The 5 Top Event for Mobile Game Developers to participate in

For smaller mobile game studios surviving on a shoestring, the cost of any expenditure that doesn't provide immediate impact can appear to be an indulgence. The most popular amenity is going to any industry-related events that happen worldwide every year. While the benefits over time are available for everyone to see, there is no assurance attending any one event can result in a surge in sales, making it challenging to determine which events to go to. However, these events allow developers to make connections that aren't only possible on the internet. Suppose it's meeting with an influential person like a journalist at an after-party or meeting the company's new art director at the table for coffee. These events can be highly beneficial to the company's future that operates on mobile games.

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Digital Dragons

Where and What time: Krakow, Poland (May)

Draw: The perfect place to show off the mobile game

Prices: Early bird developer tickets start at $113.

Digital Dragons 2022: Research, referencja, kreacja -spójność strefy wizualnej w grze, Source: Youtube, Digital Dragons

The location is in one of the more stunning cities in Eastern Europe; Digital Dragons is an essential point of contact for both PC and mobile developers. Digital Dragons stand out but are the constantly high-quality presentations geared towards mobile studios it is home to, including Chillingo and Dying Light developer Techland as regular participants.

Digital Dragons also have an Indie Showcase right at its center, showing the top Indie games on various formats, including mobile. The last year's winner, 911 Operator by Jutsu Games, went on to surpass the goals of its Kickstarter campaign, raising nearly 400 percent more than the goals before reaching Steam.

Digital Dragons is an excellent place to start for developers who want to be recognized by a publishing company or an investor.


Where and What time: San Francisco (February/March)

Draw: It is arguably the essential gaming industry conference of any kind

Prices: Early bird expo passes start at $199, and conference passes start at $999

Booba - GDC, Source: Youtube, XenceMa

GDC is the biggest daddy of all meetings and the central meeting of the entire industry in the sun of San Francisco. Although costs can vary according to where the developer is coming from, GDC is one of the most expensive events you can go to, but it is also among the most useful.

It's busy, packed, and usually hot and humid, but GDC is a melting-pot of contacts, talent, and funds. The offered talks are top-quality, including summits devoted to developing indie games, marketing, and business tracks, and an entire set of sessions dedicated to virtual reality across every platform. GDC is among the few conferences around the globe. If you choose the sessions you'd like to attend, you will get honest, valuable guidance from the most reputable top mobile developers.

The short version is that GDC will be where some of the very best and brightest can share their knowledge with people who wish to be the top and most brilliant of the future.

Casual Connect

When and Where: Berlin (February); Singapore (May); San Francisco (July); Tel Aviv (November)

Draw: Modern-day discussions about mobile gaming on the go.

Prices: Tickets for individual events start at $550.

Casual Connect Tel Aviv - Official Video, Source: Youtube, GameDaily Connect

Casual Connect is no longer a single event but more of a tour around the globe that will visit cities around the world and always offer the most up-to-date review of the situation in casual games. Mobile is a prominent feature in the talks and presentations, and Casual Connect is always at the forefront of game development for mobile, especially when it came in the direction of free-to-play a couple of years ago.

Casual Connect is where developers visit if they wish to see their mobile games become mainstream. The techniques they will learn in this event are unparalleled to any other game event around the globe. The locations change from one year to another, but make sure you know where Casual Connect is heading in the coming year.


When and Where: Helsinki (November/December)

Draw: In which the most eminent VCs make their following investments

Prices: Early bird passes begin at $333.

Slush 2021 – Day 1 – Founder Stage, Source: Youtube, Slush

The same company established slush that Clash of Clans constructed? Better known under the name Supercell. While it's not specifically geared towards game developers (all types of innovation and software are accepted), mobile studios are on the agenda simply since the Finnish capital is filled with them.

Apart from a trip to Silicon Valley, Helsinki is the ideal place for developers to showcase their products and get money from American Venture Capitalists without having to leave Europe. The awe-inspiring guests at Slush mean Slush is an absolute spectacle. But the showy nature of Slush isn't stopping people from getting down to business. 

Mobile Games Forum

Where and What time: London (January); Seattle (October)

Draw: The most prominent mobile games are here!

Price: Free for a small number of developers (subject to approval)

GamesForum Online - The Art of Mobile Game Retention, Source: Youtube, wappier

One of the foundations that make up London's annual Mobile Games Week is Mobile Games Forum. The (more probably) cold and wet U.K. capital during January may not sound like the most appealing destinations; however, when you consider a top line-up, MGF is a powerhouse.

In the past few seasons, this two-day festival has seen the likes of Rovio, King, and Wooga, with each offering insights into the strategies of their respective achievements. MGF also has a great pitching event that developers can register for as a part of their registration to try their games in front of a select group of media and investors. Usually, it happens after the conclusion of the first day; this pitching process will help developers improve their game (and, in fact, the way they promote it) before releasing.

If getting to London might be somewhat of a challenge, MGF also hosts an identical occasion in Seattle in October.


The key to success in an event or event is to have a purpose for going and an idea of what should be achieved while at the event. Are you looking to meet with investors, talk to an editor, or get noticed by critical journalists? Determine these goals and focus on achieving them. Do not get involved in the event, get distracted by the circumstances, or get caught up in the excitement.

Below, we provide five of the top industry events around the globe to help independent creators determine which events will be worth the time and cash.

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