How to Set-Up Google Pay for Android and iOS

Initially, Google Pay was a primary payment system that made it simple payment at the supermarket cash register, online, and even sending money to family and friends electronically. In November 2020, the service received a significant upgrade, giving users more incredible options for managing their finances.

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What is Google Pay?

It allows users to connect their debit and credit cards and bank accounts to pay for purchases in stores or online. It also lets users transfer funds to friends and family members.

Furthermore, users can monitor their expenditure, earn cashback deals, and ultimately establish a new bank account with Google Play.

Google Pay has three main functions: Play, Explore, and Insights.

Google Pay API Explained, Source: Youtube, Google Chrome Developers 


The option is GooglePay's mobile wallet which allows for secure transactions using the virtual account number whenever you pay in-person for contactless transactions and online purchases. The app will protect your account number by using one-time virtual credit card numbers (also known as "tokens"). When you're using the app, you'll be able to look back at the history of the purchases you made with tap-to-pay.

Google Pay is also a great option to use Google Pay to send money to family members and friends, divide bills with other people and highlight the people with who you do business the most frequently.

 Additionally, you can utilize Google Pay to order food at more than 100,000 establishments and fuel to more than 3000 fuel stations or pay parking fees in over 400 cities. 


Google cooperates with brands like Burger King, Etsy, REI, Target, and others to offer cashback deals, discounts, and much more. You can also join your loyalty account to earn savings for every purchase.


Google's Insights feature transforms the primary mobile wallet and transforms it into a financial management application. It allows you to connect to your banking and credit card accounts to monitor your balances and gain insights into your spending habits. 

Log in and connect

After that, you'll sign in with your Gmail account. You can also start a new account if you don't have one. After that, you'll input your mobile number, and Google will text you a message to confirm the information. After you've verified your details, The app will then ask you to select a variety of privacy options, all of which can be changed at any time if you'd like.

How to login in Google pay, Source: Youtube, Technical Sandip 

For instance, you could sign up to allow other app users to find you on the app using your name or contact details and select whether you wish to earn cashback or discounts.

Customize Your Settings

Then, you'll be able to activate the personalization feature that monitors your actions to make your experience more personalized in the app for ease of use. If you're unsure about this, you could request a reminder every three months or remove it.

Keep in mind that your Google Pay account is tied to your Gmail account. Therefore, if you've transferred payment information to that account, it will show within your Google Pay app. If not, you're able to add payment methods to your account through the Insights tab, and after that, "Show the entire account."

In the end, getting set up with Google Pay takes just a few minutes and can be even quicker when you already have an active Gmail account that is linked to a debit or credit card.

How Can You Use Google Pay?

When you're inside the application, make sure you discover the various features and how you can maximize the benefits it offers.

Paying in-store and online

Ensure that the near-field communications (NFC) are turned on for your device. You don't need to launch Google Pay. Google Pay app.

Online Shopping Using Google Pay on Amazon, Source: Youtube, CeLL

If you're making purchases on the internet or making payments through an app on your mobile that supports Google Pay, tap the Google Pay button during the checkout procedure. Select your preferred payment method and supply your shipping address if you're asked. Then verify the purchase.

Donate in the direction of Friends and Family

Click "Send" on the lower right of the screen, then choose the option to send or request, and finally "Find individuals who are willing to make payments" on the upper right-hand side of your screen. You'll require to invite someone to connect to you before sending or receiving money. If you've granted Google to gain access to your contact list, you'll be in a position to identify the recipient on Google. 

Earn Rewards

Select the Explore tab in the lower-left corner of your screen and sign up for a credit card or debit card to the program. Please scroll down to see the various offers and include them on your card. You can then use that card, either the physical or digital version online or by tapping to pay, and you'll receive the reward.

Google Pay Rewards | How to get Reward in Google Pay Tricks, Source: Youtube, ICT Academy NSP 

To maximize the benefits and value of Google Pay rewards, turn on location sharing on the app. You'll discover popular offers in your area depending on where you are.

Take Control of Your Money

Here, you can create financial accounts and view an organized list of the most recent significant purchases, due bill dates, or spending summaries, as well as other crucial financial data points. It is also possible to search for receipts and transactions that have been uploaded or received via email.

Advantages as well as Cons Google Pay


It is easy to set up and use

Rewards for offers

Provides financial guidance


Not all functions are accessible to iOS users.

Don't provide buyer protections.

Why Google Pay? | Advantages of using Google Pay | Is Google Pay Safe to Use?, Source: Youtube, BLINK TALK

Pros Explained

  • It's easy to install and utilize: It's easy to set up and use: Google Pay app only takes some minutes to set up, after which, once you're inside the app, it's pretty simple to locate what you require and how to make use of the application.
  • Rewards: The rewards programs encourage users to utilize the app more frequently, enhancing their everyday spending.
  • Provides financial guidance: The Insights feature can assist you in tracking your income, balances, and expenses as you can access all of your bank accounts as well as credit cards in one place.


  • It does not support all functions available for iOS: Apple users aren't able to pay NFC payments with Google Pay.
  • Does not offer protection for buyers: You can dispute fraudulent transactions using Google Pay, but you cannot enjoy the amount of buyer protection PayPal provides. But, you can connect your PayPal accounts to the Google Pay wallet.


Each of these options has many advantages and drawbacks, So it's essential to look at different options to find the most suitable choice for you.

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