that you paid for them. They can be huge savings on the places you've been to and also help you find new locations at a reduced cost. Groupons extend beyond food and can include things like skydiving, go-karting and the zoo, wine tasting, admissions to theme parks, and home services.

Coupon Sherpa

Coupon Sherpa is among the more popular couponing apps. It offers a fantastic section with coupons printable that you can apply to a range of shops. A quick look will give you choices for eateries, regional department stores, mall retailers as well as big-box stores, and specialty stores. Coupon Sherpa is much more than printable coupons, but. It also provides coupon codes and offers through mobile apps. Plan with coupons printed on paper or calculate your savings while on the move using the app. In either case, you're covered.

Coupon Sherpa Commercial, Source: Youtube, CouponSherpa

RetailMeNot If you find a box displaying an offer code or coupon code when shopping online, make sure you do not hit the checkout button before purchasing RetailMeNot. The effort might result in nothing of value or use, but you might be able to save some money on every purchase. Just a couple of dollars now and then adds in time.

The mobile application can assist with savings at major chain stores and retailers and coupons available on the site. However, the main drawback to RetailMeNot is that when you display coupons on their website, it will open the site in a different tab, which means you'll need to navigate back to the site to duplicate the coupon. However, that's not enough to keep you from significant savings.


Shopkick isn't the typical coupon app per se; however, it will make it easier to save money at places where you shop the most. Like couponing, a strategy can help in maximizing your profits. Shopkick lets you earn rewards points, referred to as "kicks," as you shop for your daily needs in-store and online. When you have made the required amount of kicks, you can redeem them to purchase the gift card to retailers such as Target, Walmart, and Amazon, which will save you money when you shop at the same places you buy from.

Shopkick App: This Woman Made $1,200 Walking in and Scanning Bar Codes at Her Favorite Stores, Source: Youtube, The Penny Hoarder

What is the process? Shopbot has partnered with a few of the most well-known chain stores to provide these rewards. Earn points when you walk into these stores and earn even more cash by scanning barcodes for specific items while in the store (something you can do during your usual shopping trips). If you're not planning to visit the shop, you can earn points from online shops or watch videos and even observe products on the spot. These methods don't require you to purchase any item.

If you often purchase from the Shopbot partner shops (which is most likely), you could earn rewards when you buy things using credit cards linked to your account and buy certain items online or provide receipts from an in-person purchase. Check out Shopbot to find out what of your assets are eligible for kicks, and you'll earn points when you shop your daily shopping.


After analyzing and evaluating the most well-known coupon applications, we landed on the top 8 apps to recommend to our readers. We picked these 8 top coupon apps based on the kind of discounts they offer and what they are famous for, how they operate, and how simple it is to redeem or utilize the coupons delivered.

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