The best way to Silence the hum of your laptop 6 Things You Can Do

Why is your laptop's fan so noisy? Here are some methods to make your laptop fan quieter and enjoy peace and tranquility! There is no better laptop computer for working in the setting you prefer. But it comes with the price. The buildup of heat is often an issue due to the limited space inside and the capacity of the batteries. Once things start getting hot, the laptop's fan begins to struggle. What is the reason the laptop's fan making noise? And how can we make it quieter? Let's discover the cause.

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What you need to Learn About the Noise of Laptop Fans

Are you wondering why your laptop's fan is noisy?

Tablets, laptops and touchscreens, and many other devices come with fans with a specific purpose that is to help disperse heat through moving air.

If the surroundings are hot, your laptop is likely to have to work harder to remove heat, which results in increased fan noise. Also, it is expected to get hot if the vents are blocked (usually when you're using a laptop in a quiet space).

How to Solve Loud Laptop Fan Noises Caused from Overheating, Source: Youtube, GuruBrew

If you're playing a 3D game using WebGL or rendering video, then there will be an increase in heat.

If your fans are sounding normal but in constant motion, the unit is not likely to be the cause. If your laptop has a habit of running hot, you can refer to the guide below on the best way to repair an overheated computer. The first step is to look at seven strategies to stop the laptop's fan from getting too loud.

1. You can stop your processes to stop the Noisy Laptop Fan

Fans that begin to spin without warning respond to the system's demands, typically the GPU. 

Mac users can block and end unwanted processes using Activity Monitor, and Windows users can utilize Task Management. Linux Users can make use of various techniques to complete malicious processes.

Settings on how to Stop or Reduce laptop fan noise | Laptop fan noise settings, Source: Youtube, Greenford Kapeya

If your computer is experiencing problems with heat, it is best to avoid too many processes that start when your computer starts. Windows 10 users can edit the startup folder, while Mac users can go to System Settings > > Users > Startup and take out anything unnecessary.

Linux startup processes could be adjusted to create a quieter laptop fan.

2. Do you have a Mac? Reset SMC and PRAM to Make the Laptop Fan Noiseless

A quick suggestion for Mac users who experience frequent sounding fans should reboot your SMC(system control controller). The SMC is responsible for various aspects of daily management problems, and noisy fans are the most obvious sign of an issue.

It is also possible to attempt to reset the PRAM and understand how to manage the speed of the fan on your Mac...

3. Laptop Fan Running Loud? Cool It Down

Laptop coolers were simple-looking metal plates with fans at the bottom designed to maximize the available airflow. Today, they're adorned with LEDs and come with different temperatures, wind speeds as well as in-built USB hubs.

Fortunately, peripherals such as that Liangstar laptop cooling pad continue to do their role to keep cooling your computer.


Coolers are great if you use your laptop at an office desk or in another fixed location. They're an excellent purchase for people who want to play intense 3D games and render videos or place their laptop under stress for prolonged durations of time.

Be aware that external coolers can provide an answer to your problem with heat, but they aren't the best solution to constantly hot and noisy laptops.

4. Laptop Fan Noisy? Clean Your Laptop

If you're still wondering why your laptop is so loud, it might be due to dirt.

Loud laptop fans indicate the heat. If your laptop's fans never cease to be loud, it means that it is constantly hot. The buildup of hair and dust is not a choice and hinders airflow. Reduced airflow can lead to inadequate heat dissipation, which is why you'll have to clean the machine to make it more efficient physically.

Note: if you don't know what you're doing, you may damage your components. Make sure you are careful and consult an expert with more expertise.

For cleaning your computer for cleaning, you'll need a liter of air compressed, a driver that can access your notebook, and some patience. It is also recommended to wear an anti-static wristband and disconnect your laptop from an electrical power source (and, when possible, unplug your battery) to ensure that you don't harm internal components or your body with electric static.

Utilize the air in brief flashes to clean hair and dust from internal components, especially around heat sinks and fans. Make sure to read our complete laptop cleaning guide, which covers vents, ports, and the internals.

5. How to Make a Laptop's Fan More Quiet with a Software Solution

Most laptops let you control the fan's speed by using third-party software. Some have built-in control mechanisms.

The apps usually adjust laptop fan speeds or start a routine to remove dust and dirt. Therefore, theoretically, you can lower the sound of the fan on the laptop by reducing its rate.

Be aware that this can increase your laptop's temperature and reduce its life span in the long run, so be sure to use it cautiously.

Adjust Windows Power Settings to Reduce Fan Noise | HP Computers, Source: Youtube, HP Support

Third-party fan management software exists for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

For Linux, you'll need to download to install the sensor's lm and fans control packages. Check out this StackExchange discussion on controlling a loud fan on the Linux notebook to learn more.

6. Laptop Fan is Making a Buzzing Sound or rattling? Replace it!

If the laptop's fans suddenly make a different sound and make a loud buzzing or rattling noise, you may have an issue.

It's almost always an issue that you replace the entire fan. Although jammed bearings can be repaired, it will probably take more time than purchasing and installing a new fan.

Switching the fan to the new one isn't a problem and isn't something anyone who isn't experienced in laptop repairs. While the basic principle remains the same for every laptop, the models from different manufacturers use different methods.

The above video illustrates how to change the HP Pavilion 15 Notebook fan.


These suggestions will hopefully be helpful to you. Thanks for stopping by the blog.

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