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Blockchain is an entirely new concept, and the best way to learn about it is to do some hands-on work rather than simply studying documentation or taking online classes. In this article, we'll review the top 15 blockchain-related projects suggestions that you can apply to show off your abilities as an experienced blockchain developer. If you're an aspiring developer and trying to master blockchain development, then these projects can assist you in consolidating your knowledge. If you're someone looking to become a blockchain engineer professionally, then this is something you could use as a portfolio to display your skills and expertise. For each concept, we will examine the basic idea, the necessary knowledge required for the project a success, the features that should be included as well as the process of building it, the types of tools and technologies you'll need to construct it, the programming language you'll have to master and provide an array of real-world examples you can take inspiration from. Let's get started and dive into the list of blockchain-related projects concepts. We'll also give you the source code as well as some tutorials to help you begin working on your most-loved project right now.

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The Top Blockchain Projects for Beginning Blockchain Users

Here are five blockchain projects that are ideal for beginners and some tutorial URLs and source code. Keep in mind that these projects are not intended for your portfolio. They are meant to be used for learning

1. Simple Storage

Essential Information: None

Idee: The next project idea you could implement is a primary storage-based smart contract. For this type of contract, you could create an integer variable and make sure you're capable of reading this variable as well as modifying the value.

Simple Storage Network Mod Spotlight - Minecraft 1.15.2, Source: Youtube, Vortac

You can define two functions: increment an amount of value for the variable declared, and another for decreasing the weight. This means that you can now create smart contracts that aren't just read-only but alter the information. When you can change the data inside intelligent agreements, you can expand its functionality by adding additional functions and making it more efficient.

2. Polling System

Essential Know-how: Solidity, Ethereum

Idee: The next project idea is to develop a smart contract. With this system, users could create a poll, and within that poll, they'd be able to provide several options. People would vote on one of these options. You'll establish a period for voting, and everyone will be able to vote. After the voting period, there will be a choice of which will be the winner. The polls could be linked to any subject. If you decide to use this smart contract, you'll have to handle addresses. You'll also learn more advanced data structures, such as hashmaps. Also, you'll be able to manage the time of day in solidity as you implement voting periods, and it will be a bit more intriguing. 

3. Multi-Send

Idea: The next step is to create an application on blockchain technology that can send ethers to various Ethereum addresses. Like when you send an email, you use the email address of a different user. To send Ethereum, you will need an Ethereum account. This application can send ethers via a list of Ethereum addresses. This application could be beneficial in paying employees their salaries.

Multisend Dapp Tutorial & Review, Source: Youtube, LiteLiger

To build this application, you will need to create an Ethereum smart contract. You can use REMIX IDE to do so. A remix is an online tool for developers that allows creating smart contracts with the Solidity Language. All you need to do is define a function that can accept the array of addresses for the argument. Inside your part, you have to execute a simple for loop. After completing the previous projects, you'll be able to accomplish this project easily without any help.

Intermediate Blockchain Projects

Now, let's look at the possibilities of a blockchain-related project that is intermediate, which you can include in your portfolio or resume.

1. Time lock 

The initial idea for a project in this area is a time lock smart Contract. A smart contract with a time lock is a wallet that will keep your crypto assets secure for a specific period. It means that you'll be unable to cash out your crypto assets regardless of whether you would like to take them out. You can use these wallets for a variety of reasons. One of the essential features of the lock wallet is to keep the sale of your crypto assets in the event of a market crash. If the market is down, people are more likely to sell their cryptos because they fear losing their entire capital. We know that if we intend to make significant profits in crypto, we must keep it for a lengthy period. One option is to put your cryptocurrency in an account with a time lock. By doing this, you will not withdraw your crypto for a set period.

2. To-do List App

The next idea is to create a task list application powered by Ethereum smart contracts. In making this application, you will learn more about how blockchain functions or the way blockchain applications function generally.

Build a Todo App with REACT | React Project For Beginners (FULL), Source: Youtube, Dev Ed

In a straightforward to-do-list web-based application, we utilize an internet browser and an internet server to store all the data and code in our program. To build a to-do-list application using Blockchain, you must perform something different. 

