The Most Popular Android TV Apps You Should Install ASAP

Have you just purchased the latest Android TV? Here are the essential Android TV apps that you should download on your new device today! You've just bought the Android TV gadget. Congratulations! But what now? Certain apps, like YouTube and Netflix -- may be pre-installed. The rest is entirely up to you. In that light, here are the essential Android TV applications you'll need to install as soon as possible.

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1. Android TV Apps: MX Player

MX Player has been thought to be one of Android's most compelling video players. Its capabilities are perfectly adapted for the bigger screen.

The application can play an array of codecs and also supports subtitle files. 


MX Player can also read locally-stored files and external drive content, making it a fantastic companion for those whose Android TV has USB ports. Certain apps aren't Android TV-compatible, and there are not as many options to pick from. But the operating system can be equipped to run any Android application, which makes sideloading applications on Android TV a trendy choice.

There's a problem. The apps you install on your device won't show up on the home screen or the list of applications. Therefore, the best solution is to install an app from a third party. This is called Sideload Launcher and is the simplest option to use. When you launch it, you'll be able to see the list of all the sideloaded apps.

2.Android TV Apps: Plex

Another easy choice. If you own an extensive personal collection of digital films or TV series, Plex is the best option for casting them across all the screens and devices within your home.

Is PLEX The Best Free Streaming Service Of All Time?, Source: Youtube, 

Apart from its gorgeous library, Plex can also download subtitles metadata, movie artwork viewer reviews automatically, and much more.

If you don't wish to view your content remotely, Plex is entirely free to utilize. If you want more people to download this app, you can read how to push top app on this web.

3. AirScreen

Android TVs natively support Google Cast. This means that you can cast videos and content downloaded from Android smartphones and other Google products like Chromebooks and the Chrome browser and Chromebooks directly to the TV's screen.

Cast the entire screen on Android to AirScreen using Miracast, Source: Youtube, AirScreen App

Apple's AirPlay doesn't support Apple's AirPlay. If you own an Apple device, one of the most effective applications you can download is AirScreen. 

The app can also be used with Google Cast, Miracast, and DLNA protocols.

4.Android TV Apps: File Manager with X-plore

However, it's vital when you're looking to use it as a side loader.

We have many options of file management software for Android television. For our review, we suggested the File Manager X-plore, Total Commander, TvExplorer, and an explorer, The File Manager.


From a perspective of sideloading from a sideloading perspective, we suggest the File Manager X-plore. It utilizes a dual-pane design that makes it easy for you to move the APK data file on a USB drive to the device's hard drive. Search this app on App Store and install after reading how to buy android app reviews about this app.

5. Google Drive

Google Drive offers the most efficient solution if you'd like to access your computer's data through your Android TV.

How to Use Google Drive - A Beginner's Guide, Source: Youtube, Kevin Stratver 

You'll need to download the application. You must ensure that you've got Xplore File Manager installed before trying to install the application's APK file.

6.Android TV Apps: Wake on LAN

Wake on The only Android TV application that allows you to get your computer up and running from a distance.

This is how I can remotely power on my computer [Wake on LAN], Source: Youtube, Behfor

If the system you are running, Plex or Kodi, goes to sleep, and the Plex or Kodi server is asleep and Wake on LAN Wake on LAN application will force it into waking up, so you can stream content again.

7. Sling

The trend of cutting cords is showing no sign of slowing down. Customers have been resigning their cable subscriptions in large numbers and switching to Live TV.

A well-known cutting-off service for cable is Sling. You can access AMC, CNN, ESPN, Disney, Comedy Central, NFL Network, and numerous others with the right package chosen.

8. YouTube TV

Another popular cord-cutting service is to be accessible via YouTube TV. Although it was only brought out in 2017, the service already boasts millions of subscribers.

Roku Premiere + (4630R) in depth Review, Source: Youtube, Wanderer001 Reviews

YouTube has agreements with the majority of the major networks. You can also watch channels like CNN, Discovery, BBC News, FOX, ABC, CBS, ESPN, NBA TV, TNT, VH1, and more. You can now buy android keyword app installs and download Youtube TV.

9. Photo Gallery and Screensaver

Android TV's screensaver settings are elementary. These days, you're unable to use the Google Photos library to turn it into a slideshow for your screensaver.

Android TV Apps

Photo Gallery and Screensaver, Source: Proreviewsapp

For a more comprehensive screen saver experience (which comes with Google Photos integration), take a look at Photo Gallery and Screensaver. You can utilize Google Photos, Facebook, and Flickr as sources.


We believe that the vast array of applications means the Android TV is suitable for all users regardless of whether you're an Android smartphone user. There's no better solution for cutting cords available at the moment.

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Hope this article is helpful to you, thanks for reading.



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