The Best Android App Development Tools 2021 for App Developers

Android apps are helpful for all kinds of scenarios that require mobility and ease of access to information. Your business or organization can be more productive with an android app. You can also make your services more accessible to your customers when you offer them an android app to connect with your business. The development process for an android app requires professional-grade tools to ensure that you get the best results.

When you use the best android app development tools, you will be able to guarantee the quality of the results and the security of the applications once they are deployed to the users' devices. Software quality is a top priority for modern businesses and organizations as there are many security threats in the wild.

Please explore the article below to find the right tools for you

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How to Build an Android App

Building an android app begins with the concept for the mobile application. With the idea in mind, it is designed into a sketch that shows the application's layout. After several iterations of the app design, you have an interface that you can use for your android application.

The design also includes the internal components of the applications, such as the routines, procedures, and algorithms that you will use to ease the processing of information within the application. When an app has been designed to process data more efficiently, it will take up less space on the user's device, and the developers will not need to write a lot of code. Additionally, the app will also be more secure and easy to use for the end-users.

How to build an Android AppHow to build an Android App, Source: Proreviewsapp

After the design of the android app, what follows is the actual creation of the mobile application. Graphic design tools are used to create graphical assets such as the icons and backgrounds used in the android application.

With these assets ready, an integrated development environment is used to write the code that will power the application. The use of the IDE ensures that the developer has access to a software development kit, a debugger, profiler, and other valuable tools that you will use to inspect the application while running.

The speed at which code run can be optimized when the developer can log output from sections of code they have written in the IDE. Testing tools are also included in the IDE and are used to automate repetitive testing scenarios required to ensure the best quality of the application.

Android development ends with the final building of the application. The final outputs are the DEX files which can be either in APK or AAR format. The AAR format of packaging android applications is more efficient as it obfuscates the code, ensuring that it cannot be torn apart by other malicious users.

It also compresses all the assets to ensure that the application takes up less space on the user's device and does not take long to download. The signed application is then submitted to the app store or distributed to the users through corporate applications intended for internal use within an organization.

The best tools for Android app development

Tools for Android App Development

Android Studio

Android Studio is the best tool for android app development. It has been developed by Google and has the best features for developing android apps.

Android StudioAndroid Studio, Source: Internet

It is a derivation of JetBrains and makes code editing and app testing a breeze for developers.


This is an ideal alternative to Android Studio that lets you make apps right from your mobile device. It is excellent for beginners but can only support Java and C/C++. Developers that like to use Kotlin will not find much use of this IDE.


Facebook designed the open-source library for easier debugging of applications. If you are integrating a website experience into your application, this is the tool to use. It allows you to view an application hierarchy, SQLite database as well as SharedPreferences.


Build automation is increasingly important for developers. This tool combines the best features from Apache Ant and Maven to make large builds easier. With a single line of code, you can add any third-party library that you need in your application.

Android Asset Studio

Icons are essential for developing applications, and this is the right tool to generate the icons you need.


The tool is best for memory leak detection in your applications. If your application is leaking any memory, you will be alerted to fix it before releasing the app.

 IntelliJ IDEA

The IDE supports Android applications and features refactoring, instant code analysis, and intelligent code completion.

Source Tree

Source control is essential for android developers to keep up with the versions of applications they are working on. This tool lets you manage your Git repositories using a simple GUI. With it, you can commit code changes and make branches with a simple click.

Unity 3D

2D and powerful 3D games are made in a matter of weeks using this powerful game engine.

Unity 3DUnity 3D, Source: Internet

The games offer better details and powerful visual effects.

GameMaker: Studio

YoYo Games provided developers a game engine they can use for developing 2D games.

Game Maker Studio 2Game Maker Studio 2, Source: Proreviewsapp

The tool is simple yet powerful enough to start a career in game development.


Sometimes, graphical functions and operations might block other threads in a running application, slowing it down. The tool lets you monitor your app's performance and identify when the UI thread is being blocked.

AVD Manager

The tool is the best emulator for running applications without a device. You can emulate any android device on your development computer, speeding up the testing and development of apps.


A developer that needs a real-time database for their application will benefit from this cloud-based app back-end service. Their Firestore database is ideal for storing data in the back-end and communicating with the client android app in real-time.


The tool lets you interact with your Android device right from your computer.

VysorVysor, Source: Internet

Typing is possible from your keyboard, and interactions are made smoother and more straightforward when developing apps.

Android Debug Bridge

The command-line tool acts as an interface for communicating with your device.

Android Debug BridgeAndroid Debug Bridge, Source: Internet

When you have developer options enabled on your android device, ADB will connect with the device, allowing you to run apps from the IDE right on your device.


The best quality assurance tool for developers is the platform to test your apps before publishing them.

NimbledroidNimbledroid, Source: Proreviewsapp

It has been used by giants such as Yahoo, PayPal, Pinterest, and Tinder.

RAD Studio

The tool is a visual designer who lets you design hybrid platforms using a single code base.

RAD studioRAD Studio, Source: Internet

The code editor enables you to write code once that will run on multiple platforms.

Pros and Cons of Android development Tools

Here are the Pros and Cons of Android development tools: 

Pros and Cons of Androi developmet tools

Pros and Cons of Android development tools, Source: Proreviewsapp

Each tool has its own advantages and disadvantages, app developers need to take advantage of the right tools to develop their Android apps.

Recommended Android App Development Tools for App Developers

Android developers who need to enhance their production pipeline should at least have the following tools in their toolset.

Recommended Android App Development ToolsRecommended Android App Development Tools, Source: Proreviewsapp

Android Studio: The best IDE for many android developers. There are many tools to choose from, but Android Studio is the best choice for android developers at the end of the day. It is full of valuable tools and will make app development much more straightforward.

- Android Debug Bridge

- Gradle

- Source Tree

- Firebase

- AVD Manager

- BlockCanary

- Android Asset Studio

- NimbleDroid

The developers that are interested in developing Android games will benefit from the following tools:

- Unity 3D: Best game development engine and tool-set.

- GameMaker: Studio


Android apps and games are in high demand. With more people purchasing smartphones that have the Android operating system installed, developers have found an opportunity to make money with apps. In this post, we have listed out the best development tools for 2021 and the benefits they provide the developers. As a developer, you will find this list to be quite useful for your development, debugging and testing functions.

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We hope this knowledge is useful to all application developers and those who are intending to develop Android applications, please comment and give us your opinion.



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