The most frequent Android issues and ways to solve these 2022

Android is undoubtedly a fantastic mobile operating system; however, just like all software, it has specific issues that are more apparent after you've been using it. These issues are so widespread that they're present in almost every Android device.

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1. Battery life is short

The power and technology in smartphones grow by the hour, but the battery does not produce much in size.

7 Ways to Improve Your Phone’s Battery Life (Android & iPhone), Source: Youtube, ThioJoe

This can cause a shorter battery life. However, modern phones are equipped with better processing units, resulting in a more extended battery, even though they're smaller.

2. Apps are slow when running on Android

Are you experiencing issues with that game or app you've been enjoying being loaded extremely slow or crashing when you use it, or something similar? The problem may not be the device or the app itself, but that version running on your phone.

How to Speed Up Your Android Phone (Faster Than New), Source: Youtube, Simpletivity

Start Google Play Store Google Play Store to see whether the app has received new updates. They're typically released when new issues occur in the application. Even if there are no updates, uninstalling the application, rebooting the phone, and reinstalling the app may fix the problem.

3. This device shuts off and won't come back on

Sometimes, your smartphone may be erratic and shut off on its own, regardless of whether it's without reason or because your battery has been completely uncharged. But, when you hit the power button to switch it on, the device doesn't appear to be alive! There's no reason to stress about it.

If your battery is completely depleted and your phone will not turn on when connected to the charger, let the phone unattended for a couple of minutes before you attempt again. If the battery is depleted, it's common to wait a few minutes to come back on.

How to fix Android phone won't turn on, Source: Youtube, Wondershare DrFone

If they do nothing for you, search for " device model recovery mode" and follow the steps. Then, you'll be presented with many options. You can switch between options by pressing volume. However, you must pay attention to the first usually the large colored green "Start" text.

Hit the power button and your Android boot if you choose this option.

4. The system is slow or crashes

Some older Android versions will become slower and slower over time.

It's best to keep a minimum number of files sitting within the SD card or in your internal memory without reason, like videos and photos that can be saved on your computer or in cloud storage services without issue.

If your Android apps keep crashing / closing here is how to fix your phone, Source: Youtube, Mr. Sujano

In addition, it is essential to shut down the app after you have used them, or they'll use the smartphone's CPU and RAM, which will make the phone slower.

Then, head to your Settings in your smartphone, look to"Apps," and click on the "Apps" tab. In this tab, you'll be able to uninstall all the apps you no longer use or remove the caches from your apps. This will make your phone run more efficiently and avoid more frequently reported issues on Android phones.

5. Google Play Store is missing

Do not worry; you've not erased the most crucial app on your smartphone through accident. It's impossible without rooting your phone and installing an app specifically designed to remove your account on the Play Store. If the app has disappeared, it is most likely that what be the case is that you have disabled the application.

How to Fix Disappeared Google Playstore On Android Phone, Source: Youtube, Infotech success

To solve this issue, you need to go to the "Apps" tab in the Settings menu and search at your Google Play Store application. It could be hidden in another tab titled Disabled that you can navigate by scrolling down in the primary app tab.

Once you have found it, tap it. Then, in the options that show up, there will be an "Enable" button (or "Disable" if it's already activated) If it is the issue. If you notice it, hit this button, and everything will be back to normal.

6. RAM is nearly fully

This is very common when you have a variety of applications running. The more apps you've running (and running) in addition to the RAM is required of your system, which can cause it to become slow (unless you're using a top-end device). This is especially true when you've got a lot of background-based apps, which means you won't feel they're there.

How To Reduce Extra Ram Usage in Android, Source: Youtube, Get Droid Tips 

Our advice regarding this is to avoid applications that claim to remove all applications running in the background (more known by the name Task Killers) because they can only affect the performance of apps that do have to be running behind (and they need to run in the background making use of RAM, to kill other apps).

The most effective thing you can do to clean up RAM is double-checking the apps you have installed, determining the ones you don't want to use, and removing them. Also, search at an option called the Memory tab in the Settings, in which you can see which apps have the highest use of RAM.

7. I'm unable to find my downloads

Everything that you download from your Android device (other than apps downloaded from Google Play Store, which are installed immediately) Google Play Store, which can be installed instantly) is automatically stored in a system folder dubbed downloads. It's not that more simple, is it?

How to Find Downloads on Android, SOurce: Youtube, Max Dalton 

Among the more frequent Android issues that plague its latest versions is that the OS doesn't have an internal file manager. It means that if it were up to Google only, we wouldn't have access to any of the Android's folders on the device. To access these folders, you'll need to connect to a computer.

There are many apps designed to ensure you can control and browse your files and folders in a matter of seconds. If you'd like a recommendation on which software to use, it is easy to get ES File Explorer.

8. The Bluetooth or mobile data are not working

Other connectivity issues could occur with your Bluetooth or cellular data service. In other words, they may cease to function. The first step you should be taking to fix this is to reboot their phone, which is usually successful.

How To Fix Bluetooth Connection Issues On Android || Bluetooth Not Working [Solved], Source: Youtube, bitubyhow

If it's not working, then what you need to do is to switch off Airplane Mode. Airplane Mode on your device for a couple of minutes. When you switch it off, the device will be back to normal.

9. Text messages aren't being sent

A very frustrating occurrence regarding typical Android issues is trying to send text messages and then realize it's not getting sent. Most of the time, this issue will be at your carrier's end, and the best solution is to wait for things to be restored.

How to Fix Failed to Send Message in your Phone, Source: Youtube, Howtosolveit

You can do a couple of things to determine if the problem is with the device you are using: Use the airplane mode as described in the previous section. Try rebooting your device, and finally, try installing a different application to send messages.


We hope you've discovered solutions to the problems affecting your device. Take the time to read our guidebooks for what you can do to fix your laptop if it's not turning on, or you're iPhone does not work, and much more. We'll also explain the most common error you encounter when iPhone charges.

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