The most preferred programming language for Android apps

If you want to achieve the best in developing an Android app, consider using the best programming language for Android applications. So, which is the most preferred programming language for Android App development? Of course, Java and Kotlin are the number one and official programming languages for developing Android apps. However, choosing the most preferred programming language with so many programming languages available can be challenging. But this is not enough; take a little moment and go through this article to get all the advanced information about programming languages for Android App.

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What is the Android programming language?

Android apps can’t work or perform well on the allocated task in android devices without good design and well-fed information. Therefore, their operational ideal is based on the programming language to ensure all details required for users are available. It entails several activities within the android app developing machine to achieve the accuracy of the application performance for Android devices.


programming languages android app developmentProgramming languages for android app development, Source:

So what is the Android programming language? Android programming language is the preferred computer instruction that uses relevant objects and information to suit any app fit on the Android operational system.

What kinds of programming languages are there for Android apps?

There are many programming languages for developing Android Apps but below are the top ones.
programming languages for Android apps

Programming languages for Android apps, Source:


Java has remained the most preferred official programming language for Android apps, although recently, it has been replaced by Kotlin. But this doesn’t mean it is not used anymore. Java remains to be top of other programming languages as it is the most preferred by Google. Android device operating systems are supported by Google, which is why Java is acceptable by Google.


Kotlin is the new preferred official programming language for Android app after Java, and it does well to run Java Virtual Machine when interoperates with Java language. Moreover, it has been preferred due to its flexibility, convenience, and simplicity features.


If you want to develop an Android app with a foundation of an Android Native development kit or native codes, C++ is here for that work.


Although C# is not far from how Java operates, it is far a bit to incorporate Android apps with native codes that can be used across different platforms.


Python is suitable for Android apps development, although it is not native Python development supportive for Android. Therefore, other tools should be used to convert all apps based on Python to be accepted by Android devices.


If you want an Android app programming language that is easy to learn or use, Corona is it. It has simple curves and plugins to enhance the app with all the required details.


These are languages that can be applied in developing an Android app in which their operation is based on Adobe PhoneGap structures. Using HTML, CSS, JavaScript languages, you can create any Android hybrid app.

Advantages and disadvantages of each type of programming language.

To choose the right programming language for each developer, let's together with the advantages and disadvantages of each type of programming language.

 advantages and disadvantagesof each programming language

 Advantages and disadvantages of each programming language, Source:

 What programming language does Google recommend for Android app users?

 Google recommends Kotlin programming language as the best programming language for Android app users and developers-The language offers many distinct Jetpack APIs and other features. Kotlin language is a concise and expressive programming language that minimizes common errors. It easily integrates into other preexisting apps and is 100% interoperable with the Java language.


 The mobile app platform continues to develop every day with the continuous rise in technology. There are several programming languages, some of which endured the test time while others are still making their way to being famous. It can be overwhelming to find some of the best programming languages, but the qualities, quirks, and other things are essential to help develop a unique mobile app.

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