The-Secret-of the-Boom-of-Android-Smartphones

The Secret of the Boom of Android Smartphones

Android smartphones have dominated the mobile industry for the past decade. From the statistics, over 72.84% of the users have Android smartphones. Due to their various advantages and globalization trends, most individuals have chosen android smartphones over others. There are various reasons for the boom of android smartphones in the mobile phone market. Below is a guide to help you discover more about the secret of the boom of android smartphones.

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Historical development of android smartphones

The android smartphone was a project of an American technology company in 2003 when the company was using the android operating system for digital cameras. However, in 2004 the company changed the project from digital cameras to smartphones. In 2005 the Google Inc. bought Android Inc., thus started basing the operating system on personal computers. In November 2007, Google founded the open handset alliance, a consortium of various telephone companies such as Motorola, Intel Corporation, etc.

The market share of Android SmartPhone

The share of Android smartphones from Jan 2012 to May 2021, Source:

Google developed the consortium to aid in developing and promoting android as one of the operating systems that are free open source, being supported by third-party applications. These devices use wireless networks taking advantage of various Google features. The first Android smartphone was released in October 2008 was the T-Mobile G1. Since then the android smartphones have become very popular, surpassing apple phones. In May 2021. There is 72.84% of mobile devices run on the Android operating system and 26.34% of smartphones run the iOS operating system.

Globalization trends the android smartphones are holding

Android smartphones have enabled globalization in various ways. Smartphones have made it easy to use other forms of modern communication such as email, the internet, etc. Android smartphones have been used for business purposes and other important transactions in the world. New android features have been developed in these android smartphones to help them complete any task.

The following are some of the globalization trends that android smartphones are holding:

● Android phones have enabled the mobility of most businesses.

● Expanding the rate of productivity of certain activities. The android achieves productivity by reducing any risks associated with seeking employment and enabling freelancing service work.

● Android smartphones have made the local economies more efficient and effective. They have facilitated in reinforcing and transforming the economic and social ties of various micro-entrepreneurs.

● Android mobile phones can extend to various essential services such as e-learning, health delivery through various mobile medical applications, and mobile banking.

important health tipsThe Important of health Tips, Source: Internet

Android smartphones have generally increased the contact frequency with families, friends. Furthermore, it facilitates improving the existing business connections and developing new business partners, customers, and suppliers from various parts of the world.

● The android smartphones, together with some mobile applications, have made it easier to facilitate the activities of an organization. You can monitor and supervise the organizational activities using your android smartphones.

Competitors of the android smartphones

There is no doubt that android smartphones are currently dominating worldwide. However, we have various competitors for Android smartphones.

Competitor of Android Smartphone

The market share of Android smartphones and competitors May 2021, Source:

The following are the competitors for Android smartphones:

1. Apple smartphones

The iPhone operating system phones have been the biggest competitor for android phones. They have been having competition for a very long time now, over a decade. These phones tend to have beautiful UI, regular updates, and better quality apps than android smartphones.

2. The Sirin smartphones

These phones work on a smartphone operating system that is based fully on the blockchain. However, they still have to use the Google play store from the android system. They also provide some competition for android smartphones.

3. KaiOS

These smartphones work on a web-based operating system, and the apps are developed on an HTML 5 platform that is web-friendly.

4. Tizen OS

With the backing of the Samsung phone companies, it’s gradually gaining fame as an upcoming competitor for android smartphones. The smartphone’s operating system is based on the HTML5 OS, making it easier to develop mobile applications. Samsung companies have started producing phones powered by the Tizen OS.

5. Harmony OS

Harmony OS is gradually growing as the best alternative for the android operating system. Like Samsung with the Tizen operating system, Huawei has manufactured some phones powered with the Harmony OS. The operating system is faster and quicker than the android.

However much the competitors for android smartphones are trying to bundle it out, android smartphones are still dominant worldwide, with 72.84% of the mobile phones being powered by the Android operating system, and only 27.16% are for the other competitors. The table below provides the percentage of the users having android smartphones compared to the others.

The secret of the android smartphones boom

Without a doubt, android mobile phones have gradually developed in the mobile phone market, making and maintaining a strong presence in the market worldwide. There are various secrets for the android smartphones boom; the reasons include:

● The android operating system made a formidable partnership with most phone companies. The partners made the android smartphones to some indifferent feature the users like.

the secret of the boom of android smartphones

The secret of the android smartphones boom, Source:

● The android smartphones are budget-friendly for every user, unlike their competitors like the iPhone who tend to be very expensive. Thus, most individuals can afford the latest android smartphones.

● The marketing of android smartphones is the best secret for the boom of smartphones as marketing is very key for any business, and the android OS has made use of Google and youtube to advertise their products.

Android system continually updates their devices

Android system continually updates their devices, Source:

● The android system continually updates their devices. For example, Samsung and other smartphone companies improve their android devices to enhance customer satisfaction.

The manufacturers of the android smartphones

Various companies are manufacturing android smartphones, the companies various the android smartphones that make them dominate in the mobile phones market.

Android smartphone manufacturer market share

Android smartphone manufacturer market share, Source:

The following are the leading companies manufacturing Android smartphones:

1. Samsung electronics

The Samsung smartphone technology has gained more popularity globally because of its smart features and best technology. Samsung manufactures various types of android smartphone versions.

2. Huawei

Huawei becomes one of the best innovation centers for manufacturing android smartphones. The manufacturer produces android phones with more improved features every time they launch a new device.

3. Oppo

Oppo produces various ranges of android smartphones ranging from the low segment to the more affluent customers. The manufacturer has created a strong presence on the market for the android smartphone as they produce top-quality products.

4. Motorola

The manufacturer is based in the United States; it was among the first companies to make mobile phones. Lately, the company manufactures one of the best and quality android smartphones that are sold globally. However, the company has its position in the market due to improper marketing strategies.

5. Xiaomi

The Chinese-based smartphone manufacturer is best known for its high-end Android smartphones. They produce quality android phones at a competitive price in most countries in the world. The company has various types of the different latest versions of Android smartphones.


Ultimately, android smartphones are largely dominating the mobile phone industry. Over the past decade, android phones manufacturers have used various strategies such as partnership, providing high-quality devices at an affordable price. With the increased use of android smartphones for various aspects of life, these phones will continue dominating the world’s mobile phone industry.

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