Best Budgeting Apps for iPhone

The best budgeting software will aid you in understanding your spending and income to ensure you have the most control over your finances. The budgeting software can be linked with your account at a bank and credit cards automatically to download transactions and categorize your expenditure under the budget you set. The most effective budgeting apps are available at an affordable price, are simple to use and connect to your accounts, and come with features compatible with your budgeting preferences.

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Top Overall There is a need to Have a budget (YNAB)

Why We Choose It

You need a budget (YNAB) to get the top spot due to its renowned budgeting strategy and well-known reputation. YNAB states that new budgeters generally save around $600 within the initial two months and more than $6,000 over the first year. While YNAB will be by far the most expensive choice on our list, The company does offer the opportunity to try a free trial for 34 days.

Creating Your Budget in YNAB, Source: Youtube, You Need A Budget (YNAB)


YNAB ranks high on our list due to its budgeting strategy. The company gives a free trial period of thirty-four days (no credit card is required). Then, after it, the price will be $84 for the year. If you'd rather pay in installments, the price is $11.99 per month.

YNAB allows you to transfer your bank account data, import your bank account data from an existing file, or manually record every transaction. For a start, the company recommends learning the application basics by taking a video course, attending a live event, or reading a book. YNAB provides an innovative approach to budgeting instead of tracking the amount you've already invested, as do some competitors.

After sign-up, you'll be able to set up your first budget and assign each dollar to a specific purpose, such as your car or rent payment, as an example. It is the goal to be at least a month ahead. This means you're using the money you have earned in the past 30 days. The company provides a wealth of information and support for customers to help you stay on the right track.

YNAB states that security and privacy is the top priority for the company. The company encrypts your data with bank-level encryption for all data, the best practices for security of passwords as well as third-party audits, and more.

Best Budgeting App for Free: Mint

Why We Choose It

Mint is notable for many reasons. Mint is among the most popular budgeting applications available, with over 25 million people using it. Mint is completely accessible for free and is easy to use for budgeters at all levels. It also lets you create reminders for bill payments, tracks investments, and get access to your TransUnion credit score. This makes Mint our pick for the most effective budgeting app for free.

Mint Budget App: The BEST BUDGETING App [Detailed Tutorial], Source: Youtube, Waller’s Wallet


Mint provides the most well-known budgeting application for free that's available. The app is entirely free. However, you might see specific ads for financial products.

You can connect your financial accounts to Mint or manually add transactions. Mint lets you see all your accounts at a glance and track the amount you spend each day. The app will automatically arrange your expenditure to allow you to see the sums of each category in a single glance. Mint also provides monthly bill monitoring, including reminders for payment to avoid a late fee. Mint offers the capability to monitor your investments and check your portfolio charges. Mint provides various educational resources, including an affordable home calculator and loan repayment calculator, and a blog on multiple personal finance-related topics.

Mint safeguards your data with security features such as scanning through Verisign multi-factor authentication and mobile access with touch ID. Mint stores your login data within a separate database that has multiple layers of hardware and software encryption.

The best for cash flow: Simplifi by Quicken

Why We Choose It

Simplify by Quicken gets high marks because it gives you a customized spending plan updated in real-time with the amount you have left to spend during the month. The application syncs your account with your bank to display where you are and how far you have achieved your financial goals. Simplify by Quicken can also keep track of your monthly bills and subscriptions, even those you don't need.

How to get started with Simplifi by Quicken, Source: Youtube, Quicken


Simplify by Quicken ranks top in cash flow thanks to its efficient monitoring capabilities. It's the most effective option to keep track of what you're able to pay between paychecks. The app gives you a free trial of 30 days, after which you'll be charged $2.99 monthly (billed each year at $35.99), which is $3.99 each month if you decide not to pay in advance.

First, it is necessary to connect your banks, and after that, you'll have a complete overview of your finances. The app automatically categorizes expenditure, monitors recurring bills and subscriptions, and is always on top of future expenses.

A standout feature is its custom watchlists that allow you to limit your spending according to the category or by the payee. Additionally, the customized spending plan tracks cash flow to ensure you don't overspend on the money the amount you've earned. Simplify by Quicken provides tips when using the application, but it also has a blog with a wealth of informative content that you can access.

Privacy and security are essential to Quicken, the parent company behind the app. Quicken was trusted to handle sensitive financial information for a long time (since 1985) and is still working on security improvements. The application employs 256-bit encryption to transmit bank data, and it keeps the information private.

