Apple Watch Series 7 review: Bigger screen and faster charging; however, it's the best-performing

Minor updates ensure that Apple is on top of the smartwatch sales even if it's not worth upgrading from the latest models. The Apple Watch gets a larger, more powerful screen, faster charge, and affordable price reduction in 2021. This is enough for it to remain in the top spot in the market for smartwatches. Series 7 is priced at Series 7 version costs from PS369 ($399/A$599), and even though it is PS10 lower than the previous series six, it is Apple's most expensive smartwatch ahead of its predecessor, the Watch SE priced at PS249 ($279/A$429). This model requires iPhone 6S or more excellent and does not operate with Android.

Series 7 comes in 41 or 45mm size cases, each 1mm taller than the predecessors. The smaller bezels, which means they have twenty percent larger screens. Every pixel added to devices as small as the smartwatch is counted. The buttons on the screen are more prominent and are easier to press. More text can be displayed on display, and fonts can be increased in size and more easily read. New watch faces can accommodate two information widgets of full length at the same time, as well as a brand new full-size keyboard to type out messages, which is only available for the Series 7. These additions aren't innovative, but they're excellent improvements to the existing Apple Watch design.

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Size of the case: 41 or 45mm

The thickness of the casing: 10.7mm

weight: 32/38.8g, 42.3/51.5g, or 37/45.1g, depending on the material and size

Processor: S7

Apple Watch 7 Release Date and Price – New Sizes!, Source: Youtube, Matt Talks Tech 



Storage: 32GB

Operating system: WatchOS 8

Resistant to Water: 50 meters (5ATM)

Sensors: gyro, HR, ECG, blood oxygen, microphone, speaker, NFC, GNSS, compass, altimeter

Connectivity Bluetooth 5, WiFi N, Bluetooth ultra-wideband, with optional 4G/eSIM 


Apple doesn't provide an expected life expectancy for the battery on Series 7. Series 7. The batteries in similar devices usually last for 500 fully charged cycles while keeping at least an 80percent of their original capacity. The battery is replaceable at PS82.44. Costs for repairs range approximately PS286.44 or PS462.44 depending on the model, and repair experts iFixit have awarded this Series 7 a repairability score of 6/10.

Series 7 includes 100% recycled aluminum and 99% of tungsten that is recycled and rare earth materials with 100% recycled Tin inside the soldering of its primary chips. Apple provides trade-ins and free recycling of watches and breaks down its Watch's impact on the environment in its environmental report.

WatchOS 8 as well as health monitoring

Series 7 runs the same watchOS eight software used on each Apple Watch from 2015's Series 3. It also features a portrait-oriented watch face and The "focus" notification system introduced in iOS 15, and the possibility of setting multiple timers simultaneously.

It also provides better typing capabilities, such as the ability to mix the scribble, dictation, and a full Qwerty keyboard. It also includes a revamped meditation application that blends meditation and breathing with mindfulness.

Watch OS 8 Fitness Updates: FINALLY RESPIRATORY RATE TRACKING, Source: Youtube, Wes Henderson

WatchOS 8.8 is the most equipped and supported smartwatch operating system despite recent advancements made by Google using WearOS. It is expected to provide five years or more of software support, which includes security and feature updates that are a lot longer than other smartwatches.

Series 7 has the same complete fitness tracking features as Series 6. It has the same comprehensive health-tracking features as Series 6, including the ability to record an ECG to monitor heart rhythm and blood oxygen levels and monitoring fitness across a wide variety of exercise types. Only watches designed explicitly for multisports have more data on cycling, running, and more extreme sports metrics.


Sleep tracking is now incorporating respiration rate, but not sleep cycles, unlike others.

This is extremely practical.

Bands designed specifically for earlier Apple Watch models fit the Series 7.


The aluminum, as well as Nike variants in size 41mm, are priced at PS369 ( $399( or 599 A$) and PS399 ($429/A$649). 4G models are priced at PS100 ($100/A$150). Models made of titanium and stainless steel are more expensive.

price of apple watch series 7Price of apple watch series 7, Source: Proreviewsapp

To give you an idea of the cost for comparison, the Apple Watch SE costs PS249, and for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 costs, PS249 and The Fitbit Sense cost PS279.99, and the Garmin Venu 2 costs PS299.


There wasn't much wrong with the Series 6 of last year's, which is why a bigger screen, better quality, and faster charging are an excellent addition to an already great experience.

It's still costly even though it's PS10 lower than last year's as well as the lack of watch faces that are compatible with third-party brands means that you're limited to those built into. Sleep tracking might also be improved; however, the best options for monitoring health and fitness are top quality.

Advantages include excellent vibrations haptic, bigger and better screen always on ECG excellent health tracking, fantastic activity tracking 50m water resistance solid battery, extended support for software, recycled aluminum.

Pros: expensive and only compatible on an iPhone Sleep tracking is not the best blood oxygen data isn't very useful; there are no watch faces from third-party apps, not a massive upgrade.

Apple Watch Series 7 - Should you buy it?, Source: Youtube, Rene Ritchie 


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The debut of the Apple Watch Series 7 created an enormous splash, and lots of Apple fans rushed to purchase it. This review is based on my own experience.

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