Minimum cost to start monetizing each Android App

The ways to make money for Android Apps

 Have you ever thought that the apps you go to the play store and download are a money-generating source for the app developers? In this tech-savvy era, everybody is looking for ways to make some cash flow, and app developers are no exception. But how do they make money from these Android apps? It is simple to understand the money-generating strategy for the paid apps, but this is a bit complex for free apps. Are you planning to build your app and generate money from it but don’t know how to go about it? Then, relax, check out everything you need to know from the article.

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Conditions for monetization for Android apps

Mobile apps are gaining popularity, and on average, average android phone users can have around forty apps installed on their phones. Developers are excited about the profits they can make from their apps.

Conditions for monetization for Android appsConditions for monetization for Android apps, Source:

However, not all apps can be monetized; there are conditions that an android app should meet before being monetized.

App’s uniqueness or unique features

There are several apps in the market, and some might be doing the same thing, so what will make your app withstand the harsh competition? It is its uniqueness. If the app is the only one offering your services, users will not leave it. So the best way to create a promising audience from who you will be generating cash from, ensure you design a unique app or one with one or two stand-out features.


Ensure that your app is user-friendly before thinking of monetizing it. Research suggests that most app users remove apps from their phones that have a poor user experience.

The apps intuitiveness

How easy is your app to start after downloading? If your app is difficult to start, people will delete it immediately after downloading. So, ensure that the app is intuitive to keep people glued to it and avoid looking for an alternative.

How to make money for Android app

The free app

For Android free apps, app developers can only make money through in-app advertising. This will easily promote Android apps by app developers a lot.

Android Free appAndroid free app, Dates app, Source:

Free apps will have a lot of users without economic conditions to download and use, many famous free apps make a lot of money thanks to in-app advertising.

The free app, in-app purchase

These are purchases made directly from within the free Android app. The purchases are used to access special features or content like restrictive levels, powerups, and other added features. Generally, in-purchase allows developers to sell various virtual items from the app. 

Android Free in app Purchase

Android Free in-app Purchase, Perfect Date 3D app, Source:

In addition to being able to sell in-app products, items, and services, app developers can also install ads inside their Android apps.


Under the paid app, the app developer will earn revenue from what users pay for the app before downloading it.

Android paid app

Android paid app, DAT Flashcards, Source:

Usually, for these paid apps app developers will provide advanced features and no ads in these paid apps.

How to make money 

There are many ways that developers can take advantage of to maximize the profits from their application development.

how to make money for android appHow to make money for Android app, Source:

Here are a few common ways that application developers can follow:

Ads in the app

Besides the in-app purchasing model, there are other models the app can use. This involves advertising another company’s or individual’s services and products from your app. There are several ads that developers can choose from; banner ads, video interstitial, rewarded video, Offerwalls, playable ads, among others. Once a user clicks on this ad, the developer will earn some revenue.

Monetize in-app purchases

The other way to generate revenue from the android app is to monetize the in-app purchase.

Buy and sell real money and virtual products.

With the blooming of technology, apps can now buy and sell virtual and real money products. In addition, you can use your free app to sell physical items.

Sales, service, and transactions

This is an excellent way to monetize a free app. The strategy is a pivot for an existent marketplace. This serves as a perfect way to generate money, especially if the app includes audience transactions or has a marketplace. The revenue generated scales up with the audience scaling app.

Freemium and Subscription with Android app.

Currently, the Subscription method is very popular and preferred by users because the cost the users spend monthly, quarterly, or annually will be much cheaper than when they buy the lifetime version (Freemium).

Subcription Netfix appSubscription Netflix app, Source:

Typical examples are Netflix, Spotify,... Another important advantage is that users will be supported and updated with more new features.


Freemium apps are free to download and use; however, they will need to pay, for users to use some features. In other words, the app is free but contains premium or paid features. However, these features are optional, and users can continue using the app without using them.


A subscription allows users to download an app for free, access all features and services from the app free of charge for a specified period. But, once the period is over, they will be required to pay some fees to continue using the app. 

Platforms to run ads

 Ads are one of the money generation sources for Android apps, but their payment can be tricky if you have not yet initiated monetization for ads. They simply work on per click or visit and downloads(installing). Advertising other business products through Android apps give app owners a great chance to make money.

Platforms to run ads for Android app

Platforms to run ads for Android app, Source:

 However, Android apps can also become ads on other online platforms where they can extend their sales. This is a chance for free apps (with in-app services) and paid apps to sell themselves through other platforms, where they can be installed and purchased and start generating income. If you are an Android app developer and you need a platform to run ads, here are the best;

 Minimum cost to start monetizing each Android App

Then place an ad for that application, you will have to register for a Google Play account and have to spend $ 25 to be able to upload your application to the Google Play app store, users can easily search for your application. On the app store and install using them. Thereby you can make money through your application by the above forms of making money.

Minimum cost to start monetizing each Android AppMinimum cost to start monetizing each Android App, Source:

When we mention the minimum cost to start monetizing Android apps, we have to consider some factors. First, monetizing Android apps can involve a simple process, although technical sometimes. This means there are some things you as a developer need help from other experts on monetizing.

You may also need some tools required to initiate the monetization process on some sources of money. The nature of the app is also a significant factor; it can deeply extend the start cost for the monetization process. For instance, a popular app can include many services to generate income, taking up some costs to monetize. Therefore, the minimum cost to start monetizing on each Android app varies.

Designing apps for business

Android apps can generate money through being typically business apps. Therefore, apps for business should be naturalized to handle business activities for other businesses and get paid for such services. Examples of business Android apps include Dropbox, Slack, Basecamp, Evernote, and Square Register.


Android apps are not just based on creating entertainment or services without generating any income; they are oriented on money-making. But they should be able to make a lot of money, and the best way to activate them is through monetization. Monetization of apps involves activating some services in the apps to be sources of money for the apps. The app can be free when downloading but contains in-app services, or users have to purchase them.

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