Best Investment Apps for 2022

Investment apps enable both novice and experienced investors to control the management of their investment portfolios on the market for stocks and different financial markets. With a wide range of convenient solutions at low costs, the investment apps -the most effective we've found to investors today -- can help them save money and increase their portfolios. Suppose you were once required to pick up the phone and make a call to a stockbroker to initiate a trade (and pay a hefty commission). In that case, You can now take your phone out, tap the screen a couple of times, and business nearly instantly, usually for no cost or at a minimal cost. After evaluating a variety of apps in terms of price, user-friendliness, investment options, and other factors, we compiled a list of the top investment apps available in the present.

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We picked TD Ameritrade as the best overall choice because it provides everything for investors of all experience levels and is priced well. For those new to trading, the basic TD Ameritrade mobile app has excellent user-friendliness, and for more experienced traders, the thinkorswim mobile app is a professional experience.

BEST BROKER IN SINGAPORE! (TD AMERITRADE?), Source: Youtube, Calvin Chirnside

TD Ameritrade users can access both apps using an account with a brokerage, and there aren't any minimum balance requirements or commission charges for trading. Customers of the app thinkorswim can also access a constant CNBC feed in the application.

RUNNER-UP: Fidelity

Fidelity is a well-known broker that offers a wealth of resources for all kinds of investors. It is notable because of its emphasis on education for retirement, which includes retirement calculators and other tools.

By using the Fidelity Investments mobile app, you can access almost everything you'll ever need from your savings account. It works with both Apple Watch and Google Assistant for additional functions. It will help you track and set your savings and investment goals.

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The brokerage has a selection in its mutual fund, with no transaction or recurring charges. It's also among a few major brokerage firms that provide fractional share investments.


Acorns is a mobile-first-focused brokerage and banking app that provides innovative financing options, such as regular transfers and round-ups of purchases made using connected cards. Acorns provide ETFs and specific recommendations to you in response to a questionnaire you fill out while creating an account.

Acorns Investing for Beginners (2022) - A Complete Tutorial, Source: Youtube, DLITZTV

The most significant drawback to Acorns is the cost structure. The monthly cost is $3 for investing or retirement funds, as well as checking ("Personal"), and the fee is $5 each month ("Family)" with all features in personal and accounts for investment for children. A few dollars per month might not seem like a lot. However, it could be an enormous portion of your balance for smaller accounts. For instance, a $1 monthly charge equals a 12percent annual fee for a $100 credit.

Best for Free Investments: Webull

Webull offers a robust mobile application for experienced and active traders. It's perfect to trade ETFs, stocks, cryptocurrency, and options. It is also compatible with IRAs. There is, however, no trading in the bonds and mutual funds.

Weibull offers a free three-month NASDAQ level 2 account to all new customers.

WeBull - Opening 285 FREE Stocks, Source: Youtube, Andrei Jikh 

Although Webull focuses on no-cost trading and investing, It's best suited for those with experience trading. Its emphasis on trading options and stocks could be overwhelming for novices; however, if you're willing to invest the time to master the subject, Webull is an excellent low-cost alternative.

Best for AUTOMATED INVESTING: Betterment

A few investors would prefer to hand their cash in the hands of someone else who will select bonds, stocks, and other funds for them. You had to pay for a high-priced financial adviser to provide specific guidance in the past.

Betterment Review 2021 | Automated Investing, Source: Youtube, Magnified Money

Today, Robo-advisors such as Betterment will provide you with a carefully created portfolio of ETFs at a low cost according to your investment objectives. You can pick the most appropriate portfolio for your goals or an environmentally responsible portfolio—a socially Responsible portfolio when you invest with Betterment.

Betterment is charged an annual 0.25 percent management fee, with no minimum balance requirements. 

Although it's not entirely cheap, it could be worthwhile for investors looking to have a completely hands-off experience.

The most user-friendly app: SoFi

SoFi provides a total service financial business that provides banking, lending, and investing; all managed through one easy mobile application. SoFi's application, SoFi Invest, is ideal for those who are new to investing, as it offers investment education as well as lets you start with small amounts of fractional shares known as "Stock Bits."

SoFi Invest Review | One of the Best Investing Platforms in 2021?, Source: Youtube, Your Friend Andy

SoFi Invest users can trade ETFs, stocks, as well as cryptocurrency. The trades for ETFs and stocks are entirely free. SoFi Invest also offers a managed portfolio that does not have additional fees for investment management. Overall, SoFi has outstanding accounts priced right and user-friendly, which is an ideal combination.


We looked at more than 20 different investment applications to create our list of recommendations. The apps that made our list were selected based on their price, features, user-friendliness, the number of assets they offer, and the account types they support. The apps we've chosen can be used on Apple or Android devices.

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