The 10 Most Amazing Easter Eggs In the Tech World

Easter eggs can be dyed using various colors and patterns. The supermarket shelves are packed with chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs. Children can search under flower pots for candy. Easter Sunday is the most popular season. Easter eggs are a secret joke or surprise is often connected to technology in current times. The hidden Easter eggs in every aspect of your life, from hardware to software. They're in your gadgets to make you laugh. Let's look for Easter eggs hidden throughout the world of technology!

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Macintosh SE (1987)

It wasn't easy to find an image from the development team for the computer in earlier versions of the first Apple Macintosh.

Apple Macintosh SE (1987) Full Tour, Launch, and Demo, Source: Youtube, Jason's Macintosh Museum

All you needed to do for the Apple Macintosh SE was press the debug button and type "G 41D89A". Then, you'd have an image of pixel-sized, monochrome from the Macintosh SE's team of developers.

The An Apocalyptic book by Mozilla

This is a great one. Mozilla coders have created fake apocalyptic literature from a fictional text. It is a symbol of Mozilla's fight against Microsoft ( MSFT, +7.74 percent) in addition to Internet Explorer. You can search for information about Mozilla in the Firefox browser to view extracts from the post-apocalyptic "Book of Mozilla."

Google's Dinosaur Disconnect Game

I'm sure that we've all experienced this. If you launch Chrome with offline settings, you'll encounter the T-rex dinosaur. It is an endless running game.

Chrome Dinosaur Game (Attempting World Record), Source: Youtube, CGaming

To begin the game, just press "Space" or tap on the screen, which will jump the T-rex dinosaur. Continue tapping to jump the dinosaur any time you contact the Cacti.

Google Maps Swimming Directions

Google offers a variety of exciting Easter eggs. One of the most popular is Google Maps. It provides helpful directions to help you understand how to go from one location to another. But, it may also suggest you take a swim. You can drive on and get to the beach; the app tells you to "Swim across the Atlantic Ocean."

Linux Releases the Fish

GNOME panel includes a tool named "Fish." It lets animated fish swim around your screen simply by hitting Alt-F2 to start"run application" or the "run application" utility and entering "free the fish." The creature's name is "Wanda."

Arch Linux: Getting Started With Fish, Source: Youtube, EF - Linux Made Simple

If you click on the Wanda fish using your mouse, it'll move out of the way. Additionally, If you type in"girls from outer space "girls from outer space" (without quotes), Rwanda transforms into an armed warrior, and its task is to eliminate aliens. Utilize "right and left arrows" to move the Wanda and "space" key to shoot.

Google Bubble Level

Search engines like Google are packed with surprising results. One of the most notable is "bubble level." You can launch Google Search in Chrome and look up "bubble level" on your smartphone. It's an interactive leveler that helps you check if your phone is in a good position.

GTA Playboy Mansion

Another platform with a lot of Easter eggs to collect is GTA 5. One of the Easter eggs can be found in "Playboy Mansion." It is in GTA V you come across an estate with an outdoor grotto along with (of course) numerous topless women party-goers.

Kelley Blue Book

Kelley Blue Book app for the iPhone includes an undiscovered version of the 1926 version of Kelly Blue Book just waiting to be discovered.

Find Out Your Car's Value With Kelley Blue Book, Source: Youtube, iwearyourshirt

Shake your phone a little while, and a window will open with the 1926 edition that the Kelly Blue Book was published in. To return to the standard app, click"Home. "Home" icon on the top right of the display.

Zerg Rush

An additional Google Easter eggs! Change your results page into a fun point-and-shoot adventure by looking at "zerg rush." Your search results will be taken over by a falling wave of yellow and red zeroes. Your responsibility is to click on every opponent to shield your sidebar and search results from the mini zeroes.

OS X Tetris

The old Unix programmers hid some games within the code. Open Terminal, type in emacs", then press 'Esc' as well as 'X in conjunction, and then type "Tetris."

How to Play Tetris In Mac OS X for FREE!!!, Source: Youtube, Simillion

This opens the Tetris game. If you substitute 'Tetris with 'pong' or snake, it will show you classic games.


Easter eggs have always had particular meanings, no matter what they are in life or in the realm of technology. Take advantage of the benefits that it provides.

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