The best choice for those who overspend: PocketGuard

Why We Decided to Use It

PocketGuard was selected due to its ability to reduce excessive spending. It employs an algorithm to monitor your expenses, income, and savings goals to show you the amount you can afford to spend each day. The spending limits will help you stop spending too much and achieve what you want to accomplish in your finances.

Apps Untapped: PocketGuard, Source: Youtube, the Local Seen


PocketGuard was awarded the top spot for the best app for people who overspend because of its capabilities aimed at helping users manage their spending. It offers a no-cost version and a premium, paid version called PocketGuard Plus.

To begin, it is necessary to connect your savings, checking, and credit cards. The app lets you know how much you're spending and where you can save and will remind you when your credit card bills are due. The PocketGuard "In My Pocket" feature makes use of an algorithm that determines how much you can spend depending on your income, accounts owing as well as your goals, recent expenditure, and budgets.

PocketGuard Plus offers additional features, including creating your categories, changing the date of transactions, as well as the capability of exporting data, monitoring cash, coordinating ATM withdrawals and deposits, and even splitting transactions. The company also runs an educational blog to provide additional opportunities to gain knowledge.

PocketGuard is a security tool that prioritizes security by using encryption of 256 bits and a 4-digit PIN and biometrics such as Touch ID and Face ID to provide additional protection.

The best way to build wealth: Personal Capital

Why We Choose It

Personal Capital scores high because Personal Capital offers the most effective free tools to help you build wealth. 

Personal Capital Tutorial, Source: Youtube, The Worth Project


It's a shame that Personal Capital doesn't allow you to make budgeting decisions manually. However, you can add investments without syncing these accounts. You can utilize the budgeting tool of Personal Capital to view your entire income and expenditure each month. While you cannot set any specific objectives, you can create an amount to your budget, compare it with the previous month, and view your expenses by category.

While the budgeting tools offered by Personal Capital aren't as extensive as other companies, Personal Capital does offer excellent investment tools. The dashboard allows you to monitor changes to your net value over time, and the Fee Analyzer provides a more detailed analysis of your portfolio's fees. You can also plan for the future using Personal Capital's Retirement Planner tool or save for college using its Education Planner instrument. The Personal Capital blog, Daily Capital, covers the full range of financial planning topics suitable for novices to experienced users alike.

Personal Capital protects your data through encryption, fraud prevention, and robust authentication. Nobody can access your login details, and the partnership between the company and Yodlee, an established financial technology company, gives an additional layer of security.

Ideal for Couples: Zeta

Why We Choose It

Zeta is among the few budgeting apps that are free specifically designed for couples, jointly-owned financial or otherwise. It is an excellent app for all kinds of teams that include those living together or engaged, married, or expecting their first child. You can connect multiple accounts to monitor spending and your net worth and pay expenses together.

You could also sign up for a joint, no-fee bank account and cards that come with features such as no account charges and digital checks, as well as connection to Allpoint ATM network, contactless payment, and bill pay. These features are what make Zeta our preferred choice for couples.

Zeta App Review — Top 4 Features for Couples Managing Their Money Together, Source: Youtube, Money at 30


Zeta deserves a place on our list because the budgeting software is free and caters to couples of all kinds. The app also comes with an account for a joint bank for managing to spend and paying bills in one go. The app allows you to create budgets, monitor expenditures, create joint goals, and handle the cost of bills. The most prominent features are sharing control, personal and shared budgets, reminders of accounts, and many other features. Zeta can help you remain focused on your objectives and link your financial activities to achieving them. Zeta's Money Date Mag, an online publication that covers finances and romance in our current day, features articles that increase your knowledge of finance.

The Zeta Joint Cards offer bank access to accounts with FDIC security by LendingClub Bank, no monthly charges or minimums as well as 0.10 percent APR. 1 The report comes with unique features such as unlimitless transfers, non-contactless payment, and bill payment. The bank uses the latest security at the bank level to keep your personal information secure. They do not store your bank logins or financial information, and they use two-factor authentication and encrypted data databases.


If you're serious about using budgeting software, YNAB is a top choice due to its comprehensive budgeting plan, outstanding support, and valuable features. Rival Mint is an excellent alternative if you're seeking a cost-free option. This is a look at the critical aspects of the top budgeting applications.

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