The most popular mobile banking app of 2022

If you love having your phone at hand and you want to be able to reach it, then you might consider thinking about making a bank account with a company with a robust application. The most reliable banking apps come with user-friendly interfaces that simplify managing your bank account. With just a few clicks, you'll be able to see your balances on your account, make deposits to checks, and even contact customer service. With specific applications, you will be able to check your balance without having to log in or monitor the progress of your rating on your creditHere are some of our most-loved applications for banking right now:

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  • Savings buckets allow you to save for different goals, such as "Emergency account" or "Travel Account."
  • If you activate this feature, you will be able to Surprise Savings function; Ally evaluates the amount you can put aside in your checking account. Ally then automatically transfers any extra money into savings, up three times per week.
  • Live customer service, both via the phone as well as via chat.
  • Pay for friends and family using Zelle.
  • Use mobile check deposit.
  • Ally offers competitive rates on account balances, savings accounts, and C.D.s. savings account, savings as well, as C.D.s

Ally Bank Review: Is It Worth It in 2021? Source: Youtube, Your Friend Andy


  • There's no method to deposit cash.
  • Our top choices have higher average scores on the Google Play store.

Capital One


  • Capital One Doesn't charge foreign transaction fees
  • It's mostly an online bank, but it is a branch in 8 states, as well as Washington, DC
  • Use mobile check deposit
  • Keep track of your credit score with the app.
  • It provides a competitive saving APY

Capital One 360 Review | No Fee Checking and Savings, Source: Youtube, Magnified Money


  • While rates are higher than average, you can get better savings and CD rates by using one of our best choices.

Charles Schwab


  • Charles Schwab will cover every ATM and foreign transaction charge worldwide, making it an ideal institution for travel.
  • Save, invest, and spend within the same app.
  • Use mobile check deposit.

Charles Schwab Mobile Trading App Tutorial, Source: Youtube, Jake Broe 


  • Our top picks also have better Google Play ratings.
  • You have to invest with Charles Schwab to create a checking account.
  • The bank pays low-interest rates.
  • There's no method to deposit cash.



  • Control all of your banking accounts as well as investments and credit card points with the same application
  • Monitor your credit score using the app.
  • Use mobile check deposit.
  • Pay money to family members and friends using Zelle and Chase QuickPay.
  • Automate savings transfers and create folders to separate savings goals, such as "Vacation Fonds" and "College Savings."
  • There are over 4,700 branches and 16,000 accessible ATMs across the U.S...

How to use Chase Mobile Banking App Review, Source: Youtube, The Stuff I Use Channel


  • Chase has low-interest rates.
  • There are monthly service fees on your account unless you can be exempt from them.



  • Get your paycheck and other direct deposit payments for up to 2 days in advance.
  • Get APY rates that are high for savings.
  • Chime Savings Account Chime Savings Account can help you save money by creating several direct deposits that automatically transfer to savings. Also, round debit card transactions up until the closest dollar. You can also save the extra change in savings.
  • Use mobile check deposit.
  • Cash can be deposited. However, this isn't a possibility on all online banking platforms.

Chime App Step-by-Step Guide, Source: Youtube, Magnified Money


  • If you deposit money at a GreenDot location, you'll be charged an amount
  • You need to open a checking account to be eligible for savings accounts.
  • There aren't any joint accounts.



  • Live support for customers is available 24/7.
  • Monitor your credit score using the app.
  • Control the details of both your account with your bank as well as your credit cards within the same application
  • Use mobile check deposit
  • You can earn the highest rates on savings and C.D.s.
  • Earn cash-back rewards with Discover It Cash Back, a checking account. Discover It Cash Back checking account.

Use the Discover It . credit card app, Source: Youtube, Phillip Marcus


  • You'll need a minimum of $2,500 to open an account with a CD or money market bank account.

Frequently asked questions

What exactly is a banking app?

Many banks with large branches offer apps to download through the Apple or Google Play store. The user will create a username or password. If you've utilized online banking in your web browser, your username and password are likely to be identical. The layout of the app should be similar to the design of your browser.

Through a banking app, you'll be able to complete the basics you'd expect to do in a bank: check your balance, contact an agent, and view your account balances.

Are our banking apps available for free?

The majority of banking apps are free if you have a bank account with the bank. Be aware that statements can be subject to fees.

Certain banks will charge monthly service charges. However, you must be able to get them waived. You may also be charged charges for excessively drawing your balance, using an ATM, not in your network, and using your debit card to withdraw funds from a foreign country.

What should I expect from an app for banking?

Are our banking apps available for free? Source: Proreviewsapp

At the minimum, you ought to be able to use your banking app to view your balances on your account, transfer money between banks, make deposits on checks using the app's camera, and find the contact details for customer service.

The top banking apps we recommend include additional features that are more robust. When you think about what features you'll need, take a look at your bank routines.

  • Do you want to view all your financial details in one location? You might like to invest, bank, and even create a credit card through the same company and keep track of your financial information in one place. It is also possible to have an application that will show the rating on your credit.
  • Are you living an unusual working schedule or a hectic life? Maybe you want an app that offers 24/7 live customer service.
  • Do you need help saving to achieve the goals you have set? Find an app with automated savings tools or with buckets for savings that allow you to manage your goals.


Keep an eye out for high-yielding savings accounts, low fees, or the ability to deposit direct deposits earlier when looking for a banking application. The app should be connected to a financial institution with the features and products you're looking for.

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