ASO - Ranking Factors For Your Apps in Google Play Store & Apple App Store

So, you've just created an app, and it was accepted in Google Play Store & Apple App Store. You want to know how you can increase visibility and app rank or assist someone else in similar. Whatever the reason, the following article will help you "Top ASO Ranking Factors For Your App on Google Play Store & Apple App Store."

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What is it? ASO and App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimizing is the method to improve an application so that your app is ranked higher on the Play Store and App Store and thus increases downloads and visibility for your app.

The below are "Top ASO Ranking Factors For Your App in the Google Play Store & Apple App Store":

App Name

App Name, also known in App Title, will be the first element that users will look at when your app appears at all on screen. App Title, also known as app name, is 50 character field on Google Play Store & 30 characters for Apple App Store.

How To Select App Name | ASO Growth | Organic Install | How to Name Your App | ASO Tips | Play Store, Source: Youtube, Shakeel ASO

The primary goal of your app needs to be displayed on the App Title as a keyword. The App Name plays an essential aspect in determining whether your app will rank higher in Google's Play Store. It is suggested to include your main keyword in the Title.

Total Downloads and Velocity

It doesn't matter how old your app is. If your app receives significant numbers of downloads within a short period, it will rank higher than other apps within your field (unless they're operating at the same speed). 

App Description

App Description plays an essential part in determining the rank of your app. App Descriptions come in two kinds: Short Descriptions and Long Descriptions. When you click the app, you'll see a brief description located beneath "about the app" (as shown in the photo below).

What is an App Description in ASO? MobileMoxie SEO Dictionary - Glossary - Lingo, Source: Youtube, MobileMoxie

A longer explanation is displayed when you click the about app, and the full description is available. A short description is an 80-character area for Play Store and 252 characters for the App Store. The extended description can go up to four thousand characters on Google Play Store, while the maximum is 400 characters for the Apple App Store.


CTR, expressed in percentages, is determined by dividing the number of views your app got by the number of times that your app was viewed (not installing the application, click). The higher your CTR for your app, the more likely it is to increase the chances that it will be ranked above your competitors. 

Ratings and Reviews

The ratings are among the first things users will look at when an app is shown in the app's display. If your app is receiving favorable reviews, users will look at reviews to determine the app's most loved. The quantity and quality of reviews and ratings can impact the store's app, which will make it appear more or less in the rankings.

Screenshots and Preview Videos

Screenshots take up a significant amount of natural area on the device whenever you open an app. The screenshot is boldly displayed on the screen and gives users a glimpse of what they can expect from the app before downloading it.

App Store Optimization(ASO) Course - Preview Videos And Screenshots, Source: Youtube, Lean More 

The preview video provides a comprehensive overview of your app unless you present a different narrative. The more appealing the quality of your videos and screenshots better, the greater the odds of users downloading your app.


The quality of your backlinks to your website will always be beneficial. We suggest having backlinks from your website first. Then, follow by linking all your social media accounts with your application. Guest posting and app submissions or Q&A on Quora's are suggested options.

Keywords Field and Tags

Google Play Store provides additional keyword tags. You can select relevant keywords that are related to your app. E.g., For For instance, if your application is centered around gaming, you may choose arcade or similar choices.

Optimize App Store for Apple: iOS Keyword Field, Source: Youtube, App Radar

If your app is connected to shopping, you may select tags such as online shopping. Similar to those using the Apple App store, you can choose from Keyword fields to include more than 100 keywords, separated by commas. Be aware that all keywords you choose to have in this field must be thoroughly researched and is a high search score or a high amount of popularity in the app market.

Beyond this ASO rankings factors, Google Play Store also takes into account other aspects:


Google can determine the rate of retention for your application. If your app is utilized in your particular niche compared to other applications, Google will rank it more highly.

Advanced SEO | Mobile SEO ASO | Retention, Source: Youtube, MiM Advance Tutorials

The best method to improve your app's retention rate is to create a high-quality application and include specific keywords.

Application Quality

Every app is not flawless. However, your app must be better than the competition. The quality of your app is currently a ranking element. If your app has lower levels of "ANR," "Crashes," or other bugs, it's more likely that your app will be given a better ranking in search results than other apps.

Today, everyone is using apps, whether it's youngsters going to nursery or an elderly uncle using Google Maps for directions. The number of applications is staggering on the market, and over 100 are available within your field. So standing out is crucial.

If your app is awe-inspiring with features, but no one is aware of it, and you're not aware of it, you'll be missing an enormous amount of exposure or downloads.


We recommend following these steps to increase your app's ranking and get greater visibility for your app. If you're still struggling to make your app more prominent in the Play Store, Contact our ASO service, and we will help you get your app to rank higher in the shortest time. We also offer additional Digital Marketing Services for renowned brands. We have assisted them in organizing their websites or apps better than their competition.

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Hope this article is helpful to you, thanks for reading.