What made Steve Jobs successful?

Steve Jobs is deemed a marketing genius by most people as he made Apple products a status symbol for generations to come. There are several written reasons as to why Jobs was successful and a legend in the marketing world. One of them was that Steve was innovative, naturally talented, and born a genius. We all love iPhones and Apple products. The iOS apps in the App Store are great, aren't they?

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What made Steve Jobs successful

From his childhood, Steve was known to be an innovative and unique kid who has creative powers. He was curious while a kid and pay attention to details. While several people possess these traits, not all of them have achieved the success that Steve achieved.

So why was he successful.

His innovative ability

He was successful because of his innovative ability which helped him to design impeccable products that attracted considerable consumer demand. His innovativeness is attributed to the rapid growth and development of Apple during Steve’s stewardship.

 His personality

Job’s success in the business world is linked to the personality that helped him thrive in various business environments. Despite all the challenges he faced while working at his parents’ garage and even establishing the Apple company, he remained focused. The focus was one of his traits that seem to be one of his eternal realities of life.

What made Steve Jobs successful

What made Steve Jobs successful, Source: Proreviewsapp.com

His communication skills also helped him succeed as he always understood his message and ensured his staff understood what he put across. In addition, he constantly educated, informed, entertained, and inspired his audience.

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Extensive passion and confidence in his life endeavors

Job enjoyed every aspect of his life, especially in entrepreneurship. He was a good influencer and influenced his customers’ purchasing attitude by explaining why they need apple products. This earned the company tremendous popularity hence resulting in its fast growth. He believed that being enthusiastic about his work can make him prosperous,

Steve Jobs' life

Steven Paul Jobs was born on 24th February 1955 in San Francisco, California, in the United States. Jobs was raised by his adoptive parents Paul and Clara Jobs, in Cupertino, California. Steve grew up with one sister, Patty. Although Steve had a passion for engineering, his youth passions varied after dropping out of Reed College Portland. Having dropped out of college, Jobs got a job at Atari corporation as a videogame designer in early 1974. Steve saved some money from his salary at Atari corporation, which he used for the journey to India to learn Buddhism

 Steve Jobs' life

Steve Jobs' life, Source: Proreviewsapp.com

In 1974 Steve reunited with his former high school friend Wozniak who told Jobs of his progression in inventing his computer logic keyboard. After hearing him, Jobs gave Wozniak a suggestion to get into business together, which they did in 1976. They developed the apple 1 in the Jobses’s family garage with cash they had earned from selling Steve's Volkswagen minibus and Wozniak’s programmable calculator.

 Jobs was committed to the success of the Apple company despite the ups and downs. However, Jobs started experiencing health problems in 2000, leading to his death on 5th October 2011 in Palo Alto, California.

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 Steve Jobs' Journey to the East

From his childhood, Steve had shown interest in eastern religiosity. He started working at Atari corporations to save money for his trip to India to learn Buddhism and meet Neem Karoli, who he considered his guru. His interest in visiting India even escalated more after reading “Be here now” and the autobiography of a mystic. After saving enough money, Steve started his journey to India with Daniel Kottke on a spiritual flight in the 1970s for seven months.

 Steve Jobs' Journey to the East

Steve Jobs' Journey to the East, Source: Proreviewsapp.com

He first landed in Delhi and bartered his western clothes for Lungi, the traditional Indian outfit. Then, he started his trip from Delhi to the Himalayas to search for Neem Karoli. Along the way, he persevered by feeding on free meals given by the Hare Krishna temple and sleeping in abandoned houses. He was overcharged by cabs, given watered-down milk, and taken to a motel instead of a hotel, but despite all this did not give up on meeting his guru, who he last found out that he was dead. While his visit to India was not a good experience, it changed his life. He learned about Buddhism and went to Zen through speculation that he learned in India. He went back to Atari through meditation but now as a focused person and rekindled his friendship with Wozniak and started working together.

 Steve Jobs' multiple failures

Steve Jobs is a legend whose latency is full of failures, failures that he truly learned from them. The most significant failures of Steve Jobs include;

It was a failure of Steve Jobs to introduce NeXT computers to the wrong market.

Having a strong belief in Pixar becoming the home of computer hardware

Enlisting John Sculley as Apple's CEO. Sculley later fired Steve Jobs from Apple company.

Attempting to sell Pixar severally without success.

Launching failed products in the market severally.

After failures, Steve Jobs got up to succeed.

A great person learns from their mistakes or failures. This statement can be justified by how Steve Jobs stood up from his failures in the Apple company. We can say he learned from his mistakes, and he went out to correct them. He created many businesses, gained experience, and, last, returned to his former company Apple, where he built a legacy. Today’s Apple's profitability and outstanding achievements are because of Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs' great dedication to Apple

The remarkable trait of personality was seen in Steve Jobs while he was working for Apple. He was a committed person to the company since the day they founded Apple together with Steve Wozniak. However, in September 1985, just 11 years after founding and working for the Apple company, Steve Jobs was forced to stop working.

After that, he built NeXT, a computer company that had great prosperity. It was a great challenge for Apple company see the prosperity of Jobs, who they recently sacked. To bring Steve Jobs back, Apple acquired NeXT and employed him permanently.

The greatest mission of his working for Apple was to create unity and help co-workers achieve or reach the company's good marks. So it was not too long when Apple realized new achievements under the leadership of Steve Jobs when the company released the iPhone, iPod, and iMac as Apple products.

 What made Steve Jobs a legend?

You have to get it right that Steve Jobs is not a legend just because of his name. He is the world's icon for tech entrepreneurship. Today's most valuable and globally known companies like Apple Inc and evolutions of businesses such as NeXT and Pixar film operate under the courtesy of Steve Jobs. What is more impressive is, that he used few resources to start this business.

What made Steve Jobs a legendWhat made Steve Jobs a legend, Source: Proreviewsapp.com

Steve Jobs was an individual who had unique personality traits of succeeding and persevering habits to pursue positive achievements. This can be seen through Jobs' business revolution in creating business opportunities that today are great companies. His journey to build a large business was not easy, and through following his success path, he achieved unbelievable fruits.

Therefore, personality is the most important thing that made Steve Jobs to be a legend up to date. How he started and progressed through his entrepreneurship is uniquely far apart from all ever known business legends.

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 Steve Jobs is a marketing wizard that made Apple products a status figure for the coming generations. Jobs will be commemorated as the most iconic entrepreneur ever because of his intelligence and strong personality that gave Apple products their image.

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