Best ideas for android projects (With source code)

Before that were the most popular 15 Android projects to help get you started and continue improving and expanding your abilities on different levels. Participating in these projects can give you a different perspective on things, and you'll learn things you didn't know about before. Once you've completed building an app, test publishing it on the Google Play Store to have an idea of how to publish the app also.

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Android Project Ideas For Beginners

Here are 5 Android project ideas for beginner developers, with the source code.

Tic Tac Toe Game

Tic tac toe can be described as a game played by two players in which the players have to select between X and O on an X-shaped grid. The first player can pick any spot on the grid, and the second player will be given only one turn at a and one move after the other. The player who successfully puts three marks on vertical, horizontal, or diagonal rows is the winner of the game.

Tic Tac Toe Game using HTML CSS & JavaScript, Source: Youtube, CodingNepal 

In the backend, the game will preserve the 2-D array to save the current condition of the grid of 3x3. A function is created to verify if the gamer clicks the square within the grid displayed has been empty. It will choose to display O images when the previous one was X and reverse. If the images are inline, the game will end.

News Application

The next project idea is a news-related application that would use the API(Application programming interface) to fetch news from servers. API acts as interfacing between the application and the server that will deliver news and show the latest information on RecyclerView within your application.

ReactJS News Application Tutorial, Source: Youtube, Rajat Mann

The user would click on a specific news item, which will open in their mobile web browser. You'll learn to use libraries such as Volley or Retrofit for network calls and images display by building this app. This project can be extended to suit any other need by incorporating various APIs.

Intermediate Android Projects

Now, let's look at some ideas for intermediate Android projects, which you could certainly include in your portfolio or resume.

Online Exam Application

Conducting exams offline can be complex, particularly in times such as Covid. Thus, an online application for the exam is the most effective option to choose in which the test can be administered without a lot of the hustle and bustle. The project will consist of two components:

Write an application to the principal for online exams instead of offline exams, Source: Youtube, WritingClasses

  • The Admin module is where the exams are scheduled, the notices will be sent out to all candidates, and the candidates' accounts will be scrutinized and deleted or added when necessary.
  • Candidate module in which accounts will be either deleted or created to pass an opportunity to take the test. Additionally, passwords can be modified within this module to protect the reserve.

Online voting system

The long lines of people waiting to be the first to turn around for the vote is certainly an obstacle. The online system for voting is what comes in. It will snap the photo of the voters and confirm it against the known information.

The long lines of people waiting to be the first to turn around for the vote is certainly an obstacle. The online system for voting is what comes in. It will snap the photo of the voters and confirm it against the known information. Once the identity has been verified, OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to their telephone numbers. Then, voters can cast their votes smoothly and efficiently. It will be comprised of two modules - admin and users. The admin will design and schedule voting while the users will vote. Voting will involve OTP generation facial verification, as well as voting.

Train Food Application

Android project concept: The next android project idea is to create an app for food delivery to people who travel long distances via train. The application will require three components: the cafe/restaurant, the delivery driver, and the passenger. The three modules would all be able to log in to the website. After logging in, they'll be asked to select their roles.

  • Passengers: Passengers will see a screen home filled with various food items they can purchase. Customers will see their entire order and their current status in an individual section. 
  • Restaurant: When a restaurant signs in, they'll observe some administrative features such as the ability to add an item to the menu and update information on current articles, mark out as unavailability of any item, and then on and so forth. Administrators will upload pictures that show the dish they are uploading information on. Admins will look up orders placed and appropriately prepare and distribute the food items.
  • Delivery Person: The delivery person will be able to view each of his orders and their status, such as accepted, completed, or rejected, and the list goes on.

How to order food on train during Covid using RailRestro, Source: Youtube, My Smart Support

 The food is purchased from the restaurant for the customer, and the person who delivers the food will be assigned the responsibility to provide the food.

Women Security Application

Android concept: The women's safety application will provide women with the best security. All they have to do is sign up with the application. As when they detect something suspicious, they'll hit the power button three times, and their position will be communicated directly to the police station closest as well as emergency contacts. When the woman has reached a safe area, it is possible to hit the "stop" button. The system will comprise three components three modules.

Security apps for women, Source: Youtube, WION

  • The administration module, which will manage the application, shows the user's details and monitors the user's location.
  • The User module is only available to women who have registered on the app. After they have written themselves, users will have to provide information such as emergency contacts, locations, etc.
  • The Guardian module will include the well-wishers for users. They'll also have to sign-up for the app.

The app would come with an accelerometer that detects shake, which means that when you shake this device, SOS notifications will go out to the registered contacts. The application will also provide the last known location, including a google map for registered reference.

Ayurvedic Remedies Application

Ayurveda is the most effective cure for every disease that is known. This application will request users to provide their health-related information so that the remedy to their illness can be offered according to the experts and consultants.

ayurvedic and herbal remedies app for android, Source: Youtube, Clover I Tech

There are two modules to be used; the first, the admin (Doctors) module, which will allow users to see the health concerns and the details and offer solutions to the similar. The other one is the user (Patient) module in which patients post health issues and health history of the patient to find ayurvedic solutions and extensive reports. Payment gateways can be integrated into this application. Doctors will charge consulting fees, and patients will be able to pay. Patients will be able to download medical receipts after paying.


What are you waiting for? Please select any or all of them and enter Android's world Android or design one of your own (pun meant).

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