3. Voting System

The third blockchain intermediate project idea is to create an election system. Voting is an excellent example of how blockchain technology and smart contracts can increase confidence and transparency in the system. This app can be beneficial in conducting elections on an organizational scale and in the national context. When developing this application, you must be aware that you have the following things to ensure your system will run smoothly. Then, it must be clear with a guarantee that the voting rules are followed. Of course, we want that the vote is correctly registered and counted. There must not be any error or chance of fraud within the voting process. This will all be conducted with a solid foundation. Enjoy this project!

4. Savers Application and Lending Application

The next concept for the project is to create an application that allows for lending and savings. Decentralized finance, also known as Devi, is a massive moment in the market. Defi is essentially a method to take existing financial services and make them available on the Blockchain.

Loan Management App Template | Money Lending App Development, Source: Youtube, Techware Solution

Saving and lending is one area in which people are doing this frequently. Through this application, users can get loans through blockchains. It means they could secure certain assets and then borrow additional cryptocurrencies and pay them back after a set period. Another possible use for this type of application is trading in cryptocurrency. The traders can secure certain crypto assets to take an alternative investment and then sell it for profits. 

5. Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

The ultimate idea for a blockchain-based initiative in the middle-of-the-road category would be a decentralized crypto exchange. This exchange is not custodial, which means that it will not be running on a server. It allows you to manage and own those private keys for your currency. There are many cryptocurrency users, and all of them want to trade their crypto at some point, and a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange could let them do that. After you have your intelligent contracts set up for this, you will require an interface for clients to allow users to use your application and make use of it. For creating the interface, you could use any backend framework such as React.js, Node.js, Angular, Django, etc. To convert your website to a blockchain-based application, you'll require a type of library. A library that transforms your website into a blockchain-based website, and this is the place where web3.js comes in. Web3.js lets you communicate with smart contracts on an ordinary website.

Advanced Blockchain Projects

1. Blockchain Wallet

The most advanced blockchain idea for a project is Blockchain Wallet. There are many cryptocurrency users, and they're looking for something to keep track of their money. Blockchain wallets can enable them to store their funds and transfer them to other wallets.

Blockchain Wallet: How to use Bitcoin Wallet, Source: Youtube, BTC Sessions

Examples of blockchain wallets are trust accounts, Coinbase wallet, and Argent wallet. The primary use of these wallets is holding cryptocurrency. What is the best way to build something similar to this?. You can utilize React Native or Flutter to develop the native app. You must now connect the app to Blockchain. To do that, web3.js would be helpful. As discussed previously, Web3.js is a library that transforms your website into a blockchain-based site.

2. Peer To Peer Carpooling

The next concept for the project is a peer-to-peer carpooling app. The majority of carpooling services are under the control of one entity. It is possible to make a smart contract that could connect the rider and driver directly, without the assistance of any third party like Uber or Ola. Companies such as Uber and Ola are the sole owners of all the information of drivers and passengers, and this could cause privacy issues. If ride-sharing services and car rental are moved to Blockchain, we could develop a safer and more efficient carpooling system.

3. Skill Verification System

The next concept for the project is to develop an assessment system for skills. On social media, people can make any assertion about themselves that is believed to be true even though they aren't. The method for assessing skills will validate the capabilities quickly and objectively. It would also include the decentralized consensus. Skills will be evaluated anonymously by random users.

Make An Easy Verification System Like@SoundDrout, Source: Youtube, Being

They will verify and confirm the claim and be rewarded for their effort. For example, if a person knows everything about react.js, They would assert and provide evidence, like their Github repos. Then other members of the same domain will verify the claim. The claim has been either 'endorsed' or flagged based on the consensus.'You could build this application with Ethereum smart contracts.


In this article, we've discussed the top 15 blockchain-related project ideas you could build and include on your resume to make yourself stand out from the crowd. We have divided the concepts into three categories: beginner-intermediate and advanced to ensure that you can get an idea of a blockchain-based project regardless of your stage. We have observed how any blockchain application is constructed using Ethereum smart contracts and an interface. We also talked about the significance of using the Web3.js library when building any blockchain-related app.

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