.NET Core and .NET Framework

In the article below, we will discuss .NET Core and .NET Framework. We will guide you through the following subjects such as: what is .NET Core, What is .NET Framework, Key differences between .NET Core and .NET Framework and the distinction in .NET Core and .NET Framework Pros and Cons on .NET Core, Pros and cons in .NET Framework, .NET Core as opposed to .NET Framework - Which is better? And numerous other frequently asked questions regarding .NET Core and .NET Framework such as Is .NET Core replacing .NET Framework, why .NET Core is faster than .NET Framework, When Not to Use .NET Core, When not to use .NET Framework. After reading this article, you'll be well-informed about the basic concepts of the .NET Core and .NET Framework.

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.NET Core is?

It is an open-source, free general-purpose programming platform. It's a cross-platform platform that can be used on Windows, Mac OS X, as well as Linux.The.NET Core Framework, can be used to build various applications such as desktop, mobile cloud, online IoT, machine-learning microservices, games, and many more. .NET Core is written from scratch to create flexible, light quick, cross-platform Framework.

The.NET Foundation, an open-source, non-profit organization, manages.NET Core, created by Microsoft. The MIT license is applied to.NET Core written in C# and C++. .NET Core 1.0, the first version, came out in 2016 and had limited features. On August 14 on August 14, 2017, Microsoft released.NET Core 2.0. The most recent release of.NET Core was 3.0.0 and was released on March 6.

What exactly is .NET Framework?

Before we get to know the .NET Framework, let's understand a Framework? The Framework is a reusable framework for designing software that supports code libraries and a variety of scripting languages. In simple terms, a framework is a tool that allows programming to be simple. . It can also be used to develop website websites, internet services, and games.

WHAT IS .Net Framework, Source: Youtube, Windows, computers and Technology

Dot Net Framework Dot Net Framework was designed to allow developers to create programs that operate with Microsoft's Windows platform. Dot Net framework apps are cross-platform. The Framework was developed so that it can be used with any of the following languages: c# Cas well as ++ Visual Basic, JScript, COBOL, etc. In 2002, the very first version of the dot Net framework was launched. DotNet Framework 1.0 was the title of the performance. Since then, this Microsoft dot Net framework has developed significantly. The most current version was dot Net Framework 4.7.2, available on April 30, 2018.

Key differences

Let's look at the main distinctions among .NET Core and .NET Framework. In essence, Microsoft .NET Core a free, open-source general-purpose development framework that allows you to create cloud-based software on Windows, Linux, and macOS while the Microsoft .Net Framework is a software development platform used for creating operating Windows applications.Net Framework is a framework that is a set of the tools and programming languages for developers and libraries that can be used to build web and desktop apps.

The main distinction between .NET Core and .NET Framework is that the latter is a platform used to build .NET applications running on Windows. At the same time, NET Core can be described as the latest version of the .NET Framework, an open-source and cross-platform framework optimized for the modern needs of apps and workflows for developers.

.NET Core and .NET Framework

The NET Core Vs. .NET Framework - Which one is more effective?

The answer is dependent on the requirements of the project what our project calls to be used for. Here are some factors we should consider when selecting the best option for our project—both the .NET Framework and .NET Core.

.NET Framework and .NET Core, Source: Youtube, Gavin Lon

Select or prefer .NET Core if you wish to

The project requires cross-platform integration.

The project involves the creation of microservices.

Project heavily rely upon CLI( Command Line Interface) since .NET Core is suitable for CLI.


We are aware of what .NET Core and .NET Framework are and do, even though they go together. Simply put, .NET Core is the most recent version of Microsoft's .NET Framework( The Framework is a design platform that can be reused for software systems that support code libraries and a variety of scripting languages ). It is an open-source, free general-purpose programming platform. It's a cross-platform framework that can be used alongside Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.The.NET Core Framework can be used to develop numerous applications that include desktop, mobile cloud, online IoT, machine learning microservices, games, and much more. .NET Core is written from scratch to provide an open, modular and fast cross-platform Framework. It can also develop sites, Web services, and games. It is also used to build games, web services, and websites. Dot Net Framework was designed to allow developers to create applications using Microsoft's Windows platform. Dot net framework applications are multi-platform.

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