The Best First-Person Shooter Game Ever Created

Game genres change and come in and out of style all the time. However, for more than 30 years, first-person shooters have remained among the most reliable blockbuster films that frequently determine the next direction of this medium. There's nothing that is what makes FPS games so great, and that's, in a way, what makes them so unique. The story of this genre is written by the developers who utilized a particular viewpoint and perhaps a gun to create various experiences that keep surprising us, even after we've convinced ourselves that we've experienced everything.

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1. GoldenEye 007

Perfect Dark may technically be the only game; however, If creativity, historical context, and fond memories are interspersed with tiebreaking "X" factors, and you're looking for a truly unique game, then GoldenEye 007 certainly should be included on any list of top FPS games.

GoldenEye 007 - 00 Agent Longplay, Source: Youtube, The Mr. X Podcast

Many words have been written about what GoldenEye was able to do for console FPS games. However, I'm not sure whether it's possible to praise GoldenEye enough for how it celebrated the unique pleasure of local multiplayer or for the incredible power of its single-player game. Many at the time might have thought of writing GoldenEye away as being a weaker version of the top PC FPS games, but the years have proved to be favorable to the pureness of the experience.

2. Unreal Tournament

It's still awe-inspiring to consider the fact that Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 came out just a few days apart. It's more amazing to believe it was the case that Unreal Tournament arguably beat Quake 3 in what was thought by some an entirely different game.

Evolution of Unreal Tournament (1998-2017), Source: Youtube, The Krypt

Let's put aside the debate for the moment; let's all praise The Unreal Tournament in its gameplay mechanics, visual modes, weapons, and perhaps most importantly, its excellent multiplayer maps. It's as enjoyable and thrilling in the same way as P.C. multiplayer shooters can get.

3. Call of Duty

All due respect to this Medal of Honor franchise and its many outstanding releases and innovations that have lasted for years. It's a testament to the excellence of Call of Duty that it provided such an unforgettable WW2 shooter experience. It would help if you reminded players that the Medal of Honor was even an actual thing.

CALL OF DUTY GHOSTS PS5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Campaign FULL GAME [4K 60FPS] - No Commentary, Source: Youtube, MKIceAndFire

It seems that the Call of Duty team took a risk in this one and came up with a way to transform the most intense moments of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault into a complete FPS campaign. Call of Duty was a challenge to every technical limitation of its time and boasted a level/campaign style that is unrivaled.

4. Left 4 Dead 2

The Left 4 Dead was not the first game in its genre. However, the co-op zombie shooter was able to tap into something that many of us have never needed. Its combination of almost arcade-like action, fantastic game design, cinematic gameplay, and near-perfect difficulty has led to it becoming a favorite for millions of players.

Left 4 Dead 2 Expert - The Last Samurai (No Death) Dark Carnival, Source: Youtube, Khomchik

The truth is, the Left 4 Dead sequel is all the above and more. It's the most enjoyable game of its kind; however, in the vast time of FPS games, the feature that truly makes left 4 Dead 2 apart is the ease to revisit the game even after all these years and how they need to play it with friends is never able to fade away.

5. Counter-Strike

It was released at a time that the multiplayer FPS games were expected to be as speedy as they could, Counter-Strike stood out from almost every trend in the genre by requiring players to adopt an approach to gameplay that only a few bullets could be the difference between winning or losing the outcome of a game. It was a daring experiment that would have only come from outside the game industry and was incredible.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (2021) - Gameplay (PC UHD) [4K60FPS], Source: Youtube, Throneful

Counter-Strike Counter-Strike HTML0 is perhaps the most competitive FPS game ever developed. In its early days, it was a well-balanced experience for multiplayer that required a unique set of abilities. Remarkably, mastering the basics of this game never felt like something to do. It's among the most popular FPS games of all time and certainly among the top.

6. Halo: Combat Evolved

It's unfortunate to see that the "Combat Evolved" portion of Halo's full title is often overlooked because this is what distinguished this legendary shooter from almost every FPS game of the time. The strategies you employ to fight the Halo's Covenant adversaries aren't exactly new; however, how this game made you aware of your system for combat against highly smart A.I. adversaries helped to change everything.

Halo: Combat Evolved (Full Campaign and Cutscenes), Source: Youtube, MythicTyrant

But then again, how could you accuse anyone of not reminiscing about Halo for its multiplayer? 16-player LAN games may appear modest at the moment; however, the reality can be that the most prominent online multiplayer games cannot recreate the experience of Halo's Local multiplayer when it's at its most potent and most fierce.

7. Half-Life 2

It's been reported that one of the reasons Valve is hesitant to complete Half-Life 3 is because they had reached a point at which they believed that the expectations of the game were becoming unreal and harmful. It's possible to argue it was because Half-Life 2 was released in the same circumstances. How do you create an update to one of the best innovative, most original, and adored P.C. games ever? What would it take to make that game exceed expectations?

Half-Life 2 - Full Game Walkthrough, Source: Youtube, Bolloxed 

It's true that Half-Life 2 was not up to par and even exceeded those expectations. Half-Life 2 could not create a new path in the genre but took off into the sky and fell into a spot that the other developers didn't know, but we're determined to be. It's a nearly perfect single-player game that plays that are paced and designed are truly fresh after all these years in light of how many studios abandoned the light of the game's brilliance.


These are the best First-Person Shooter Games games. We hope you enjoy it.

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