Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Activity 2: Which one is right for you?

These smartwatches are now in your sights. You're done! These smartwatches offer unique features. 

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Galaxy Watch 3 vs. Active 2 Design

The most noticeable difference between the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 + Active 2 is their looks. It is essential to pick a smartwatch that you like the design.

The Galaxy Watch 3 has a larger display than the Active two and has two buttons on the sides.

GALAXY WATCH 3 vs WATCH ACTIVE 2 by Samsung (Worth The Extra $150?), Source: Youtube, Mike O'Brien 

Like the Active 2, a silicone band can be used for a sportier and more relaxed look.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is made for activewear and has two buttons similar to the Galaxy Watch 3's. They are, however, more minor.

Silicone bands make Active two watches extremely comfortable, especially for exercising.

Galaxy Watch 3 vs. Active 2 Specifications

The specifications of both the Galaxy Watch 3 and Active 2 are identical. The only difference is that the Watch 3 has more storage.

Both watches run on the Exynos 9110 dual-core processor. Both eyes run on Samsung's Tizen operating system. We will talk more about LTE connectivity later.

These Samsung smartwatches are unique because of their storage options. Your smartwatch can be used as a companion for your phone, and you can take it with you everywhere you go.

Galaxy Watch 3 vs. Active 2 Features

Both smartwatches provide activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, and trip detection. Both smartwatches are capable of receiving smartphone notifications.

Galaxy watch 3 vs Galaxy watch active 2, Source: Youtube, boreytechnews

While the Galaxy Watch 3 can provide information about your running and workouts, the Active two is more powerful. The Galaxy Active 2 has advanced running metrics and an integrated coach to help you get the most out of your running.

While the Galaxy Watch 3 doesn't have running features, there are 39 sports modes. The Galaxy Watch 3 also comes with Night Tracking, which allows you to track your sleep and show how many REM you get each day.

Galaxy Watch 3 can also take an ECG to measure blood pressure and oxygen levels.

Galaxy Watch 3 vs. Active 2 LTE Connectivity

What is LTE? LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. This is the base of 4G.

LTE is an option.

Both watches are compatible with Android phones, including those not made by Samsung and iPhones.

Galaxy Watch 3 vs. Galaxy Watch 3 vs. Active 2

The prices of watches vary depending on the features you select.

Galaxy Watch 3:

  • The 41mm model is priced at $399 and includes Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Prices start at $429 for the 45mm model, including Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 LTE vs Bluetooth - Which Should You Buy?, Source: Youtube, SMARTWATCH SERIES

  • You will pay $50 more for 4G LTE coverage on either size model. Pricing for the 41mm model starts at $399, and the pricing for 45mm begins at $429.
  • Only the Titanium model is available in a 45mm version. Prices start at $599.

Active 2:

  • The price for the 40mm model starts at $249. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity and WiFi connectivity.
  • Prices start at $269 for the 44mm model equipped with Bluetooth/WiFi.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 LTE Version, 6 Reasons to Buy!, Source: Youtube, ALLSTARSPACE

  • You will pay $30 more for 4G LTE coverage on either size model. Pricing for the 40mm model starts from $279, and for the 44mm model, $299.
  • The Active 2 Golf Edition does not offer 4G LTE. Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity are only available on the 40mm model, starting at $299 and the 44mm model at $319.

Which Samsung Galaxy Watch do you want?

The Galaxy Watch 3 and the Galaxy Watch Active 2 have very little. As the most popular device, the Watch 3 is the default.

What are other factors to consider before purchasing?

Do you want to save some money?

While the price difference between the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Watch three is not too large, it is still significant. Although the Active two is more expensive than the Galaxy Watch 3,

The Most Recent Technology You Need

Samsung's latest smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, is available. You can keep up with the newest model by purchasing it. However, it offers more storage and more useful features.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3|Watch Before You Buy, Source: Youtube, The Product Lab

A Smartwatch can be used to work out.

Do you want your smartwatch to push you harder during your daily runs? Purchase the Galaxy Active 2 With advanced metrics and a running coach; the Galaxy Active 2 will help you maximize your runs and prepare you for the next.

You want a classic-looking watch.

Do physical watches appeal to you? The Galaxy Watch 3 This watch is more like the Active two than the Active 2. It has leather-like bands you can customize and silicone straps.


While we can't suggest the best smartwatch, we hope that this list will help you decide. The Galaxy Watch 3 or the Galaxy Watch Active 2 are great additions to your daily life.

Once you've purchased your smartwatch, review the best apps for you, and then keep them on your wrist.

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